End Of The Magic Era Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Power Of The Heaven Rank


The remaining Ash Beastmen were rooted on the spot, not daring to move as they were thoroughly terrified by the power of the Heaven Rank. If that Heaven Rank powerhouse attacked, it would take less than ten seconds for all of them to be annihilated!

The crippled Evil Dragon Warlord was protected by his subordinates, with a large group of Wyverns at the center, Demon Warlocks and Wolf Riders around those, and a large number of slaves on the outside.

The Evil Dragon Warlord himself was at the very center of this formation.

They saw the Great Elder reaching out, and the Evil Dragon Warlord was instantly caught by a huge hand.

He was then sent flying towards the Great Elder. The Flying Riders wanted to stop it, but they were knocked away just as they extended their hands. Anyone trying to save the Evil Dragon Warlord was sent flying back as if they bounced against something.

The army of over ten thousand and the countless elites could only stare blankly as the Evil Dragon Warlord was casually grabbed, unable to resist.

That scene made the surrounding Dark Elves feel full of admiration. This was the power of the Heaven Rank!

The Ash Beastmen could only stare blankly, not daring to say a single word.

The Evil Dragon Warlord arrived in front of the Great Elder, and the killing intent from the surrounding Dark Elves made him pale.

"What do you think you are doing? I am one of the three Warlords of the Ash Beastman Tribe! The Ash Beastman Army will come for you if you dare to do something to me! At that time, your ruined army will be completely exterminated!

"Hurry up and let me go, let me go and there will still be some room for negotiation, or else our Ash Beastman Tribe will fight to their last gasp! Think about it clearly, think of the consequences of waging war against the Ash Beastmen with the current power of your clan!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord had lost his mana and was now facing flaring killing intents, making his hair stand on end. Furthermore, he was standing in front of a genuine Heaven Rank expert. He would definitely die if he showed weakness, he had to remain unyielding.

The Great Elder glanced at the Evil Dragon Warlord and slowly said, "Let him go back."

The surrounding Dark Elves were alarmed and the 2nd Elder was anxious. The Evil Dragon Warlord made the Dark Elven Clan suffer such huge losses How could they just send him back?

The 2nd Elder didnt have the time to argue before the Great Elder cut him off. "I have my reasons."

Although the other Dark Elves werent happy with the Great Elders explanation, they could only acquiesce. In any case, the Evil Dragon Warlord was already crippled, which could be considered payback. And even if he went back, his life would be worse than death. He had become a Warlord, and an evil one. Who knew how many people he had offended? Now that he was crippled, countless people would start retaliating against him, and the other two Warlords surely wouldnt let him off.

The Evil Dragon Warlord was startled by the Great Elders words. He hadnt expected that a few reluctant sentences would really allow him to go free.

"Really Youll really let me off?" The Evil Dragon Warlord was in disbelief.

The Great Elder faintly glanced at him and said, "Have your Tribal Chief come."

Hearing this, the Evil Dragon Warlord was thoroughly convinced that there was no threat to his life and that he would have the chance to regain his power. The power of Ash Beastmen came from their bloodline, and his was quite formidable, so he would still have the opportunity to recover.

"Hmpf, you want our Tribal Chief to come? You think that you are amazing because you advanced to the Heaven Rank? I shall let you know that our Tribal Chief has already been at the Heaven Rank!

"And before he advanced, our Tribal Chief was the most powerful Ash Beastman and had oppressed your Dark Elven Clan. He isnt like you, who broke through just before you were going to die Our Tribal Chief is in his most powerful state! Dont be arrogant, what kind of skill is there in you bullying an Archmage as a Heaven Mage? If our Tribal Chief personally came, you would be screwed, your Dark Elven Clan would be exterminated!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord was unwilling to admit defeat, so he tossed out a few ruthless remarks. After noticing the fire burning in the eyes of the surrounding Dark Elves, he snorted and left.

When he saw all this, Lin Yun couldnt help sneering. That idiot was crippled by the power of a Heaven Mage, yet he still thinks of recovering? Does he really think his bloodline is that formidable?

Its the total opposite! Being crippled by the power of a Heaven Ranks power isnt like the crippling of a Mana Whirlpool. Its even more troublesome to recover Its impossible to recover from it, not during this era, at least!

The Evil Dragon Warlord might have seemed unyielding, but after returning to his army, he immediately urged them all to leave the Dark Elven Clan, and they ran away like stray dogs, afraid that the Dark Elves Great Elder would go back on his words.

Only the Dark Elves remained after the Ash Beastmen ran away. The injured Dark Elves were cured by the Great Elder, so there was only a need to deal with the remains of the fallen.

They also had to restore the clans buildings. Even the Ancient War Trees that had fallen into slumber during the war woke up and took charge of the clans defenses.

After leaving the Life Pattern Crystals small world, they reached the public square in the center of the Dark Elven Clan.

That public square was now filled with Dark Elves, and the surrounding treehouses were also filled with more of them.

At the very center of the square was the 3rd Elder with his legs petrified and his mana sealed.

The Great Elder was sitting in the center of the square while expressionlessly looking at the 3rd Elder. The higher-ups of the Dark Elven Clan were sitting in a circle around him.

The 3rd Elder was standing in the center of the square by himself, the crazy expression having disappeared from his face. What awaited him was obvious. The Great Elder had advanced to the Heaven Rank, so he had no opportunity to revolt. Now he could only hope to get a sentence that wasnt too bad. There would still be an opportunity as long as he didnt die.

He looked around the square and discovered that only a few of his die-hard followers were still in or near the public square; the rest had already been put under control. None of the Dark Elves here looked at him with goodwill, the undisguised hatred visible in their eyes.

"Broust, you greatly disappointed me." The Great Elder sighed as he slowly said those words.

The 3rd Elder unwillingly explained, "Great Elder, I cant accept this! Why are you doing this to me? Its all because of that outsider!"

He loudly tried to justify himself, unwilling to admit his faults. When he noticed Lin Yun he was filled with rage. That damned outsider! If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt have fallen this low, this is all his fault

He turned back to plead his case. "Great Elder, this is all because of that damned outsider! If not for him, there wouldnt have been so many things happening. It was all because of him, this was a conspiracy against the Dark Elven Race! If you hadnt awakened on time, he would have gotten away with his scheme!

"The clan has been suffering from disasters every since that outsider arrived. A few days after he showed up, we lost a thousand elites. It didnt happen earlier or later, our squad of Dark Elves was eliminated by the Ash Beastmen right after he came!

"He must have leaked the information! He is a spy! Wrecking the clans laws and colluding with the Ash Beastmen to make the Dark Elven Race fall was all part of his scheme!"

The 3rd Elder hadnt finished his words when the 2nd Elder couldnt take it anymore and ruthlessly slammed the table in front of him while standing up, angrily cursing at the 3rd Elder. "You are truly insane! Broust, there is no saving you You are still trying to frame Merlin even now!

"You really think I dont know? I hadnt intervened before for the sake of the clans stability and because the clan was at a critical juncture, but look at what you have done!

"You say it was Mafa Merlins fault? Ask any Dark Elf that was present. Who among them thinks that it was Mafa Merlins fault?

"You say Mafa Merlin was plotting against the Dark Elves for their destruction? Is your brain as empty as the Ash Beastmens?

"The Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation had been lost for a century and we didnt even have a single clue, we simply couldnt find the Incarnation! It would have collapsed within a few more decades, what Dark Elven Race would there be then? You clearly know the answer!

"If Merlin wanted to destroy our Dark Elven Clan, why should he even bother making a move? He only had to stand by and wait. We would have gone extinct on our own! You are just insulting everyones intelligence!"

All the Dark Elves nodded in agreement as soon as these words came out. There had been enough disasters falling onto the Dark Elven Races in the past years. More and more Dark Elves became unable to give birth, and the childrens bodies were small and weak while their talents were sub-par.

The clans environment was also getting worse, and even the food supplies were becoming scarce. He truly didnt need to bother and could have just remained as a spectator watching the Dark Elven Race slowly die in despair. What could be crueler than that?

Why should he bother coming to the Dark Elven Clan to scheme?

No one believed the words of the 3rd Elder, who was gritting his teeth and unyieldingly glaring at Lin Yun. "It was him! If he hadnt colluded with the Ash Beastmen, how could I have ever decided to take the risk of getting in contact with the Ash Beastmen myself? That was just my plan, I did everything for the sake of the clan, I racked my brain to solve clans issues and wanted to use the Evil Dragon Warlords Magic Tool to help the Life Pattern Crystal and slow down the collapse of its world."