End Of The Magic Era Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Accept Your Death


While everyone was feeling shocked and doubtful, the black smoke covering that figure condensed again, and wisps of black smoke slowly parted to uncover the face of a fierce and sinister Ash Beastman.

"Black Dragon Warlord, its you!?" Gulidan was startled and furious.

The Black Dragon Warlords face was sinister and cold, but looked quite crazy as he loudly hissed, "Gulidan, I found the gate within the prophecy! I am the person with the greatest contributions in the Tribe! I am qualified to be the Tribal Chief! Furthermore, Im already too strong, Im powerful enough that no one can tell me what to do! Whoever blocks my path to become the Tribal Chief will die. Gulidan, you are already dead!"

The Black Dragon Warlord shouted crazily. His emotions were out of control and black smoke was surging from his entire body. All the smoke kept condensing until it finally transformed into several hundred black spheres that were each ten meters in diameter.

The spheres kept shrinking and collapsing while the smoke slowly dissipated, until several hundred Meteors covered in lava hovered in the air, making the space around them distort from the terrifying mana fluctuations.

The surging lava kept flowing on top of the Meteors, and after a few moments, they rained down with heavy momentum and pressure as they fell towards Gulidan.

The huge vibration made the Beastmen below cover their ears in pain, and a lot of the slaves were lying on the floor while continuously screaming.

That sound was too powerful. The sonic boom had already turned into a faint humming, but that hum seemed to make everyones hearts shake, while their eardrums were about to explode.

In the distance, Lin Yun felt the mana fluctuations surge like a tide and had no choice but to land on top of a tree. He frowned as he looked at the Black Dragon Warlord fighting Gulidan.

The others might not understand why the Black Dragon Warlord was in this state, but Lin Yun did.

The Flame Dragon Warlord must have listened to my suggestion and refrained from touching that door, but the Black Dragon Warlord might have touched it in his hurry to accumulate contributions to his Tribe. Even I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, but there was actually someone foolish enough to touch it.

Even a Heaven Rank powerhouse, someone with Extraordinary Power, would become scared and turn pale if they knew what was behind that door, yet that guy actually tried to open it? But it looks like that guy didnt manage to actually open the door, or else the problem wouldnt only be at this level We would be finished.

Lin Yun was pondering with a frown on his face before his attention was caught by a series of fierce explosions. He raised his head and noticed the several hundred meteors collapsing towards Gulidan. Gulidan held his sword with both hands, and a crimson Aura Coating appeared on the surface of the longsword. Furthermore, he controlled the berserk aura to extend at the tip of the sword, increasing the length to exceed seven meters while also widening it.

Gulidan brandished the longsword and rushed into the swarm of meteors, slashing fiercely. With every slash, a dozen meteors were turned to pieces.

Gulidan glared in anger. The Aura covering his body burned with flames like a layer of flaming armor as he charged forward, sweeping through those terrifying meteors that couldnt stop him like a red incarnation of lightning.

He pierced through the meteors with a series of flickering sword slashes, and the several hundred meteors left behind him fell into pieces in an instant.

A large amount of lava and broken rocks fell from the sky like a waterfall and landed on a Dark Elven tree field, washing it away and turning several hundred trees to ashes in a few moments. All the trees over a kilometer around that place were set ablaze.

The battle in the sky was still ongoing. After the previous attack failed, the black smoke around Black Dragon Warlord quickly surged forth and turned into countless scaly black shields around him.

The shields were eight meters in length and were covered with thin black scales like those of a black snake. The edges of the shields were made of bloody bone outgrowths.

Several hundred shields formed a huge sphere that rapidly revolved around the Black Dragon Warlord.

Gulidan tore towards the Black Dragon Warlord like red lightning, so fast that his figure was blurry. Suddenly, sparks appeared in multiple locations across the sphere of shields.

One shield after another was shattered, but even more of those shields were condensed to replace them. The sphere of shields was tenaciously resisting Gulidans fast-paced attacks. Only a few seconds passed, but Gulidan had attacked over a thousand times, yet he wasnt able to break through this defensive perimeter.

Gulidans figure suddenly appeared in the air, holding the sword with both hands before flipping it and aiming at the Black Dragon Warlord.

A frightening power spread out at that moment like a Dragon escaping from its cage. A large red sphere appeared in Gulidans hands as the glaring ball of light shimmered, ready to explode at any moment. That terrifying power made cold sweat trickle down Lin Yuns back as he watched the fight from afar.

If that kind of power burst out, it would be absolutely destructive, able to shatter even a kilometer-tall mountain.

But although that power was berserk, it was completely controlled by Gulidan. As Gulidan slashed down, the red sphere of light suddenly burst open and a flood of power surged forth. It felt as if Gulidan was swinging a huge, hundred-meter-long red sword at that moment.

The berserk power was completely restrained by Gulidan as he heavily slashed at the black shields protecting the Black Dragon Warlord. The surging red aura was glaringly visible and shattered those shields to pieces. Only a red flood stretching over a kilometer could be seen in the sky.

All the black shields were broken apart, and even those that had yet to form were destroyed by Gulidans flood of Aura.

The red flood was like a soaring sword that never stopped. It kept going and hit a branch of the Wisdom Tree several kilometers away. This branch that was several hundred meters thick, along with the thick forest on the branch, was instantly turned to ashes. An area over a kilometer wide seemed to disappear, and the broken end of the branch fell to the ground, carried by that huge power.

Lin Yun gasped in surprise. Thats Extraordinary Power!? Such amazing control That kind of berserk power is very hard to control, but he accurately manipulated it that precisely?

Every single wisp of power fell onto the Black Dragon Warlords defenses and nothing was wasted. The immense power didnt even affect those below.

But that Black Dragon Warlord shouldnt have died so easily, right?

And sure enough, Gulidan didnt smile after that hit. His face became even more serious as he swung his sword and stabbed at empty air. Red Aura surged and turned into a monstrous red creature. The red creature was only eight meters tall, but its arms were actually a hundred meters long and a dozen meters thick.

Both of the giant creatures arms made grabbing motions in the air, and fierce spatial fluctuations surged forth. Following a loud roar, the creatures arms were torn apart.

In an instant, the space felt as if it was forcibly torn apart, and pitch-black smoke appeared out of nowhere. The black smoke kept expanding and shrinking, exposing the figure of the Black Dragon Warlord from within. His hands were stretched in front of him supporting a large black sphere.

This sphere was like a hole sucking in the surrounding smoke and turning into a ball of black oil that emitted terrifying power. The surrounding space quickly fluctuated, and visible ripples spread in the surroundings. These seemingly gentle ripples hit the ground, and everything they went through shattered

"Gulidan, accept your death!"

The Black Dragon Warlord crazily shouted with gritted teeth, apparently straining his body to throw that black sphere with great force.

The black sphere grew at a rapid pace after being sent out, and its speed kept increasing.

In a few moments, the sphere grew from a dozen meters in size to over a hundred meters. The berserk and evil power contained within spread out and emitted so much pressure that the space seemed like a piece of paper being folded.

Explosions could be heard in the air as the black sphere flew towards Gulidan, and even though the sphere was several hundred meters in the air, the buildings and trees on the ground were swept by its power and shaken into pieces.

As the sphere passed over the few hundred Ancient War Trees, they were affected by its power and the seemingly indestructible trunks seemed to have decayed by tens of thousands of years in an instant and turned into countless fragments drifting through the air