End Of The Magic Era Chapter 742

Chapter 742 4th Heaven Rank Powerhouse


Oppressive crackling and buzzing sounds echoed as ripples could be seen spreading from Gulidans body. All the Wyverns and Hippogryphs let out frightened wails and unhesitantly flew towards the ground before burying their heads within their shivering wings.

The mana fluctuations spreading over the battlefield were swept away by these visible ripples, and the space there suddenly stabilized, stopping all the fighters, especially the crazy Beastman slaves, who instinctively knelt down and threw their weapons away. They then held their heads in their hands and didnt dare to raise their heads again.

The slaves had very low status in the Ash Beastman Tribe, as even the brainless Kodos could eat a few of them without suffering punishment. The Tribal Chief was an existence that they could never look at; one glance and they would suffer from a disaster.

This was an instinct from that came from the bloodline and the soul. Even if they had become crazy, they couldnt stop themselves.

The Ash Beastmens elites also completely stopped when they felt this extraordinary aura belonging to their Tribal Chief and started kneeling one after the other.

All the Ash Beastmen still standing felt even more pressured. Those visible ripples were only Gulidans aura, it alone was too much for them to resist.

The Tribal Chiefs might made all the Ash Beastmen become clear-headed in an instant.

Lin Yun saw this scene and immediately understood why those Firerock Dwarves he had first met had been acting normally at first but became berserk with a small fluctuation.

These Ash Beastmen were controlled by some evil power, but their consciousness was still there. There were just many things in their minds that had been amplified, making it so that a simple unsuitable line would be enough for them to go out of control. Even just a bit of fluctuation could agitate them and make them attack hysterically.

Gulidan was their Tribal Chief and had gained prestige for a long time. He had enough power to suppress their moods. Just by standing there, he could make these crazy Ash Beastmen calm down.

Lin Yun took a deep breath as he sensed the authority that could suppress peoples souls. The elements and power surrounding Gulidan took the initiative to gather there. He only stood in the air and didnt exert any power of his own, but it looked like the power gathered in the air took the initiative to follow his gaze.

Apparently, all the power in the surroundings had already fallen under his control. He was obviously far away, and the pressure he emitted hadnt spread all the way to this side, but Lin Yun felt that he was already unable to maintain his Levitation. His mana was faintly trembling and the power he controlled was moving on its own accord, trying to draw closer toGulidan.

Gulidan stood in midair with an ashen face as he suppressed all the Ash Beastmen, stopping the fight in an instant.

The fighting Dark Elves were alarmed when Gulidan appeared. They didnt know Gulidan was in the Dark Elven Clan, and when they saw him appear, they thought that he was going to personally attack them.

But they hadnt expected Gulidans pressure to be targeted not at the Dark Elves, but rather at the Ash Beastmen. The pressured Wyverns kept pressing against the ground while letting out mournful cries, and the large army of Ash Beastmen was also shaking as fear pierced through their bones.

"Thats the power of the Heaven Rank, so incredible!"

"Too strong! The Ash Beastmens Tribal Chief is unexpectedly so powerful, he only stood there, but that aura made me breathless."

"Whats going on? How could this be? Why did their Tribal Chief appear? I cant even raise my head to look up"

A group of Dark Elves shouted in alarm. After all, many of them had never seen what a Heaven Rank powerhouse looked before, let alone when one made a move. Now that they had experienced this power, they were so frightened that their legs were shaking. If these Dark Elves hadnt known about the Great Elder having advanced to the Heaven Rank, the front line would have already collapsed.

At this time, the Dark Elven Clans Great Elder and the Firerock Dwarven Clans Clan Head also flew up and saw Gulidans ashen expression.

But when everyone thought that the situation was completely dealt with, a silhouette shrouded in black smoke flew over from the distance. That shadow was wrapped in formidable berserk power, making the air slightly shake before it even arrived.

Thunderous explosions kept echoing as the berserk power drove the power in the air to form a terrifying mana storm, which then transformed into surging black smoke that stretched for a dozen kilometers. The converged black smoke formed a terrifying tornado.

"Gulidan, you dare to stop me!? Im doing this for our Tribe! Anyone that dares to stop me has to die! You must die!"

A loud roar exploded in front of the tornado, and the enraged voice gathered a large amount of the smoke to turn into several hundred enormous demonic skulls with smoke trailing behind them that shouted as they charged towards Gulidan.

The weather changed in an instant, and gales suddenly rose as the mana within the air was swept along by these yelling, rampaging skulls.

The formidable berserk pressure even made Lin Yun, who was a few kilometers away, feel breathless. It felt as if the pressure was right in front of him.

Gulidan slightly frowned in front of this terrible pressure and reached his hand in front of him as if grabbing something in the void, creating spatial fluctuations. It was as if his hand had pierced through the space and reached another area. A large number of ripples started emerging as Gulidan pulled out a two-meter-long crimson sword.

A heavy killing aura instantly spread from Gulidans body. It was a more violent but firmly suppressed power.

Gulidans held his sword with one hand and ruthlessly slashed towards these countless skulls, sending out an ordinary re-colored Aura Slash.

But that red Aura Slash was over a hundred meters long as if Gulidan had slashed with a huge greatsword.

After the Aura Slash flew out, it exploded and turned into several hundred smaller Aura Slashes.

The countless red Aura Slashes turned into a wave that directly collided against these demonic skulls.

It was like several hundred red greatswords were flying in the sky, each one colliding with a demonic skull, stabbing them in the forehead.

The demonic skulls were pierced by the red greatswords, but the slashes stopped after going halfway through. The demonic skulls were like animals, letting out angry shouts and surging black smoke, apparently wanting to force the Aura Slashes out.

A terrifying mana fluctuation spread in the air like a tide surging forth, and countless terrifying shockwaves spread from the demonic skulls and Aura Slashes, covering the domed sky and creating sinister scars on the sky dome that had solidified over countless years.

At the same time, it seemed like a giant had swung a sword at the ground, creating a rift that was over a kilometer in length, and this was only the aftermath of the impact!

After a second, those berserk demonic skulls finally were no longer able to keep resisting the Aura Slashes and were run through by the wave.

All the demonic skulls let out unwilling bellows and transformed into black smoke before collapsing.

But Gulidans Aura Slashes also expended their energy passing through the black smoke and were unable to reach the smoky figure.

That person was standing high in the sky, and the black smoke covering him condensed into wisps, looking just like sinister black snakes sticking to his body.

But this person was wearing pitch-black armor and a helmet.

The two of them stopped after one clash. Gulidan frowned as he looked at that person in the distance, feeling that he was somewhat familiar, but he couldnt figure out who it was.

Jiali and Harris couldnt help staring apprehensively as the newcomer. The others couldnt see, but how could they not see? Gulidan had casually used an Aura Slash, but after advancing to the Heaven Rank, even such an Aura Slash carried Extraordinary power. That wasnt the kind of power those under the Heaven Rank could resist!

The seemingly casual Aura Slash was under Gulidans control, and the power within was condensed to its peak. It was genuine Extraordinary power, comparable to Stainless Steel refined a hundred times. Power below the level of Extraordinary power, no matter how formidable, would only be like an egg in front of it.

No matter how big the egg was, in the collision between Stainless Steel that had been refined a hundred times and an egg, the egg would obviously be smashed to pieces.

But now, they saw that this persons probing attack was evenly matched with Gulidans!

Thats actually a Heaven Rank powerhouse? Since when are Heaven Ranks this common in the God Nation?

There had been no Heaven Rank powerhouses for so many years among the three races, and the three of them had barely managed to step into the Heaven Realm but couldnt take a single step further.

But there was a 4th Heaven Rank powerhouse?