End Of The Magic Era Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Damn Rat


The Black Dragon Warlord lost an arm and a leg, and his chest had sunken. Duncans legs had disappeared, and his lower body was shrouded in a large amount of black smoke.

"Damn rat! I didnt kill you last time, yet you still dared to appear before me and instigate this fight with that lunatic! You must die!" The black flames in Duncans eyes shook, and his angry shout made Lin Yuns ears buzz.

Hearing Duncans words, the Black Dragon Warlord immediately flew into a rage. "Damnit! You are dead! You actually dared to use me! Even Gulidan wouldnt dare to do so! No one can save you today!"

After saying that, the Black Dragon Warlord was surrounded by a large amount of black smoke as he flew up. He was missing an arm and a leg and it was unknown how many of his bones had been broken, but he still seemed as powerful as ever.

Duncan also flew up, which revealed that everything from his waist down had disappeared and his wound was covered in black smoke, apparently continuously being restored.

The two Beastmen were no longer fighting each other and instead flew up to target Lin Yun.

Damnit, this is really too troublesome

Before Lin Yun could react, the Black Dragon Warlord was already making his move. The black smoke behind him soared up and formed a several-hundred-meter-wide black cloud behind him.

In an instant, countless flaming meteors rushed towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns body suddenly burst into flames as he used Fire Elemental Incarnation. But just as Lin Yun started to take a step back, he used the Magic Array to make calculations and discovered that all the meteors were aiming at or behind him!

Over a hundred flaming meteors indiscriminately covered the entire area and completely blocked Lin Yuns retreat.

Lin Yun used Sea of Fire and flooded his surroundings with flames before using Flame Flash to quickly move towards the front.

At this time, huge Frost Spikes suddenly appeared and fell one after another.

Loud sounds echoed as the eight black Frost Spikes pierced the ground in front of him, blocking his path like a cage.

Lin Yun saw that these eight black Frost Spikes were separated by a dozen meters and unhesitantly withdrew with an ugly expression. He didnt want to rush through those gaps.

Just after Lin Yun used Flame Flash to move back twenty meters, runes appeared on those eight Frost Spikes. With those Frost Spikes as the center, everything within several dozen meters was frozen solid, and the frozen shockwave even froze the flames of that Sea of Fire.

The ordinary flames didnt even have the opportunity to be extinguished!

Cold sweat kept dripping down Lin Yuns forehead but ended up evaporating from the flames his body was emitting.

This is the worst

The Black Dragon Warlord is clear-headed now. Even if he is still a bit crazy, he can distinguish between who he should be fighting

Duncan has been wanting to kill me for some time, and now that the Black Dragon Warlord has knocked him out of his berserk status, this is really troublesome

Lin Yun had turned into a Fire Elemental and had the shape of a fireball as he flew everywhere, unable to stay in one place for a second.

Although the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan were seriously injured and their strength had somewhat fallen, they were still stronger than Lin Yun. Duncan had been biding his time for over a millennium, and if it hadnt been for that huge heart holding him back, he might have already advanced to the Heaven Rank.

The Black Dragon Warlord was possessed by an evil force and his power had actually been at the Heaven Rank for a short while. Even if his understanding of Extraordinary Power was far below Gulidans, he was able to use that fierce power to fight Gulidan to a standstill.

Were it not for his madness making him muddle-headed, Gulidan wouldnt have been able to use his Magic Tool to suppress him.

And even after being suppressed, the Black Dragon Warlord could still maintain power that couldnt be matched by those below the Heaven Rank.

The two had fought each other and had both suffered, but in the end, they could still move despite the serious injuries.

Seeing the strength displayed by the two, Lin Yun knew that although their power had decreased, they were still comparable to 9th Rank Archmages!

Moreover, with their understanding of their power, they could display even more power than 9th Rank Archmages!

The Black Dragon Warlord had lost more than half of his casting ability, but Lin Yun still couldnt resist.

The Black Dragon Warlord only cast one spell, Heavensfall Meteors, to make a large number of meteors fall from the sky like rain. That rain of meteors was like a curtain blocking Lin Yuns retreat, it simply couldnt be broken through.

Just approaching a bit would make it feel like he was being overwhelmed by the curtain of meteors.

And at the front, Duncan kept using Frost Spikes, making them appear out of nowhere. There werent many of them, though. There were at most a dozen at a time, and they were each separated by several dozen meters.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun didnt dare to gamble that easily. Duncans comprehension of Abyssal Ice Spells had already surpassed the Archmage realm, especially since he could condense an Absolute Freeze rune.

Because as long as Duncan was willing, no one could see if the Absolute Freeze rune was hidden within a Frost Spike.

The power of that rune was completely hidden and there was no way to find it before it burst out.

Compared to the visible danger behind him, this unseen danger was more dangerous.

Lin Yuns expression was very unsightly. If he was even slightly grazed by the Absolute Freeze, it would only take half a second for the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan to submerge him under a flood of spells.

The Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan still didnt manage to pin him down after half a minute, so they were using a pincer attack to keep blocking his surroundings.

The Black Dragon Warlords expression twisted as he looked at Lin Yun with malice and enmity. "Damned Rat, you actually toyed with me! Lemme see what kind of trick you have now. Today, I shall teach you how useless such tricks are in front of absolute power!"

The Black Dragon Warlord loudly gritted his teeth while hovering. He had realized that he hadnt been very lucid when he was in the Dark Elven Clan, especially after fighting Gulidan, when he had thoroughly lost his mind. But he was mostly rational now, and naturally knew what had happened beforehand.

He was lured here by Lin Yuns transparent excuse and was toyed with multiple times on the way. He was even forced to fight a battle with this Ash Beastman to the point that both sides had greatly suffered and he had lost an arm and a leg.

If it hadnt been for Gulidans aura, how could he have flown into a rage and lost his mind?

As he recalled all this, the Black Dragon Warlord wanted to butcher Lin Yun into countless pieces. He was now paying close attention. Who knew if Lin Yun had other crafty schemes? The most dependable method was to use power to crush him!

As for Duncan, who was floating in the other direction, he was gritting his teeth even more fiercely. His skeletal chin was trembling as his teeth kept colliding, creating an unpleasant grinding sound. "Damned rat, you are too crafty. You managed to run away the first time, but lets see how you plan to run this time!

"You actually dared to use me and made me pay such a huge price, so today, I shall let you experience despair!"

Black flames kept swaying gently. If he still had his body, he might have already spat out blood.

By coincidence, Duncan was also attacking slowly and steadily. He was injured and couldnt pressure him completely, so although he had a huge advantage, Ducan was afraid of the human still having some unused schemes.

Their careful and steady approach was a problem for Lin Yun.

The Night Valleys depths werent especially wide, with the widest section stretching a few kilometers. The surroundings were made of the branches of the Wisdom Tree, so trying to dig a way out was impossible.

The Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan, one in front and one in the back, were forming a cage that was continuously shrinking. In such circumstances, unless he used absolute strength to resist, he wouldnt be able to escape with just luck.

Lin Yun frowned with a cold expression as he looked at the situation. He knew that he had no other option besides brute force.

A light shone from his Draconic Staff as the young Purple Dragon Incarnation emerged. A loud Dragons roar echoed as a grand purple Dragon Shadow appeared behind Lin Yun.

In an instant, Lin Yuns casting ability rose to a level comparable to that of a Chromatic Dragon, and even the power of his spells increased by nearly one tier!

The Book of Death in his left hand flipped to the Element Chapter page on its own, and Lin Yun poured a large amount of mana into the book. The black ground in front quickly transformed into sand, which then formed a huge vortex that picked everything up from the ground.

A loud and powerful Dragon Roar echoed from the sand vortex and the earth started shaking. A brown Elemental Dragon seemingly made of rock drilled out of the sand vortex.

After summoning an Earth Elemental Dragon, Lin Yun immediately used a Flame Flash and rushed to the back of the Dragon.

Among Elemental lifeforms, Earth-attributed ones had the strongest defensive power, and Earth Elemental Dragons were the most powerful among them. Although they were slow and their attacks tended to be weak, Earth Elemental Dragons had a very powerful innate ability.

Earth Rampart!

This innate Earth-attributed defensive spell was known to be able to resist even spatial cracks. Lin Yun also knew that once this ability was developed to its peak, it was basically an absolute defense that could even resist a planes collapse.