End Of The Magic Era Chapter 737

Chapter 737 The Dust Settles


"If I managed to gain some time, the chance of finding the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation would have greatly increased. But no one was willing to do this, and I was running out of time, so I could only use the fastest method to put it into action.

"As long as I controlled the Dark Elven Clan, I would be able to find the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation and become the savior of the Dark Elves. I wasnt wrong!

"That damned outsider killed my son, I only wanted to take my revenge. Besides this, everything I did was for the sake of the clan!"

Lin Yun was looking from the side and sneered, "Haha"

Booing echoed in the surroundings after the 3rd Elder spoke. Many Dark Elves felt that the 3rd Elder was being absurdly shameless. The Elder who had been the most serious about the laws was now the craziest person, and he was shameless, so shameless that the average Dark Elf couldnt bear with it.

The 2nd Elder was boiling, but he ended up coldly staring at the 3rd Elder and pointing at him while saying, "Broust, you are already insane. You caused a revolt, stirring up internal strife, and then you colluded with the sinister Evil Dragon Warlord to make our clan sink into destruction. You are already crazy and reckless for power.

"What did Mafa Merlin do? I saw it with my own eyes! Mafa Merlin returned the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation, and he even made it undergo rebirth. Since you already knew about that, why didnt you stop at that point? Werent you doing everything for the sake of the clan? Why did you still rebel and cause infighting even after knowing that the Life Pattern Crystal had recovered, even attracting the Evil Dragon Warlord?"

The 3rd Elder was left speechless, but after a while, he went back to blaming Lin Yun. "I was blindsided by hatred, I only wanted to kill that damned outsider to avenge Jers and forgot about everything else!"

The 3rd Elder was about to continue when the Great Elder suddenly spoke.

"Broust, Im really disappointed in you, you are incorrigible. You wanted to bury the entire Dark Elven Race for your own selfish desires. I saw it with my own eyes.

"In order to stay alive, you were ready to trade the lives of all your clansmen, and even exchange the life of our benefactor. You no longer deserve to be called the 3rd Elder of the Dark Elven Clan, let alone a Dark Elf."

The 3rd Elder wanted to interject, but the Great Elder loudly shouted, "Shut up! You really think I dont know what you have done over the years? Why do you think I placed the 2nd Elder in charge of the clan while I entered the Lightless Dreamland?

"The most fervent supporter of clans laws? The most upright Elder?


"What has your foolish son been doing over the years? Plundering peoples belongings, harming our women, secretly murdering the clans talents, stealing the clans valuable resources, and countless other things

"If our clan hadnt been facing a crisis all this time, I would have killed this kind of trash first, even without direct evidence!

"As for you, the so-called faithful supporter of the clans law, what did you do? To cover for your sons offenses, you threw out all kinds of groundless accusations at the people he harmed or used your power to threaten them.

"The Dark Elves who offended you or refused to comply were expelled from the clan for all kinds of reasons. Moreover, the places they were exiled to were forbidden areas where their deaths were certain! You really think I didnt know?

"Because of the disappearance of the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation, time was running out and I didnt want the clan to sink into turmoil, so I endured. But I really didnt expect you to reach such a deranged state.

"You think I didnt know about your secret connection with the Ash Beastmen? In order to keep you from acting up, I feigned ignorance so that the clan would remain steady while I went into the Lightless Dreamland.

"I really regret, I regret not having made you pay the price for your offenses earlier!"

The Great Elders angry shouts dumbfounded the 3rd Elder. He hadnt been aware that the Great Elder had already known about everything.

The surrounding Dark Elves, on the other hand, were in an uproar. Many of them had loved ones destroyed by that father and son duo and were weeping bitterly. Each and every one of them wanted to rush to the square to kill the 3rd Elder.

The scene instantly became chaotic. The 3rd Elder stood in the center of the square with an extremely pale face as he looked towards the crowd of angry Dark Elves with a blank expression. It even felt like if the Great Elder werent there, these furious Dark Elves would have already rushed up to kill him.

These emotional Dark Elves were held back by others, and slowly, the situation calmed down, but all the Dark Elves were hatefully looking at the 3rd Elder.

At this time, the Great Elder slowly stood up with a book in his hands. This was the Dark Elven Clans Law Codex, which contained the rules of the Dark Elven Clan. The Great Elder solemnly put his hand on the Law Codex and pronounced the verdict.

"I, Kaneji Jiali, declare this sentence as the Great Elder of the Dark Elven Clan. Broust, you are guilty of betraying your clan!

"Starting today, youll be stripped of your Dark Elven status, position, and power. In view of your former status as an Elder and the seriousness of your crime, youll not be getting the death sentence Youll be imprisoned in the Lightless Forbidden Area for all eternity!"

When the Great Elders hand left the Law Codex, the surrounding Dark Elves started cheering. Everyone angrily shouted, venting their feelings as the applause echoed like a raging sea.

"I disagree! I disagree! No! It wasnt like this! I did it for the sake of the clan! Im the Dark Elven Clans hero! You dont understand, its all because of that damned outsider, he is the sinner! He is the sinner! Aaaahhh!"

The 3rd Elders face was filled with fear as he frantically shouted. He tried to struggle free before suddenly starting to scream.

The magic patterns on his body shone one after another. They were red like molten iron, and a large amount of mana rushed out.

Then, they saw the magic patterns dimming once again. These magic patterns that were originally filled with fierce power were turning into scars, one after another.

His magic patterns were completely crippled.

The power of the magic patterns had completely disappeared, and they only left deep marks on his body. These scars were like holes, allowing the 3rd Elders mana to quickly flow out of him. After a few seconds, the 3rd Elders mana had run dry.

The Great Elder waved his arm, and a crack suddenly appeared in the sky. A pitch-black vortex surrounded that crack, slowly transforming it into a large hole.

There was not the slightest bit of light coming from the hole. It looked like the maw of a giant creature.

All the Dark Elves turned silent when that hole appeared, and many of them even had fearful expressions, as if they had seen something terrifying.

The 3rd Elder let out a fearful scream, begging for forgiveness, but his body slowly rose up and flew towards the hole

"Great Elder, we are close brothers, you cant do this to me! Dont! I dont want to go!"

The Great Elder looked at the 3rd Elder and let out a soft sigh. "Broust, it was because we had once been like brothers that I kept indulging you and let you make so many mistakes. But regardless of who they are, no one can be forgiven for betraying the Dark Elves and having the intent of destroying the Dark Elven Race!"

The 3rd Elders face was already distorting in fear, and the closer he got to that entrance, the denser the fear in his eyes was. Ultimately, when he reached the hole, the 3rd Elders expression became unfocused as he was scared senseless

Lin Yun frowned, somewhat doubtful. If the Great Elder isnt executing the 3rd Elder, what sort of punishment is this? The surrounding Dark Elves dont seem to think that this punishment is lacking. They all look as if their hatred was sufficiently vented. They also seem to be afraid of that hole

Lightless Forbidden Area, could it be related to the Lightless Dreamland?

The 2nd Elder seemed to have noticed Lin Yuns misgivings and softly explained, "The Lightless Forbidden Area is the place where the Great Elder had been slumbering before he came back. The effect of entering the Lightless Dreamland is best there, and moreover, no one can come to disturb you in there. But only by breaking through the Heaven realm could you come out from that place. Unless someone was making their last push towards the Heaven realm, no Dark Elf would enter that place. Countless Dark Elves that were 9th Rank Archmage entered that place, but few ever came out.

"Thus, the Lightless Forbidden Area is the Dark Elves greatest prison. After entering there, unless they advance to the Heaven realm, no one can return.

"The Great Elder deprived Broust of his Dark Elven identity and his magic patterns were already completely crippled. He would never be able to come out of the Lightless Dreamland. He can only suffer endless torture and endless fear within, up until his death.

"This punishment is the most severe punishment of the Dark Elven Clan!"

Lin Yun had an understanding expression on his face. It was indeed a very frightening punishment. Death was never the most severe punishment for Dark Elves Suffering was!

After entering that place, he would suffer endless torture and wish he was dead.

The 3rd Elders ending satisfied everyone. Every Dark Elf cheered in the square, and the Dark Elves who had been persecuted were weeping.

As the trial of the former 3rd Elder ended, the 2nd Elder seemed to recall something and promptly pulled the Great Elder over.

"Great Elder, this is the savior of our Race, High Mage Merlin. He might only be a 9th Rank High Mage, but he was able to hold on for a long time against me without falling to a disadvantage."

The praise made Lin Yun feel a bit embarrassed. Hed had an unfair advantage over the 2nd Elder previously. "2nd Elder is cracking a joke, you went easy on me"