End Of The Magic Era Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Youll All Die


In less than three seconds, Lin Yun saw the elemental storm, which was a kilometer away, being forcibly torn to shreds by the Black Dragon Warlord.

Seeing this, Lin Yun knew that the storm was definitely unable to injure the Black Dragon Warlord, and his eyelid couldnt help twitching.

This lunatic is too fierce, he can even tear apart an elemental storm?!

Lin Yun didnt tarry after glancing back. He quickly flew towards a branch of the Wisdom Tree by following the route he remembered, not caring if there were any dangerous magic beasts on the way.

After landing on that thick branch, Lin Yun quickly found the Teleportation Array and took out two crystal pens before his hands turned into shadows drawing on the array.

After five seconds, Lin Yun poured a large amount of mana into it and entered the Teleportation Array, which let out a lot of light.

Black smoke could be seen in the distance just like a dense sea of black clouds. The Black Dragon Warlord saw Lin Yun and shouted, "Where are you trying to run! Let me catch you, I must make you regret not being dead! I want to put your soul in a Kodo and turn you into an idiot that only knows how to eat, I want you to see it with your own eyes, I wont let you die for a century, for a millennium!

"B*stard, you dare to refuse to tell me where Gulidan is You are dead, and he is also dead, you are all dead!"

"Haha" Lin Yun sneered as his body disappeared within the light of the array.

The Black Dragon Warlord flew to the thick branch and unhesitantly pressed both hands on the array. The smoke around him turned into a pillar, which rushed into the Teleportation Array.

The dim Teleportation Array immediately shone, and a second later, the Black Dragon Warlord also disappeared.

On the other side, a dark Teleportation Array lit up on a hill in the depths of the Night Valley. A pillar of light rose up from it, and Lin Yun suddenly appeared.

Just as he appeared, Lin Yun immediately used Fire Elemental Incarnation and vigilantly checked his surroundings.

Sure enough, this place regained its calm after so long!

This place was the place they had barely managed to escape, the depths of the Night Valley. The traces of the battles could still be seen. There was scorched earth everywhere, and the terrain had also been greatly altered. A branch of the Wisdom Tree could even be seen in the distance.

The Elven Elegy had been used here before, and the terrain had been tossed all about. The originally smooth floor had disappeared and chaotic bulges filled the area. There was only one strange area in the deepest part of the Night Valley that was flat.

Lin Yun sneered. He naturally knew that this was an illusion. It looks like he went back to slumber.

Seeing the Teleportation Array brighten again, Lin Yun unhesitantly raised his Draconic Staff, and a flame vortex appeared above that area.

The flame vortex was aiming at the flat ground, and countless fire spells flew out from within, just like a huge column of flame connecting heaven and earth.

At that time, the originally smooth ground distorted, and the illusion dissipated as a deep, pitch-black abyss appeared.

"Ba-thump Ba-thump"

The heartbeat that made peoples souls shiver echoed once again in Lin Yuns ears. That sound felt as if it had forcibly entered ones head, echoing from inside out.

Within the abyss, black mist was curled around a huge heart, which was peacefully throbbing. A dark-skinned Ash Beastman had both hands stuck into that heart with his eyes closed, seemingly sleeping.

When the flames fell down and hit the mist on the surface of the heart, the black mist that had been slowly flowing alongside the heartbeat was suddenly roused like water in boiling oil.

Black mist surged from the heart like a kind of smoke signal and ruthlessly struck the column of fire.

Duncan, whose hands were stuck to the heart, opened his eyes, and his pitch-black eyes were filled with rage.

"Who? Who dares to disturb my sleep this time!?" Duncans angry shout echoed in the air.

After summoning the flame vortex, Lin Yun hurriedly escaped towards the first half of the Night Valley.

A large amount of black smoke appeared in the air, and the surging black smoke turned into three huge vortexes, in which Duncan spat three Abyssal Runes.

In an instant, a jet-black light membrane appeared in the center of the vortexes as countless Abyssal Lifeforms rushed out from the Abyssal Gates.

Evil Water Elementals, Reapers, Abyssal Imps, and Crypt Fiends poured out of these Abyssal Gates like fountains of water.

Abyssal aura spread through the air as the Abyssal lifeforms touched the ground, and they discovered Lin Yun at the same time.

But at that moment, the Teleportation Array shone brightly once again, and another pillar of light appeared. Then, billowing black smoke could be seen within the pillar.

The Black Dragon Warlord rushed out, and the first thing he noticed was the huge group of Abyssal lifeforms, and then the Abyssal Gates floating in the air.

"All die! Everyone must die!"

The Black Dragon Warlord roared in anger. He looked at those Abyssal lifeforms and the Abyssal Gates and immediately recalled Lin Yuns words. Someone with such power must definitely be a 9th Rank Demon Arch-Warlock!

The Black Dragon Warlord was already irrational, and he immediately concluded that this was an ambush. When he saw all of these Abyssal lifeforms surrounding him, the anger he had accumulated for a long time finally burst out.

The smoke gathered behind the Black Dragon Warlord turned into a dozen Demonic Claws.

One Demonic Claw after another fell from the sky and ruthlessly slashed at those Abyssal lifeforms. In less than three seconds, the several hundred of them were all killed by the Black Dragon Warlord.

The three Abyssal Gates were also shredded by the Demonic Claws.

The Black Dragon Warlords attention then fell onto Duncan, overlooking Lin Yun for the time being.

"You are the Tribal Chiefs supporter?" the Black Dragon Warlord angrily shouted. But he didnt give Duncan time to answer and summoned over a hundred flaming meteors that crashed down towards Duncan.

Duncan became enraged. He had been sleeping and was suddenly attacked without warning. Now, someone he had never seen before suddenly attacked him and Constances heart. How could he not fight back?

Duncan glared at him and started chanting Abyssal Runes. As each rune flew out, boundless Abyssal Power was summoned and black smoke turned into dark clouds. One after another, sinister demonic faces appeared on those black clouds.

In an instant, over a hundred black Frost Spikes flew out and fiercely collided against the flaming meteors.

A terrifying shockwave appeared above the abyss, and the black smoke swept across in a circle, making the surviving Abyssal lifeforms scream in alarm before being torn to shreds.

After that attack, Duncan discovered Lin Yun hiding in the distance. "Its you! You damn b*stard! You still dare to appear here!"

Duncan had a very sinister expression, and the whites of his eyes couldnt even be seen. He was covered in black smoke and seemed ready to explode. The enraged Duncan inevitably believed that the Black Dragon Warlord was a helper that Lin Yun had found. "Sir, you have definitely been deceived by that guy"

Duncan barely managed to suppress his rage and tried to persuade the crazy Black Dragon Warlord, but all that welcomed him was the Black Dragon Warlords fierce attack.

A dozen Demonic Claws ruthlessly swiped at the heart. How could Duncan ignore this? The heart was something he greatly relied on, it was hisreverse scale1. The Black Dragon Warlord attacking the heart thoroughly pissed Duncan off.

Duncan removed a hand from the heart, and the skin could be seen withering at a rapid pace before the flesh turned to ashes and dissipated, only leaving black bones that aimed at the Black Dragon Warlord.

Boundless black smoke rushed out as a black rune appeared on Duncans palm. A huge demonic skull that was thirty meters in size appeared above Duncans head. It was similar to an Ox Beastmans skull but with an alligators maw.

The Demonic Skull opened its bloody maw wide to welcome the dozen Demonic Claws.

"Crack Crack"

Those Demonic Claws were torn to pieces from a few bites, and the maw even rushed towards the Black Dragon Warlord after taking care of them.

The Demonic Skull only bit the ground as the Black Dragon Warlord quickly dodged. The black earth was as soft as cheese for those powerful teeth.

A huge hole was left, over twenty meters wide and a bit under ten meters deep. Lin Yun felt a chill when he saw that. The ground there wasnt ordinary It was the solidified accumulation of the rotten leaves and branches of the Wisdom Trees over countless years. It was also a branch of the Wisdom Tree!

Duncan was getting stronger and stronger, he was even a bit more powerful than last time. It truly felt like he was just one step away from breaking through to the Heaven Rank. He was only using one hand!

Should I intervene? I absolutely cant let Duncan convince the Black Dragon Warlord, I definitely cant have the Black Dragon Warlord come to deal with me. Im dead if these two team up against me

Just as Lin Yun was hesitating, the Black Dragon Warlord burst out in anger, "Its you! You are dead! Dead! You are all dead!"

The irrational Black Dragon Warlords first impression was the strongest, so he believed that Duncan was Gulidans hidden force. After losing his reason, the only thought in his mind was to get rid of Duncan.