End Of The Magic Era Chapter 744

Chapter 744 Meet The Enemy


The black sphere spanning over a hundred meters swept all the power around and kept it suppressed. Even Gulidan couldnt avoid it. Countless spatial cracks lingered in the surroundings of the sphere, and all the power was putting pressure on him.

Gulidan half-crouched in the air, his steel-like red muscles continuously bulging as thunder-like vibrations reverberated.

Then, Gulidans power surged, and spatial folds could be seen under Gulidans feet. He tightly grasped his sword and slashed it in an arc.

In an instant, countless red silk-like strands of energy appeared in the air and formed spiralling circles that suppressed the black spheres power.

In less than a second, the powerful black sphere was covered by that red sword-light, which forcibly severed the spheres effect on its surroundings, reducing its pressure.

Thick, thunderous sounds echoed where the two powers collided, creating a large river of lightning that revolved around the black sphere.

The Black Dragon Warlord shouted sinisterly and kept pouring in more power into the black sphere from behind when suddenly, Gulidans silhouette disappeared.

Those countless red sword-lights seemed to lose control as they were knocked away, while the black spheres direction was altered and it exploded into the distance.

With the disappearance of the red-colored lights, the black sphere was nothing more than a wild dog whose leash had been cut. It rushed into the distance and destroyed a forest spanning several kilometers.


Black light flashed, followed by a mushroom cloud rising up. The jet-black shockwave kicked up a large amount of dust and swept through several kilometers in an instant, leaving only destruction in its wake. By the time the mushroom cloud reached the domed sky, the forest had thoroughly disappeared.

The giant trees that had been over a hundred meters in height could no longer be seen. Only a huge hole was left in the area, and some black substance glittering with a metallic luster could be seen at the bottom. It was so powerful that it turned everything in that place into a different kind of matter.

At this time, a red bolt of lightning appeared in front of the Black Dragon Warlord. Gulidan ruthlessly slashed down at the Black Dragon Warlords head.

The Black Dragon Warlord had a sinister expression as a black demonic skull instantly congealed in front of his body. The skull started laughing wildly and bit down on Gulidans sword.

An explosion echoed as Gulidans figure turned into a mirage and dissipated. At the same time, nine Gulidans appeared around the Black Dragon Warlord and attacked from different angles.

The Black Dragon Warlord laughed wildly, and another eight of those demonic skulls condensed around his body. All the skulls opened their mouths wide and bit at the swords.

"Gulidan, you actually dare to use a trick like the nine-layered slashes? Do you feel my power? You lost, you cant defeat me! Tremble as I teach you what despair is!" the Black Dragon Warlord angrily shouted.

Black smoke surged behind him and boundless power poured into the nine demonic skulls. Then, black light radiated from within the demonic skulls, and the nine Gulidans shattered.

The black light shattered all the attacks and caused many deep holes to appear in the ground, as well as in the domed sky above. The light dispersed on the next floor through this large tunnel.

Furthermore, black light also attacked the Ash Beastman army, and three 8th Rank Archmage Demon Warlocks didnt even have time to scream before wordlessly disintegrating.

The chaotic black light kept firing, and nothing could resist its power. But at this time, Gulidans figure appeared again seemingly out of nowhere in front of the Black Dragon Warlord.

His sword was already piercing through the Black Dragon Warlord.

In an instant, the black smoke behind the Black Dragon Warlord started billowing crazily before pouring into the crazed Beastmans body. Waves of shockwaves spread from their location, and everything within a hundred meters was sent flying. The air around them was full of pressure once again and formed countless rays of lightning that created a cover of lightning around them.

Gulidan was glaring in anger as his sword only pierced a bit of the Black Dragon Warlords body before being blocked by the surging smoke.

Then, as if it was melting, Gulidans sword turned into countless red bolts of lightning that covered the Black Dragon Warlord in an instant, making the black smoke in his body burst out.

Gulidan took advantage of that to punch the Black Dragon Warlord in the chest. In a split second, the Black Dragon Warlord was sent crashing into the ground.

"Boom" A loud explosion echoed.

A hole that was over a hundred meters in size appeared with the Black Dragon Warlord lying at the bottom, covered in red, flickering lightning that slowly merged with his body, and numerous red tattoos appeared on his body. At that moment, the Black Dragon Warlords power steeply fell down from the Heaven Rank.

The Black Dragon Warlord had a malevolent face as he kept spitting out blood. Who knew how many broken bones he had His limbs were already twisted in a monstrous shape and he shivering at the bottom of the hole.

Gulidan was about to rush down to settle things when something happened.

Black smoke came down from the domed sky, dragging a long black tail behind and falling down like a meteor. Moreover, the smoke quickly swelled as it fell, turning into a ball over a thousand meters wide.

As it kept growing bigger and bigger, the power it emitted rapidly increased. Gulidan looked appalled as he quickly rushed towards the sky.

This time, the Dark Elven Clans Great Elder and the Firerock Dwarven Clans Clan Head both flew over to face the falling smoke.

The red-colored flames that Gulidan was emitting instantly turned into a pair of enormous hands that swung at the falling smoke.

Jialis magic patterns shone as a bowl-like barrier of light was sent towards the sky.

As for Harris, he grabbed his warhammer and roared, causing the shadow of a hundred-meter-tall dwarf to appear behind him. The shadow raised its hands and pushed towards the smoke.

The three Heaven Ranks joined their hands to block it, but they groaned when they felt the impact and couldnt help falling back, as if their bodies were being crushed by a mountain.

As the huge ball of smoke was held back, the crisis befalling the Dark Elven Clan was avoided, but the three Heaven Rank powerhouses couldnt keep resisting it.

The central area was thoroughly protected, but a large amount of smoke fell in the surroundings of the Dark Elven Clan, spreading everywhere.

The Dark Elven Clans most powerful defense was the Ancient War Trees, but these trees all let out desperate roars when touched by that black smoke.

The tree leaves withered rapidly, and their branches that were as solid as steel quickly lost their luster as one Ancient War Tree after another quickly withered. After a few seconds, the hundred-meter-tall Ancient War Trees turned into piles of rotten tree fragments.

The Dark Elven Clans numerous treehouses and buildings seemed to have decayed completely in an instant, causing them all to collapse into piles of rotten wood.

The green earth had turned barren, leaving no trace of vegetation behind.

The Dark Elves outside of the defenses range were submerged by the black smoke. Although they used their strongest shields, all their defensive spells were annihilated within a few seconds.

The Dark Elves who came into contact with the smoke let out miserable screams as their skin quickly disappeared and their flesh rotted away.

In an instant, only a large number of skeletons were left behind, but it wasnt over. These skeletons quickly darkened and decayed even further before turning ashes.

The terrifying situation stunned everyone. The Dark Elves didnt know what this black smoke was, after all, but seeing the three Heaven Rank powerhouses having great difficulty holding it back even after joining hands and also what happened to the surroundings, everyone knew that if the three Heaven Rank powerhouses hadnt been there, the Dark Elven Clan would have already been destroyed.

And even greater changes appeared after the first flood of smoke. A large number of Ash Beastmen walked out from smoke with crude black smoky armor and completely blue eyes. They looked sluggish but very sinister.

The Ash Beastmen who had originally been intimidated by Gulidan became even more berserk at this moment.

But without Gulidans pressure to hold them back, these Ash Beastmen were even fiercer than before, and even the Demon Warlocks, who were able to cast due to the power of their bloodlines, loudly roared and charged like the Beastman Warriors, casting Abyssal Spells as they rushed forth.

"Meet the enemy!"