End Of The Magic Era Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Would Rather Die


Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and kept releasing a large number of spells, but he simply couldnt hit the 3rd Elder at all. The 3rd Elders body was emitting a faint layer of smoke, and his body appeared somewhat translucent, as if he could disappear in an instant and reappear a short distance away. The speed of his dodging was terrifying.

"Damnit, Shadow Flash, that guy actually managed to master Shadow Flash to an Ultimate Spell, and he can cast it continuously!" Enderfa cursed. He had no choice but to increase the range of his casting, but after increasing the range, the spells could no longer output as much concentrated power. With an attack of that level, breaking through the 3rd Elders shield was impossible.

Lin Yun kept withdrawing as he was chased by the 3rd Elder, suppressed alongside Enderfa. Mortals were no match for someone that came in contact with the Laws.

Lin Yun was casting defensive spells and counterattacks while retreating and got some understanding of the 9th Rank Archmage realm. If just being in contact with the Laws could bring about such changes, then just how powerful would the Heaven Rank be?

At Noscents end, those formidable God-like mages had already fallen, and let alone Heaven Rank Mages, not even Archmages could be found. Only the descriptions of those powerful mages could be found in the decaying library.

But it wasnt possible to describe the depths of Laws in books.

This was the first time he saw a 9th Rank Archmage powerhouse seriously attacking, and the pressure couldnt be compared to that of the level 39 Destruction Guard they had met before. With the Destruction Guards intelligence, he simply couldnt understand things like Laws

As he kept Lin Yun suppressed, the 3rd Elder crazily roared, "Damned Outsider, I already knew you were the one mentioned in the clans prophecy, Ive investigated you for a very long time! Ive known about your characteristics all along, your casting ability, your strength exceeding your rank, your True Spirit Magic Tool, I know everything!

"Im certain that you are planning on harming the clan since you are unwilling to attack the Evil Dragon Warlord, I knew it! You definitely want our clan to be annihilated, you definitely have bad intentions!

"Since thats the case, Ill grab you and send you to the Ash Beastmen! Those brainless idiots care so much about the prophecy, so as long as I give you to them, theyll let us Dark Elves off the hook!"

The 3rd Elder was crazily shouting, shocking all the Dark Elves that heard him. The Dark Elven Prophecy had been passed on for countless years, and although the Dark Elves werent crazily pursuing the prophecy like the Ash Beastmen, that didnt mean they attached no importance to it.

Only a few high-ranking individuals of the Dark Elven Clan knew that Lin Yun might be the person of the prophecy. The news didnt spread, so now that the 3rd Elder announced it publicly, all the Dark Elves were shocked.

The 3rd Elder glanced at the surrounding Dark Elves, and it looked like the offense of the Beastmen had slowed down a lot after they also heard that.

The Evil Dragon Warlord raised an eyebrow, and after a while, he flew up from his Kodo and came to the front of the battlefield.

The man from the prophecy? Could it be related to our Tribes prophecy?

That idiot Broust has enmity with that man, so he must have investigated him properly. His words seem pretty credible, that man might truly be the one in their prophecy

The other fighting Dark Elves were also shocked. They ran through the previous matters and figured out that only the prophesied person could have accomplished all of this.

In a very short time, he brought back the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal that the Dark Elves had been fruitlessly looking for this past century. He also restored the Life Pattern Crystal and was then able to control its life, using it to cause the entire Dark Elven Clans level of strength drop by a rank.

He was obviously a 9th Rank High Mage, but he could actually display the power of an 8th Rank Archmage, and he was even able to resist against a 9th Rank Archmage for so long.

Was there any possibility other than him being the person in the prophecy?

Then, many Dark Elves remembered that Princess Elsa had personally brought that human back to the clan.

In a mere few seconds, all the Dark Elves believed that information.

At this time, the 3rd Elder evilly laughed before roaring, "Hurry up, everyone attack, capture that guy! As long as we give him to the Ash Beastmen, we can exchange him for the freedom of our race! He is one person, a shameful outsider, it doesnt matter if he is the person in the prophecy! Our tribe is on the brink of crisis, so we have to use him to trade for hope.

"Moreover, that shameful outsider actually tampered with our Life Pattern Crystal to gain control over it and then used it to weaken us! If not for this, how could we be unable to resist the Evil Dragon Warlords army!?

"Hurry up and capture him, we dont have much time, we have to capture him first so we can negotiate with the Evil Dragon Warlord!"

The 3rd Elder had a sinister expression. After seeing that he was having trouble capturing Lin Yun, he immediately started shouting to entice the other Dark Elves to join him.

And sure enough, many Dark Elves were led astray as they saw that the Evil Dragon Warlord seemed to be very interested in Lin Yun and already left his Kodo to come to the front of the army. They immediately believed the 3rd Elders words.

At this critical juncture that would decide the life and death of the Dark Elven Race, who would care about the fate of the outsider? They wouldnt need to consider it if they could use the outsider to exchange for the fate of the Dark Elves.

At that instant, a few dozen Dark Elves joined in to attack Lin Yun.

After such a long fight, those that could still exert their strength while weakened were the powerhouses of the clan. With those few dozens joining in, Lin Yuns situation greatly worsened.

A large number of spells poured down, and Lin Yun had no choice but to use Fire Elemental Incarnation and turn over a kilometer of ground into a sea of fire before continuously using Flame Flash within that area to keep dodging the formidable spells thrown at him.

Even Enderfa couldnt keep casting offensive spells or spell waves, he could only use defensive spells to resist.

Lin Yun had a very cold expression as he kept retaliating with countless Fire God Spears, Freezing Lances, and Space Rending Blades to suppress these Dark Elves and prevent them from surrounding him.

The 3rd Elder continued trying to entice the other Dark Elves. "Look at what you are doing, why are you still fighting against the Ash Beastmen? Dont you know that we cant resist them? Only by capturing that outsider and gifting him to the Ash Beastmen can we keep on living, this is our only hope!"

More and more Dark Elves started getting restless, wanting to join the pursuit.

At this time, the seriously hurt 2nd Elder had recovered a bit and struggled to stand up before angrily shouting, "Stay your hands! Do you want the Dark Elves to carry this unerasable humiliation for the rest of our lives!?

"Just look, the 3rd Elder is still thinking of his personal grievances at such a time, just look at who he is making you attack selfishly! The greatest benefactor of our Dark Elven Clan! Have you forgotten that if not for Merlin making the Life Pattern Crystal recover, our people would have died off anyways?!

"Do you remember the cries of our children for the past centuries? Without the baptism of the Life Pattern Crystal, their vitality had become extremely weak, and how many children have died prematurely within the past hundred years? Who among you doesnt remember?!

"Look at what the 3rd Elder is doing! He is a traitor! A shameful traitor! Could it be that you still believe in his words? You want to make the proud Dark Elves forever carry the sin and disgrace of kicking down a benefactor?!

"Moreover, as the 3rd Elder said, if Mafa Merlin is the person in the prophecy, then you should believe that we definitely wont be destroyed! The Dark Elven Clan will never disappear!"

Although he was hurt, the 2nd Elders voice loudly resonated and dispelled the doubts of all the Dark Elves. Even the handful of Dark Elves attacking Lin Yun couldnt help stopping and silently retreating, before turning back to fight the Ash Beastmen.

In the end, only the 3rd Elder kept attacking Lin Yun.

The 2nd Elder was supported by a Dark Elf as he forced himself to remain standing. He glared at the 3rd Elder and cursed, "Broust, you traitor! Will you only be satisfied when the entire Dark Elven Clan disappears?"

The 3rd Elder grinned maniacally. He had a ruddy complexion and pulsating veins on his forehead as he crazily shouted, "Im not wrong! All Im doing is for the sake of the Dark Elven Clan! Only by grabbing that outsider and gifting him to the Evil Dragon Warlord can we negotiate for their retreat!"

The 2nd Elders face turned ashen. The inherent pride of Dark Elves could be seen on his face, pride that came from within. "We, the Dark Elves, have always stood tall! We have never been afraid of death, we never kneeled in order to survive. Let alone to survive, we never bowed our heads to invaders!

"We cant betray our benefactor in order to survive. If giving up Mafa Merlins life is enough for us to survive, I would rather die. I would rather the Dark Elven Race falls and keeps its dignity!

"Im not willing to let the Dark Elves carry the reputation of betraying their benefactor and becoming the dogs of the Ash Beastmen! I would rather die!"