End Of The Magic Era Chapter 759

Chapter 759 Master Of The Three Races


The Book of Mantras emerged out of nowhere on his left, its pages automatically turning as endless incantations flowed on the pages.

On his right, the slowly rotating Ten Thousand Spell Wheel appeared and countless runes kept combining into all kinds of spells.

In an instant, Lin Yun quickly chanted incantations and numerous spells converged together to transform into a terrifying flood. The power of all the spells was infinitely great in this place.

A Fireball would be over a kilometer in size, while a Frost Spike would also be over a kilometer in length, all with the power to match. The spells mixed together into a giant flood, spreading over tens of kilometers and ruthlessly washing over the giant.

The entire shattered space started collapsing towards the giant, keeping that flood out.

The collision between the fragments of space and the terrifying spell flood caused a frightening shockwave to spread. The giant waved his arms, causing runes to surge forth and release terrifying spells to counterattack with an even larger flood of spells.

He used at least 9th Tier Spells and 10th Tier Spells, but they were resisted by Lin Yuns absurdly enlarged Low Tier Spells.

In fact, Lin Yuns flood of Low Tier Spells was like a sharp blade that pierced through the giants spell flood that spread for over a hundred kilometers.

The giants spells submerged the space controlled by Lin Yun, causing it to constantly shake and sway, but it persevered and didnt shatter.

Lin Yuns spell flood carried on and ruthlessly cut down the giants arm, causing runes to hemorrhage out before being immediately caught by Lin Yun.

After a few seconds, the giant arm was thoroughly severed and the several-kilometer-long arm crumbled and turned into a cloud of runes.

During that time, the giant couldnt bother with attacking Lin Yun; he instantly started scrabbling over the runic cloud trying to recover, but several hundred large Mana Hands appeared and were ruthlessly grabbing at that runic cloud.

Many runes were caught by Lin Yun, and he fused them to the space under his control. That space rapidly expanded, over a kilometer, over ten kilometers, hundred kilometers,

Apart from the part Lin Yun had stolen, the giant managed to recover the rest of the runic cloud, and by the time the giants arm grew back, his body was about nine kilometers tall.

The tug of war started. The space controlled by Lin Yun had reached a hundred kilometers and was quickly stabilizing. It would remain steadfast when facing the giants magic attacks.

As they continued to fight, the giants height decreased further and further while the space that Lin Yun controlled slowly increased. In the end, the giants height was only a bit over a kilometer, while Lin Yun controlled over half of the space.

At this time, the giant knew that if he kept at it, he would be slowly ground to death by Lin Yun. That kilometer-tall body suddenly collapsed and transformed into a flood of runes. A strand of power exploded and dyed all the runes golden.

In an instant, that flood of golden runes charged towards the space Lin Yun controlled.


The flood of golden runes was easily piercing through the space Lin Yun controlled as it rushed towards him. The stable spatial rune above Lin Yuns head couldnt completely hold them away.

At this time, several kinds of shields appeared and firmly obstructed that flood of golden runes, but they ended up shattering. Even more shields appeared out of nowhere, but the golden runes were still charging towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun furrowed his brow. He knew that this was the last attack and that he would win as long as he could block it, causing the remnant thoughts of Constance to truly dissipate But if he couldnt hold on, his soul would thoroughly disappear.

This time, Lin Yuns casting ability was pushed to his limits. Any spell he had an understanding of appeared, but they were only able to slow down the speed of the flood of golden runes.

If this continued, the golden runes would wash over him and his soul would be shredded.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Yun divided and shared a part of his experience to slow down the surge ahead of him before starting to cast towards the sides of the golden flood.

Huge palms fiercely swatted at the sides of the golden flood and shook it, but it didnt have too much impact.

As the flood had breached over half of the distance and the danger was looming ever closer, the attacks on the side finally showed some effect.

A few golden runes flickered and their golden light dissipated before they shot out of the flood.

Those few runes were like a grain of sand on a beach compared to the rest of the flood, but it made Lin Yuns eyes shine with pleasant surprise.

Immediately, Lin Yun increased the intensity of his attacks, and a large number of runes started bursting out of that golden flood. Lin Yun caught those to turn them into his own strength.

As more and more runes were caught by Lin Yun, the space he controlled kept increasing and stabilizing, restricting the golden flood more and more.

Lin Yun switched from using most of his power to defend, to using only powerful attacks.

As the tables turned, when the golden flood was within a few hundred meters from Lin Yun, it finally exploded and he caught all the rest of the runes.

In an instant, Lin Yuns control over the space rapidly expanded, and the collapsing chaotic space quickly calmed down and returned under Lin Yuns control.

The huge light in the outside world quickly contracted and thoroughly merged with Lin Yuns body as his consciousness returned.

At that moment, the Book of Mantras and the Spell Wheel were floating at Lin Yuns sides while Lin Yuns Core Meditation Law Sets were flickering within. The Void Forge and the Elemental Heart thoroughly fused with the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Countless runes surged forth, and when all of these things fused together, they were no longer distinguishable from one another, they were no longer divided into Magic Tools and Meditation Law Sets.

And Lin Yuns aura also kept rising, becoming stronger and stronger, more and more profound.

The Magic Array within him turned into a huge wheel behind his body, and the countless parts forming that huge wheel were like many complicated astrolabes which would make anyone dizzy just by looking at them.

The Equilibrium Law surged from the Magic Array, and all the formulas of the Core Meditation Law Set and the runes started thoroughly fusing with the Magic Array. It didnt take long before the shadow of the Equilibrium Law could no longer be seen, and the Magic Array also started changing shape.

The Magic Array transformed into a huge disk with Lin Yun sitting in its center. Rays of light surged forth and formed a simple, yet deep set ofscales1made of light.

Countless runes flew out of the Book of Mantras and transformed into a huge smelting furnace on the left side of the scales, and the furnace seemed to be holding an endless void inside. The Book of Mantras floated within the furnace and its endless power was devoured and transformed by that furnace into endless mana, which entered Lin Yuns body through the light scales.

On the other side of the light scales, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel let out an endless stream of runes and light as it transformed into a core that seemed to contain all colors. All elemental powers were blossoming from that light core and a large amount of power poured into the scales of light and inundated Lin Yuns body.

As time passed, Lin Yuns aura became more and more powerful, until finally, the Void Forge, the core of light containing endless elemental power, and even the light scales all collapsed.

The huge disk Lin Yun had been sitting on instantly collapsed and his body was only left with endless light and runes rapidly revolving around him. Ultimately, all of it converged together and turned into throbbing runic light that merged with Lin Yun.

In an instant, Lin Yuns aura burst out. It was powerful, but it also carried a strange pressure. His robe was swaying madly and his hair was also twitching and letting sounds like the crack of a whip.

Lin Yun closed his eyes and his body started floating up as profound and indescribable symbols kept appearing. The Book of Mantras and the Spell Wheel were like stars orbiting around him.

After a while, Lin Yun opened his eyes and his body slowly landed on the ground. His aura had stabilized completely at the 1st Rank of the Archmage realm.

The Book of Mantras and the Spell Wheel floating around him felt like his own arms and were easy to control.

The last piece of the puzzle he needed at the High Mage realm was complete, and he was finally able to perfectly advance to the Archmage realm!

Particularly when the core formed, Lin Yun couldnt help smiling.

The endless light around him had faded, but the radiant path was still there. As Lin Yun took a step onto that path, a resplendent door appeared in front of him.

When he went through it, the Dark Elven Clan appeared before him. He looked back and saw the door on the Tree of Life slowly closing.

The Dark Elves and Ash Beasmens higher-ups were already waiting in front of the Tree of Life, and seeing Lin Yun, they all kneeled:

"Greeting Master"

"Greeting Master"

The Dark Elves were headed by the 2nd Elder, and behind him were numerous kneeling Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen.

There was no problem with the Dark Elves allegiance. From the beginning, Lin Yun had already done so many favors for them, allowing them to avoid being exterminated, and even the Great Elder, after becoming a Heaven Rank powerhouse, had begged him to accept the Dark Elves.