End Of The Magic Era Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Entangled


The Black Dragon Warlord saw this scene but didnt dodge. One of his two hands used a scaly shield to block in front of him while the other carried some spatial fluctuations as it moved at a terrifying speed towards Duncan.

The dozen Frost Spikes collided against the huge hand in front of the Black Dragon Warlord and instantly pierced through it. Moreover, as the Frost Spikes runes shone, a black light flashed on the hand and it was instantly frozen.

The smoke on the Black Dragon Warlords body burst out and forcibly altered the path of the black Frost Spikes as he dodged past them.

But his left hand was still grazed by the black ice A rune instantly shone and the Black Dragon Warlords left hand was completely frozen. The terrifying light followed his arm and spread towards his chest.

Boundless black smoke converged towards the Black Dragon Warlords left shoulder and fiercely collided with that black light. Then, a loud bang echoed as the Black Dragon Warlords arm exploded into fragments of ice.

As for those huge black Frost Spikes, they shot towards the hill on the other side and silently bore through the branch of the Wisdom Tree, hitting at a height of ten meters, but not piercing through the branch. Each of them left a terrifying black hole behind, and black light spread across the ground, sweeping over a kilometer and freezing everything on its way into more black ice.

With a simple breeze, everything frozen by the black light shattered, and no protuberances could be seen anywhere. Only the fragments of ice on the smooth floor could be seen.

And on the other side, Duncan, who was finally able to go all-out, was smashed head-on by a demonic claw ripping through space. A series of bone-shattering sounds echoed as Duncans body was sent flying like an artillery shell.


A loud sound echoed as Duncans body crashed against the floor, forming a large hole, and the ground within several hundred meters was filled with cracks.

The black flames within Duncans eye sockets flickered, and numerous cracks appeared on his bones, but he unhesitantly flew up and once again charged towards the Black Dragon Warlord.

As for the Black Dragon Warlord himself, the madness within his eyes hadnt decreased at all even though he had lost an arm and he also soared over to keep fighting Duncan.

Lin Yun was stunned.

This is truly scary. The extremely condensed earth was frozen by a rune carved on a Frost Spike. By relying on the Frost Spikes terrifying penetrative power, he froze such a large area

Thats the power of someone half-way into the Heaven Rank, just a wisp of power can cause such heaven-defying changes

And the Black Dragon Warlords claw attack was even stronger. It seemed to tear through space and instantly appear in front of Duncan. It already has the characteristic of Extraordinary Power. After being suppressed by Gulidan, how could he still have so much power?

Lin Yun was shocked. He had originally planned on attracting the Black Dragon Warlord over and using his crazy temper and unstable state to make him fight Duncan to death.

But he hadnt expected the Black Dragon Warlord to be so powerful, and he was also too fast. Attracting him here was already very difficult, but Lin Yun couldnt even think of leaving right now.

The Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan were both crazy.The battlefield spread for several kilometers, and the Teleportation Array happened to be in the depths of the Night Valley. If he went over, he would be caught in the battle and would definitely be in trouble.

Lin Yun frowned and hid in the distance to watch the two fighting with no regard for their lives.

The Black Dragon Warlords arm had been destroyed, but it didnt really impact his power. Black smoke gathered towards his left side and quickly condensed into another pitch-black demonic arm, which was a bit bigger than his thigh and longer than his own height!

More smoke converged into a light ball flickering with black lightning. It had a long black trail of smoke behind it as it revolved around the Black Dragon Warlords body.

There was also black smoke lingering on Duncans body. It condensed into sinister armor that covered his crack-lined bones.

The front of his armor was an angry roaring demonic skull, and as copious smoke converged together, the armor quickly extended and formed armguards, leg protectors, a helmet, and other parts.

The sinister and powerful aura burst out from Duncans body and raised a black gale that revolved around him.

The strange silence didnt last more than a second before the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan simultaneously roared.

The black smoke above the Black Dragon Warlord converged into a demonic shadow that let out a ferocious roar, and in an instant, over a hundred flaming meteors appeared in the air tightly packed in an area that was only a few hundred meters wide. Their crazy power could be felt from the spatial ripples spreading in all directions.

And on the other side, the black flames suddenly burst out of Duncan eye sockets and grew to over half a meter. The skeletal mouth opened wide as he chanted an eerie, awkward-sounding Abyssal incantation.

Black runes made out of smoke flew out of Duncans mouth and gathered in front of Duncans body to form a flying sphere of black ice.

The sphere frantically spun as it flew out. After flying over a dozen meters, several slender diamond-shaped fragments of ice flew out of it.

In a split second, numerous blurry ice edges flew towards the Black Dragon Warlord like rain.

The countless black ice edges struck the flame meteors, and loud explosions kept echoing in the sky as if cannons were being fired in succession.

Large fragments of lava and ice exploded together and spread in all directions for over a kilometer.

The waves of compressed air caused a sharp, ear-piercing noise. The depths of the Night Valley instantly became heavily damaged, and the solid ground was filled with dreadful small holes. Those fragments seemed just as terrifying as the previous Frost Spikes, turning the hard earth into a honeycomb.

Cold sweat dripped down Lin Yuns face. He definitely couldnt resist these two peoples all-out burst, but this was a crucial moment. If he moved ever so slightly, he might attract the attention of the two Beastmen. He was now hiding behind a branch of the Wisdom Tree at a high altitude and hadnt released a single spell. He even kept his mana fluctuations hidden. This allowed him to reduce this presence to a minimum.

A single move would inevitably drag him into the battle of the two lunatics, and both wanted to kill him.

As he pondered, Lin Yun decided to remain motionless for the time being. He would wait until these two finished their fight before doing anything.

The powerful attacks collided, but neither of them had the advantage. Before the aftermath even cleared up, the two of them charged at each other once again.

The Black Dragon Warlord extended his left hand and the demonic hand instantly grew. From its original length two meters, it now reached over twenty meters, while the claw at the end grew to be ten meters long.

The Black Dragon Warlord swung that huge hand and blocked the fragments shooting in his direction before ruthlessly clawing at his opponent.

At the same time, a large number of black runes spurted out of Duncans mouth. These runes swallowed the surrounding black smoke and transformed into a large demonic skull. That demonic skull opened its mouth wide and swallowed the fragments flying towards it before rushing towards its opponent.


A sharp sound echoed as the area between the two powerhouses that was rich in smoke was swept by some irresistible power. All the smoke spread into the surroundings because of the shockwave.

There, Duncan stood behind the demonic skull with his hands sticking to the back of it.

The demonic skull was ruthlessly biting onto the Black Dragon Warlords huge demonic hand.

Sinister sharp teeth grew out from the demonic skulls mouth. These teeth, which looked more like swords, tore at the demonic hands defenses.

Sparks kept emerging between the two. The demonic skull ruthlessly bit down on three of the demonic hands fingers, and metallic grinding sounds echoed. The sharp teeth were tearing through the demonic hand bit by bit.

After no less than three seconds, a loud snapping sound echoed as the demonic hand was forcibly bit down by the demonic skull. At the same time, the demonic skulls chin shattered from the power of the demonic hand.

But even then, the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan didnt withdraw. The hand and the skull simultaneously exploded and transformed into a large amount of smoke.

At this time, Duncan and the Black Dragon Warlord were already ten meters away from each other, and such a distance was already very dangerous for the two Ash Beastmen proficient in Abyssal Spells, so they were still rushing towards each other.

The Black Dragon Warlord extended his intact right hand, and the black smoke behind him converged in front of it to form a large black sphere.

It was only three to four meters in size when it first appeared, but as the thick smoke converged towards it, it doubled in size in half a second, and there was no sign of black smoke on it It looked more like a dense and thick oily black sphere.

On the other side, Duncan also raised his two skeletal arms, and a big black sphere also converged in front of him.

In an instant, the two similar dense oily spheres came together and collided.