End Of The Magic Era Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Prophecy


The 2nd Elder laughed for a bit before sighing. "Great Elder, you dont know how much Mafa Merlin helped us. He was accused of crimes by the 3rd Elder when he just arrived, and when he found out that our clans Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation was missing, he took the initiative to help us find it.

"I then learnt that in order to find the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation, Mafa Merlin went through countless dangers and even fought against the Ash Beastman Tribes Flame Dragon Warlord, and he also nearly lost his life in a natural disaster.

"Later, he brought back the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation, but he wanted to shatter the Life Pattern Crystal for some reason. I was confused and felt that this couldnt be allowed, so I fought Mafa Merlin

"Fortunately, he is very powerful and managed to shatter the Life Pattern Crystal anyways, making it undergo rebirth, saving our race from that century of disasters.

"Then, Broust rebelled, and Mafa Merlin used the power of the Life Pattern Crystal to save me. When the Evil Dragon Warlord appeared, it was also Mafa Merlin that helped us stall for a while. If not for Mafa Merlin, the small world would have already been breached and the clan would have already been destroyed by the time you came out of your seclusion.

"This is the great benefactor of our Dark Elven Race"

The 2nd Elder was joyfully smiling, not trying to hide his mistake at all as he resolutely boasted about Lin Yuns feats

The 2nd Elder just reached the end of his account when the Great Elder suddenly knelt in front of Lin Yun with both hands on the ground, his fingers intersecting to form a rune as he loudly shouted, "Master! We have been waiting for you!"

The Great Elders movements scared Lin Yun, startling him into rushing out of the way.

Whats going on? The Great Elder is a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse! Even if he only just advanced to the Heaven Rank, its still the Heaven Rank. Doing this kind of action while also shouting master Is that something he uses so casually?

Even if I saved the Dark Elves, there was surely no need to go so far, right?

Lin Yun dodged to the side, unwilling to accept the Great Elders greeting. A Heaven Rank expert suddenly kneeling in front of you and calling you master Anyone with brains would know that it couldnt be so simple.

Moreover, the Dark Elven Race was a stubborn race seething with pride and arrogance. Its impossible for them to have their Heaven Rank powerhouse greet their benefactor as their master

Lin Yun moved aside, but the Great Elder kept facing him as he kowtowed. After a while, the 2nd Elder asked, "Great Elder, whats going on? Whats it all about?"

This time, the Great Elder stood up with excitement and suddenly understood that his actions were a bit scary. It would only baffle the others if he didnt explain.

Not only was Lin Yun startled, but even the Dark Elves who had yet to leave were terrified. Just what was the Great Elder doing?

The Dark Elves would do their best to repay their great benefactors, but they wouldnt go so far as to let their Great Elder, who had just reached the Heaven Rank, treat him as his master.

After standing up, the Great Elders face had insuppressible excitement.

He glanced at the surroundings, somewhat in disbelief, before taking a deep breath and saying, "Master, Im unworthy, I didnt explain"

Lin Yun promptly waved his arm. "Stop! This title cant be carelessly used, tell me whats going on first!"

The Great Elder pondered for a bit before slowly bringing it up. "Our Dark Elven Race has a prophecy"

The 2nd Elder was startled by this. "Great Elder, you mean that prophecy? One day, a man holding a blazing scepter will come to the God Nation and solve the curse of the Dark Elven Race That one?"

The Great Elder nodded.

"Yes, that one, but thats not it. Only a portion of the prophecy was spread within the clan. There was actually a line about the mans blazing scepter having boundless runes revolving at its tip.

"But the complete prophecy is only known by every generations Great Elder. This is related to a huge secret, and the clan couldnt allow the complete prophecy to spread.

"Our ancestor left behind a prophecy that one day, far off in the future, countless years after the Wisdom Gods fall, there would be one person coming to the God Nation. That person would guide the lost Dark Elven Race towards glory!

"The most important part was that this person was the master of our Dark Elven Race, and not just of our race. The God Nations three races, whether it was the Dark Elves, the Ash Beastmen, or the Firerock Dwarves, that person would be the master of the three major races!

"In the prophecy, our master would lead the Dark Elves, who had been trapped in the God Nation for countless years, out of the God Nation and into Noscent. There, under Masters lead, the Dark Elves would regain the power and the glory of the past

"The legendary Noscent world, it is said to be the center of the world and the place were countless Gods were born. The Pureblood Elves, Dark Elves, Chromatic Dragons, all the powerful lifeforms were born there.

"It was also said that we will only be able to go further in Noscent. Staying in this lost God Nation would only be staying locked up until our deaths There have been countless Dark Elven Heaven Mages in the past, but now, we can only stand a step away from the Heaven Rank and look up in hope. No matter how talented someone is, there is only a small probability of them advancing to the Heaven Rank. Even just breaking through to the Heaven Rank is the limit

"I can feel it. When I advanced to the Heaven Rank, I could feel that this world is dying. The Wisdom God is very powerful, but after so many years, the God Nation also started deteriorating, to the point that it is already restricting us. If we dont follow Master, we will end up extinct, and so will the other two races"

The Great Elder spoke quite a bit, but his face was full of longing and hope for the future, and it was the same for the 2nd Elder.

"Noscent became a legend to our race. Every generation of Elders would hear the previous generation talk about that mystical and formidable world.

"In the legends, Noscent was boundless, terrifyingly big to the point of being limitless. In those legends, only the Gods could find the edges of Noscent. It also had endless resources and several unknown powerful races. There was also a frightening number of Heaven Rank powerhouses, each with the power to destroy a world.

"Moreover, there are boundless Planar Paths left in Noscent. Thats a world completely different from this God Nation, a plane full of countless resources that dont exist here, countless valuable materials that could only be found in ancient records here, but might be quite cheap in Noscent.

"Its not like the God Nation, where danger could pop out any moment. There wouldnt be a food shortage for us over there Instead, there would be countless delicacies, as well as an extremely dense amount of mana suitable for our survival."

The 2nd Elder and the Great Elder had longing on their faces, while Lin Yun was in a daze, feeling that the Noscent theyd heard of and the one he knew were different.

Yes, even Gods lived in Noscent during the Mythological Era. But at the end of the era of Gods, Noscent encountered a huge calamity, and it met another one at the end of the Nesser Dynasty.

Countless species became extinct, until ten thousand years later, when Noscent once again rose sharply. and the power of magic was displayed to its pinnacle once again. That was the era of powerhouses and the era where the world was developed to its peak

The Great Elder and the 2nd Elder started revealing secrets that had been hidden for many years, making the surrounding Dark Elves go crazy.


What was the sky? A boundlessly tall sky whose height was only known to Gods, and it was blue!

How could it be? Such a thing never existed in the God Nation, how could there be something even bigger than the Wisdom Tree?

There was also a sea, whose size might also only be known to Gods. It was a sea completely filled with water. How could there be such a thing?

Only water, and it was unknown how deep or how big it was. How could Noscents people survive with so much water? Wouldnt they drown?

And even the Gods didnt know how deep the land was, it could be as big as several hundred God Nations, no, several thousands No one knew.

The Great Elders blushed. He was originally very excited, and with the 2nd Elder chiming in, he was even more certain.

No one understood better than them that the God Nation had turned into a prison after the death of the Wisdom God, a huge prison that couldnt be exited. While the people from the outside generally couldnt enter, only those whose power was comparable to a Gods could enter!

There had never been a human appearing in the God Nation, so it was very likely to be the person in the prophecy. Only the Dark Elves Master could enter the God Nation with such a puny force!

"Master, I represent the Dark Elves to vow loyalty and devotion to you!"

The Great Elder knelt on the ground and used the highest etiquette of the Dark Elves, with both hands, both legs, and his head touching the ground.

In an instant, the 2nd Elder also followed him and knelt down. The emotional Elders next to them also knelt, and this caused a chain reaction. The Dark Elves were like pious believers, pious and fanatical.

They had faith in their ancestors prophecy, to the point where they already forgot about themselves and would unconditionally follow the prophecy. This was the faith that came from having previously followed the Wisdom God. It was anchored deep within their souls.