End Of The Magic Era Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Divine Power


After appearing on the back of the Earth Elemental Dragon, Lin Yun used Earth Elemental Incarnation and the flames disappeared in the wind, to be replaced by a four-meter-tall Rock Giant. Lin Yun rushed forward alongside the Rock Giant with the Earth Elemental Dragon.

The floor kept being turned to sand, but that didnt slow the Earth Elemental Dragon at all.


The Earth Elemental Dragon opened its maw to spray out a flood of sand. The sand collided with Duncans Frost Spikes, covering them up.


A loud sound echoed as three of the Frost Spikes were shattered by the huge pressure. But a rune shone from another Frost Spike, and a black light swept out, freezing the sand within several meters.

Lin Yun seemed displeased but unsurprised.

As expected! That guy Duncan didnt add Absolute Freeze Runes to every single Frost Spike, just a few of them. But even though I know that now, I still cant just gamble. Who knows which Frost Spikes have Absolute Freeze Runes?

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and kept using Earth spells, causing a large amount of rock to appear in the air and crash down.

Lin Yun burst out, but the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan sneered and didnt move. They didnt change their strategy at all and were still steadily trapping him.

After Lin Yun rushed over a hundred meters, the pressure in front of him suddenly grew sharply.

Five Frost Spikes exploded in front of him with one striking each second, and black ice swept over, freezing everything within several dozen meters.

Then, the black ice transformed into a ring that charged over at him.

Lin Yun was forced to stop his attacks five times in a row, and one of the Earth Elemental Dragons front limbs had already been frozen into black ice.

As the ice shattered, the sand below surged up, and the Earth Elemental Dragon condensed the claws once again.

He was stuck again, as even his flood of spells didnt have much impact. The spells cast by the Black Dragon Warlord kept pressuring him from behind while Duncan kept freezing the front.

Even with the support of the Purple Dragon Incarnation and the Element Chapter, Lin Yun wasnt even Duncans match when the spells collided.

He had less than two hundred meters to work with in his surroundings, and that was close to the limit. Once they trapped him within a hundred meters, Duncan and the Black Dragon Warlord would be able to go all-out attacking him directly.

At that point, they would be able to attack without care, and the spells would cover every corner of that cage. Not even an ant would be able to survive the spell bombardment.

Lin Yun would definitely end up dying!

Apart from meeting force with force, no trick, no scheme would be effective. This was how it was to be suppressed by absolute power!

150 meters

120 meters

His zone of control was getting smaller and smaller, and the Black Dragon Warlord was increasing the strength of his spells, while the frequency at which the meteors fell became even faster.

Lin Yun had the Earth Elemental Dragon use Earth Rampart, and a dark yellow radiance emerged from it. In an instant, a huge dome appeared over them.

A kind of heavy earth aura appeared, feeling as if it hadnt been moved for countless years. Facing the bombardment from Duncan and the Black Dragon Warlord, a faint ripple flashed on the light barrier, but it wasnt in danger of breaking for the moment.

Lin Yun had a steady expression. The bigger the crisis, the calmer he was.

This kind of terrain was really too disadvantageous for him.

Suddenly, Lin Yun saw the huge heart fly out of the abyss and an idea flashed through his mind!

He took out the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and many clues started appearing in his mind.

The Book of Mantras had appeared in the Dark Elven prophecy

It was also the key to control the Intrepid

And the Dark Elves once were the subordinates of Wisdom God Constance. The Captain of the Intrepid, Red Beard, had also been Constances subordinate

In the end, the most important thing was the legend spreading far and wide in the future. Even in this era, many clans were secretly spreading this legend.

The most trustworthy theory behind Wisdom God Constance being the origin of all wisdom was that the Wisdom God had personally created all the spells known in the world!

When summarizing everything, he came to a very convincing conclusion!

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was closely linked to Wisdom God Constance! Even if the legends werent true, these facts would still show that the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was linked with the God of Wisdom.

And in the deepest part of the Night Valley, Constances heart was hovering above that bottomless abyss.

When he came up with this, Lin Yun didnt have time to reflect on it, he didnt have time!

The suppressive cage was already approaching a hundred meters! The Black Dragon Warlord couldnt wait to start an all-out attack!

Lin Yun blasted mana into the ring on his left hand, making Shawn poke his head out before letting out a fearful shout and withdrawing back inside.

Lin Yun grabbed Shawn and sighed with a calm face. "There is only one opportunity. When I say it, immediately use all your power in a Soul Roar."

Shawn had a horrified expression as he said while shivering, "Merlin, Sir Merlin, you are kind If we dont die this time, can you put me in your Demiplane?"

Lin Yun didnt answer, as his mind was already immersed in the Book of Mantras. He continued to rely on the Earth Elemental Dragon for the outer defenses. He wasnt sure how long they would last, but Lin Yun clearly understood that he wouldnt get more than twenty seconds even if the Earth Elemental Dragon went all-out.

Earth Rampart was formidable, but that Earth Elemental Dragon was only level 38, and it was facing two ruthless Half-Heaven Rank Beastmen.

Lin Yun poured a large amount of mana into the Book of Mantras, and he used the mana as a medium to try to connect to the huge heart floating over the abyss.

As more and more mana came pouring in, they faintly connected.

"Merlin, what the hell are you doing, hurry up! This Earth Rampart wont hold!" Shawn was frantically running in circles.

The cage reached the critical threshold of a hundred meters and the Black Dragon Warlord started casting while laughing his head off. Boundless flaming meteors fell towards the Earth Rampart like rain. The flames in Duncans eyes sharply rose as he also went all-out, Frost Spikes condensing one after another in the air, all covered with flickering runes.

The formidable attacks caused cracks to appear on the Earth Rampart, and the dark yellow radiance slowly changed as it started turning into a normal stone barrier.

"Merlin!" Shawn shouted in alarm.

The Earth Ramparts power was exhausted!

At this time, a loud heartbeat echoed within the depths of the Night Valley and a transparent ripple appeared on the heart. A wisp of an extremely terrifying power appeared!

Lin Yun shouted, "Now!"

In an instant, Shawn turned into a huge Ghost Wolf and roared at the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan.

Although the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan were powerful, they were seriously injured, so when the soundwave spread, they took the full brunt of Shawns roar and were frozen.

The spells that didnt take shape also collapsed in the air

At Constances heart, a wisp of power rushed forth and formed a stone gate emitting an ancient aura. When the stone gate appeared, it tore through space as if it was paper.

And as the gate opened, an Abyssal aura burst out, and the rich smell of sulfur filled the area.


Lin Yun firmly held the radiating Book of Mantras and read the ancient character with clenched teeth.

In an instant, a vortex appeared within the stone gate and a strong gravitational force appeared. The surrounding space quickly caved into that gate, and the stunned Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan were completely unable to resist the pull.

The effect of the Soul Roar dissipated as the two entered the stone gate, but by that point, they were too close to resist the gravitational force. Everything within a few hundred meters was drawn in and they simply couldnt escape.

"You damned rat, youll regret this!"

"Ill be back!"

After letting out a few parting threats, the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan disappeared as the gate closed.

That gate also disappeared.

The surroundings became peaceful, leaving only the earth full of scars behind.

Lin Yun scattered his Earth Elemental Incarnation, and the Earth Elemental Dragon also returned to the Earth Plane.

Lin Yuns complexion was very pale as he sat on the ground with no regard to his appearance. At this time, he saw light flowing from the Book of Mantras and the page he hadnt been able to turn to forcibly flipped to itself.

What he saw couldnt help but make his breathing sluggish.

That was something that could only be seen at the Heaven Rank!

At this time, Lin Yun couldnt care about anything else and only greedily took in the contents of that page. After a short time, the light scattered and the book closed on its own.

Lin Yun tried to open it again, but it was back to how it was before.


After recovering some mana, Lin Yun walked to the edge of the abyss and looked at the slowly throbbing heart in silence for a long time.

The Book of Mantras really was able to connect with that huge heart, and moreover, it had successfully extracted a wisp of the hearts power.

Even if Constance had already fallen for countless years, the heart still had leftover power, and that power was Divine Power!