End Of The Magic Era Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Kill Them


The Great Elder remained calm and waved his hand as a signal. At the same time, roars kept echoing within the Dark Elven Clan.


Six ear-piercing sounds echoed as the arrows were shot into the sky, emitting an alarm that resonated throughout the entire Dark Elven Clan.

Lin Yun was a bit surprised and quickly flew into the air to observe.

On the horizon, he could see the Dark Elven Clan already surrounded by a large number of Ash Beastmen. Subconsciously, Lin Yun looked at the Tribal Chief of the Ash Beastmen, but he saw that the three Heaven Rank powerhouses had calm expressions.

Jiali didnt even criticize Gulidan, he only walked to the door of the hall and looked at the boundary of the Dark Elven Clan.

Lin Yun carefully observed and immediately found out that those Ash Beastmen were different from ordinary Ash Beastmen. They were wearing crude and heavy black iron armor, and wisps of black smoke fluttered on it. All the Ash Beastmen were covered by a layer of black smoke, and that smoke was different from the thick smoke that Abyssal power transformed into. It was obviously very faint, but it felt like it couldnt be seen through.

Moreover, all the Ash Beastmen had a faint blue light flickering in their eyes. Whether they were Demon Warlocks of Wolf Riders, their eyes had turned blue and gave others a very cold feeling. Even the eyes from the wolf mounts had changed from green to icy blue.

And after surrounding the Dark Elven Clan, these Ash Beastman immediately started attacking. The Ash Beastman with blue eyes and smoky bodies didnt even care about the Dark Elves defenses and attacked with no regard for their own lives.

Seeing this, Lin Yun faintly frowned and couldnt help recalling when he met those Firerock Dwarves. Those normally cordial Firerock Dwarves turned into a group of destruction-loving lunatics It didnt seem much different from these Ash Beastmen.

They were apparently influenced by some evil power. Lin Yun hadnt had time to study them carefully before, but he hadnt expected that apart from the Firerock Dwarves, there were so many Ash Beastmen that also got affected.

In addition to the Ash Beastman slaves holding crude weapons, there were also many elites. Those Ash Beastman Warriors wearing thick armor and sturdy weapons were following behind the slaves as they kept charging.

The reactivated Ancient War Tree defenses awakened and stopped the first wave of Ash Beastmen.

Over a hundred Ancient War Trees and Ancient Thorn Trees used their branches to form huge palms, and the ten-meter-tall arms swung over, sending ten to twenty Beastman slaves flying into the sky with one slap. A little under half of these Beastmen died from having their bones shattered by the impact.

Then, the Ancient War Trees used their huge arms to pluck huge fruits condensed from their branches and ruthlessly smashed them at the Ash Beastman troops.

The fruits were over a meter long and looked like they had green skin with a metallic luster, but under the extreme power of the Ancient War Trees, they were thrown at a terrifying speed and exploded when they reached the ranks of the Ash Beastmen. The thick and sticky cyan fluids from the fruits burnt from the friction.

Four to five of those slaves would be crushed to death from each green fruit, and the igniting liquid that burst out of it set large areas on fire.

Lin Yun frowned, seeing that the situation wasnt very good.

The Ancient War Tree tossing those green fruits full of thick, burning oil meant that the trees were already counterattacking. If they could maintain their defenses without this, the Ancient War Trees definitely wouldnt use this method. The amount of such fruit was limited, so they wouldnt use them unless the pressure was too great.

One green inflammable fruit after another was thrown forward, turning the surroundings into a sea of fire and instantly slightly slowing down the Ash Beastmens offensive, but there wasnt that much effect.

Those Ash Beastman slaves just rush just didnt care about their own lives. They rushed through the fire, covering themselves in burning liquids, but the screams continued. There was no trace of reason in their eyes, and they were all crazy about massacre.

Boundless smoke emerged from the Ash Beastmen in the back. The blue-eyed Demon Warlocks had nasty grins as they stood there. The Abyssal aura spread through the air into a large area of thick, black smoke, and the pungent scent of sulfur could be felt within a kilometer.

The magic patterns on the Demon Warlocks bodies shone one after another, and at the same time, the smoke in the air turned into a forty-to-fifty-meter-tall vortex.

The surging black smoke kept churning, and at the center of the vortex, something similar to a membrane made out of black light appeared. Suddenly, Abyssal aura spurted out of this huge vortex.

Spheres covered in black smoke fell towards the ground.

"Slam, slam, slam"

After a series of heavy sounds echoed, the black smoke dissipated and exposed dark blue Evil Water Elementals. The temperature rapidly fell as these Elementals, whose bodies seemed to be made out of concentrated water, appeared.

A layer of frost spread on the ground around these Evil Water Elementals, instantly extinguishing the Ancient War Trees sea of fire.

As dark water was sprayed out, the sticky inflammable liquid that was spread on the ground was frozen, and even the burning Beastmen were frozen into lumps of ice.

But the slaves in the back didnt care about the ones that were frozen. They fiercely charged straight through, and all the frozen ones were shattered into pieces.

The Demon Warlocks had jointly used their summoning spells to summon a large group of Evil Water Elementals, greatly weakening the defenses of the Ancient War Trees.

Over a thousand Beastman slaves and Beastman Warriors were already reaching the front of the Ancient War Trees while they were being sent flying by the dozen. But immediately after some were knocked away, even more of them approached once again.

The crazy Beastman slaves swung their crude weapons as they pounced towards the Ancient War Trees, shouting as aimed at the branches, but they werent strong enough to cut through the bark, so a large number of Beastman Warriors climbed onto the Ancient War Trees branches and chopped at them with their large Battle Axes.

Under the effect of the Thorn Halo, the Beastman slaves attacking the Ancient War Trees were riddled with scars, and some were already seriously hurt.

However not only did the blood fail to make these crazy Ash Beastmen retreat, but they even swarmed the Ancient War Trees like locusts.

It was only a few minutes before the Ancient War Trees defensive perimeter fell as a dozen of them had lost their branches. Apart from the thick trunks, there wasnt a single branch. Although they didnt die, they already lost their defensive power and the ability to counterattack.

By this time, the Dark Elven army had already arrived. Several hundred Dark Elves were riding on Hippogryphs and flying from the rear. Moreover, a large group of Dark Elven Mages arrived at the front line to defend.

In the sky, the Wyvern Riders started fighting the Hippogryph Riders in a frantic struggle. Countless poisoned javelins were sent flying, along with ice and flames. From time to time, a Wyvern or a Hippogryph would fall down from the sky.

The Dark Elves Mage Army started casting, instantly sending hundreds of Flame Spears, Frost Lances, and Meteors at the Ash Beastmen.

It didnt take long for the battlefield to sink into chaos. Spells exploded, Beastmen yelled crazily, Dark Elves cursed Everything converged together and transformed into the buzzing sound of intense conflict. It was like the entire Dark Elven Clan was being overturned.

"Damned Ash Beastmen! Despicable, filthy lifeforms, to dare launch such a shameless sneak attack Kill them!"

"Mage Army, prepare large-scale compound spells!"

"Kill these filthy Beastmen with their Abyssal bloodlines, we definitely cant let them go through the Ancient War Trees defensive perimeter!"

The Dark Elves that had just gone through a revolt were unexpectedly powerful during this battle. They all joined together against a common enemy, especially those that had followed the 3rd Elder, they were casting even more ferociously and didnt seem to care about their mana consumption.

But as the cursing spread through the air, Gulidans face became embarrassed. He could see that these Ash Beastmen seemed to have turned hysterical because of some sort of influence. Anyone with the insight of a Heaven Rank powerhouse could see that.

Jiali was continuously issuing orders, directing the Dark Elves to keep fighting and completely ignoring Gulidan and Harris standing behind him, which made Gulidan feel even more awkward.

As the Ash Beastmens Tribal Chief, he was still inside the Dark Elven Clan when Ash Beastmen came attacking from the outside, especially after he rushed over to criticize them fiercely. No one would believe him if he said that these Ash Beastmen hadnt been sent by him.

Seeing that the Ash Beastmen and the Dark Elves were deeply embroiled in their fight, Gulidan could no longer wait.

He ruthlessly stamped his foot and flew up from the ground to charge into the battlefield.

In the air, Gulidan was like the embodiment of red lightning as he flew at a terrifying speed. In an instant, he arrived above the battlefield.

Gulidan stood up in the sky and the aura of a Heaven Rank powerhouse burst out. Thunderous explosions could be heard as red bolts of lightning crackled around his body, flickering and shooting in random directions.