End Of The Magic Era Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Touch Of Darkness


This alarmed the 2nd Elder, who hadnt expected the Evil Dragon Warlord to have this kind of method. A great amount of frost enveloped the 2nd Elder and kept growing, forming a huge sphere of ice in less than a second to protect him.

Abyssal flames formed arcs and sliced at him from all directions, sending a large amount of ice and flames all around

After a few seconds, the 2nd Elder started regretting, but he had to reinforce his spell, increasing the output of mana.

Several hundred dark red flames with long, smoky trails attacked the 2nd Elders sphere of ice like a downpour.

It took less than ten seconds before the sphere of ice was covered in cracks and loudly exploded, and in an instant, the frantic red flames fell on the body of the 2nd Elder.

A Mana Shield appeared in front of the 2nd Elder, but he was sent flying towards the ground after receiving several dozen explosions in a second. Had it not been for that layer of Mana Shield, he would have died from being blown up

The 2nd Elders body fell to the ground. He opened his mouth and spat a mouthful of blood. His body was covered in burnt marks, while the vegetation within several dozen meters was burnt to ashes by the flames.

The 2nd Elder collapsed, his face full of despair. The morale of the surrounding Dark Elves was quite low. Many of them were also crazily casting, but most looked desperate as they struggled.

The Evil Dragon Warlord laughed as he looked down at the 2nd Elder. "I suddenly changed my mind. I wont kill you since you want to die. Ill let you watch as your clansman die and the Life Pattern Crystal is destroyed by my own hands!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord returned to the back of the army and sat on his Kodo once again. "Despair, struggle as much as you can! This feeling is too wonderful! Watching you despair, little by little, looking at your hopes slowly shattering, this is too intoxicating."

He then raised his head and shouted, "Ash Beastman warriors, make those guys experience true fear and despair!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord sat in the back and waved his hand as he crazily laughed.

The Ash Beastmen became frantic. Every one of them charged towards the Life Pattern Crystal, and among them, the Beastman slaves were attacking even more crazily. If they were victorious, at least half of the surviving slaves would be able to free themselves from their slave status.

Although the Evil Dragon Warlord was no longer personally attacking, the Dark Elves were still suppressed and forced to fall back. The remaining Dark Elves were only scattered remnants and their morale had greatly declined. Their defeat was already decided.

The seriously wounded 2nd Elder was brought back, but he struggled hard to stand up, still wanting to fight. The 3rd Elder stood to the side and looked at the Evil Dragon Warlord in the distance, not daring to attack.

He was also a 9th Rank Archmage, but the gap was huge. Even the 2nd Elder had been defeated easily How long would he be able to last if he went?

The 2nd Elder leaned against a tree and said to the 3rd Elder with difficulty, "3rd Elder, the Dark Elves Are facing their biggest crisis, in all history. Look for Mafa Merlin, with Mafa Merlins help, there is definitely hope for us"

The 3rd Elders expression sank, but he then recalled something and nodded at the 2nd Elder.

Right, I almost forgot about that damned outsider. He has been looking from the side since the start of the war and has yet to make a move. He is also quite powerful, he actually managed to resist my attacks for some time. He would be a powerful helper If he helped, he would definitely attract the attention of the Evil Dragon Warlord with his strength

Itll be perfect as long as he catches the attention of the Evil Dragon Warlord. Although his rank isnt high, he has a lot of strange methods and should be able to resist the Evil Dragon Warlord for some time.

If he manages to hold on, Ill be able to make a move and repel the attack of the Beastmen. Ill be the clans hero and that outsider will die at the hands of that Evil Dragon Warlord.

If he holds on long enough, the Evil Dragon Warlords losses will be disastrous and he wont be able to keep attacking us, or else the remaining two Warlords will take the opportunity to eliminate him.

As he thought of this, the 3rd Elder couldnt help grinning.

The 2nd Elder on the side barely managed to add, "3rd Elder, at such a time The overall situation is most important"

The 3rd Elder sharply nodded and said with an excited voice, "Rest assured, Ill definitely make Mafa Merlin help us"

He then went to Mafa Merlin who wasnt too far.

"Mafa Merlin, if you help our Dark Elven Clan stop the Evil Dragon Warlord, Ill let bygones be bygones. Ill erase your sins, Ill treat as if you never violated the laws, and the matter of Jers is our personal grudge, so I wont use the power of the clan to deal with you. If you can hold on against the Evil Dragon Warlord, Ill write it all off!"

The 3rd Elder appeared magnanimous, as if he would "pardon" Lin Yun from having violated the clans laws for the sake of the clan.

Lin Yun chuckled. Not to mention the fact that violating the clans laws was just a pretext, he clearly said that he would settle the score later That was truly shameless.

The 3rd Elder hesitated as he waited, and after a while, seeing that Lin Yun wasnt answering, he clenched his teeth and said, "Okay then, if you help us stop the Evil Dragon Warlord and also survive three of my spells, Ill treat it as if our personal grudges never happened!"

Lin Yun sneered and chuckled.

Is he really an idiot? That Evil Dragon Warlords power is tyrannical, and their sides morale is at its peak. He is definitely a powerhouse amongst 9th Rank Archmages. Stop that guy? Wouldnt that just be throwing away my life?

And even if I dont die, you want to attack me afterwards?

The 3rd Elder saw Lin Yun frown and glared at him. "I shall remind you that if our Dark Elves suffer a disaster today, the thing you wanted help with will definitely not happen. Dont even think of getting there! Hmpf! You think I dont know that you want a path from us, the most valuable path leading to the top of the God Nation!

"Apart from the Dark Elves there is no second path, you wont have an easy time if we die! You think the Evil Dragon Warlord will let you off? Youll also die!"

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at the 3rd Elder and said, "This has reached the point of being irrecoverable. With your current power, you definitely cant hold on. The only method is for you to sacrifice yourself to strengthen the Life Pattern Crystals power. That way, youll be able to resist for some time.

"As a Dark Elven Elder, you should understand how to arrange the Elven Elegy, right? With your rank, if you hurry and use the power of the Elven Elegy, youll definitely be able to stop them. By sacrificing your life, you can save the entire Dark Elven Clan, it is quite worthwhile."

The 3rd Elder became angry. As an Elder of the Dark Elven Clan, how could he not understand what the Elven Elegy entailed? This was the final card of the Dark Elves. By sacrificing their strongest person, they could draw the power of nature and save the Dark Elves, but the sacrifice would die, and even their soul would be sacrificed.

This was more frightening than being killed. After all, even if they died, as long as the Life Pattern Crystal didnt break, their soul would remain, and the stronger the Dark Elf, the greater the chance of their soul being kept.

At his rank, even if he died, his soul would definitely remain. As long as the Dark Elves werent exterminated, he would have hope of starting over.

"Mafa Merlin, I see that you dont plan on helping us! You simply want to see our Dark Elven Race being thoroughly destroyed!"

After saying those words, the 3rd Elder suddenly made a move, and a dark hole appeared above Lin Yuns head. The space there was seemingly swallowed, and that hole suddenly fell to cover Lin Yun.

Lin Yun sneered and instantly appeared a dozen meters away, and everything that hole touched disappeared, as if devoured by a huge mouth.

Enderfa floated next to Lin Yun and cursed with gnashed teeth, "I told you, the Dark Elves are no good! You came back to help out, and he suddenly used a sinister spell like Devouring Darkness! He wants to make you lose your soul to the darkness, so treacherous!"

The 3rd Elder had a nasty grin as he kept casting towards Lin Yun, not using any elemental spells, only using dark spells, but Lin Yun could see with a simple glance that the 3rd Elder was more proficient in dark spells than elemental spells!

As Dark Arrows rained down, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and kept casting, but the power of the elemental spells wasnt comparable to the 3rd Elders dark spells.

The Dark Arrows could pierce through the flames and ice on contact.

Lin Yun kept withdrawing, while the 3rd Elder was chasing while crazily laughing.

An Askrim Gate appeared in front of Lin Yun, blocking several dozen Dark Arrows. But then, the 3rd Elder used Touch of Darkness.

A huge, octopus-like tentacle that was over a meter thick appeared in front of him and ferociously hit the Askrim Gate. At that time, it felt as if the Askrim Gate was corroding, with half of it crumbling away in an instant, leaving nearly nothing behind. The remaining chunk of ice was boiling with black bubbles before disappearing in less than two seconds.