End Of The Magic Era Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Acquaintances


With the 2nd Elder and Elsa, who had awakened her sky bloodline, at their head, the higher-ups had no objections, while the ordinary Dark Elves had even less reason to complain. If not for Lin Yun, the Dark Elven Clan would have already become extinct.

And there was no major problem with the Ash Beastmen. Their Tribal Chief had issued his command, and of the three Dragon Warlords, one had been crippled, one went insane, and the remaining one, the Flame Dragon Warlord, had already come to know how powerful Lin Yun was. And he could see that Lin Yuns aura had greatly increased after coming out of the Tree of Life.

Given how the Ash Beastmen respected the strong, the higher-ups of the Ash Beastmen had no objections, and it was the same for the ordinary Ash Beastmen. The most important person, the tribes prophet, was also firmly supporting Gulidans aspirations.

After having accepted the Dark Elves, Lin Yun solemnly accepted the allegiance of the Ash Beastmen. Once that was done, he summoned the 2nd Elder.

"The Firerock Dwarves dont wish to swear allegiance?" Lin Yun frowned a bit.

To be honest, if it hadnt been for the actions of the three admirable Heaven Rank powerhouses, he wouldnt have bothered with the three races. They hadnt been good races in the past, and he didnt know what kind of problems they might cause if they were rashly brought to Noscent.

Especially after seeing the power of the Heaven Ranks, Lin Yun was a lot more cautious. Having strength was fundamental.

Now, if the Firerock Dwarves werent willing to swear allegiance, should he still force them to be loyal?

But if he ignored them, wouldnt it go against his promise?

The 2nd Elder saw Lin Yun frown and couldnt help being startled. He had gained a good understanding of Lin Yun during the small amount of time they had interacted with each other.

Sensing that Lin Yun had already become a 1st Rank Archmage, as well as the deep and mysterious aura that wasnt something a 1st Rank Archmage could possess, the 2nd Elder became somewhat worried. He couldnt let any trouble happen.

"Master, its not like that, its not that the Firerock Dwarves are unwilling to swear allegiance. Its just that the Firerock Dwarves have yet to send someone over. Even the Firerock Dwarves that had gone to the Dark Elven Clan have yet to return. I dont know what happened, but should we send someone to check?"

Lin Yun was still frowning as he considered this information. Could it be that the Firerock Dwarven Clan encountered some problem? Considering he was the Clan Head and the only Heaven Rank powerhouse within the Firerock Dwarves, how could they not react to Harris fall?

Just as Lin Yun was thinking whether or not he should go check, a Dark Elf suddenly came over from outside.

"Reporting to Master, 2nd Elder. A group of Firerock Dwarves has come!"

The 2nd Elder promptly asked, "Where are they?"

"They are waiting in front of the public square."

"Lead us there."

Lin Yun followed the 2nd Elder to the front of the Dark Elven Clan and immediately looked around the square. Over a thousand Firerock Dwarves forming an army were waiting there, and there was also a person on his own.

Lin Yun couldnt help being amazed when he saw that person.

A pitch-black robe with the symbol of the Black Tower It was Weiss, who had been missing for a long time.

When Lin Yun saw Weiss, he immediately recalled Zeuss words: Arthus had a hint of Constances bloodline, and after his death, the Watson Family had no way of entering the God Nation.

The Black Tower also had someone with that bloodline that could open the door to Constances God Nation. But he hadnt expected that at some point since the battle with the Orachiss, the Black Towers side that had been separated from everyone else had already entered the God Nation.

Moreover, it looked like the Black Towers people already had a firm foothold within the Firerock Dwarven Clan, and Weiss aura seemed even stronger. He was now already a Peak 8th Rank Archmage, and from looking at his aura that kept rampaging, it looked like he couldnt stabilize it and would soon reach the 9th Rank.

Weiss stood in the center of the square with one hand at his back, looking very prideful, but when he saw Lin Yun at the front and the Dark Elves behind him, his face was suddenly filled with shock. Then, all sorts of feelings could be seen flickering across his face.

"Good day, Sir Weiss."

Lin Yun slightly bent down to greet as a mage.

It looked like Weiss was lamenting as he slightly bowed in response. "Good Day, Sir Merlin. I hadnt expected that after not seeing you for so long, you would have already advanced to the Archmage realm. Your talents are truly making me envious."

Lin Yun glanced at the Firerock Dwarves standing some distance away before looking back at Weiss.

"Sir Weiss, have you received the words of the Firerock Dwarves Clan Head? Are you representing the Firerock Dwarves in negotiation?"

Weiss expression became complicated as he glanced at Lin Yun. After a while, he sighed, "Sir Merlin, you have a good friendship with our Black Tower, and I really dont want to see a crack forming. This time, I can only advise you to give up, okay?"

Lin Yun indifferently shook his head. "Sir Weiss, you should know that I already made a promise to the Firerock Dwarves Clan Head, Harris, that I would lead the Dwarves back to Noscent. I promised to take care of them."

Weiss bitterly smiled and shook his head.

"Merlin, I know you are very powerful. When you had yet to break through the Archmage realm, you were already shocking us. As an individual, Im very unwilling to become your enemy, and I also dont want a crack to appear in the friendship between you and the Black Tower.

"But there are many things you dont know. Many things have happened since we lost contact, too many things. Everything that happened in the twenty years prior cant add up to what happened in the past few days.

"To tell you the truth, we already reached the God Nation a while back and are controlling the Firerock Dwarven Clan, so we cant just let go of it. But as a person, I dont want to become your enemy.

"Moreover, you should see that Im close to breaking through to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm, but Im the weakest of our group. I came for negotiations this time out of my own initiative.

"Pointless sacrifices and conflicts have no meaning. Thus, I ask you, please give up. Dont get involved with the Fire Rock Dwarves matters."

Weiss looked at Lin Yun with very complicated feelings.

In a few months, he already broke through the Archmage realm, and his aura is steady and profound, carrying terrifying mysteries. I really dont want to antagonize him. Unfortunately, this matter is too big. Everyones strength transformed and progressed even more than his, so we simply cant compromise with him.

Ever since we got split up, we unexpectedly found the closest path, and after entering the God Nation, we immediately met with the Firerock Dwarves. Sir Falton managed to gain the friendship of the Firerock Dwarves Clan Head, and everything started from that point on.

We helped the Firerock Dwarves excavate some ruins and a huge transformation happened. Everyones strength quickly improved, and Sir Falton even reached the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm, more or less comparable with the Chairman of the Black Tower, Harren, who had one foot in the Heaven realm.

Moreover, after leaving that place, Sir Falton became more and more frightening. His character is going through a complete transformation and he is still behind closed doors. If he learns about this matter, this might all become extremely troublesome

Sir Falton would definitely kill Merlin without any misgivings

Weiss had a sincere expression. As a member of the Black Tower, defending the Black Towers benefits was most important, but knowing Lin Yun, he really didnt want to have him as an enemy. He had been trying to build up a friendship with Lin Yun for a while and had avoided hostilities. To him, Lin Yun was like an abyss that couldnt be analyzed. When counting the lessons he had been taught all along, if he could resolve this peacefully, he would.

Hearing Weiss words, Lin Yun faintly frowned. He could naturally feel that Weiss strength had greatly increased, but he wasnt expecting that Weiss would be the weakest one.

"Sir Weiss, thank you for your good intentions, but I already gave my promise to Harris, so I have to fulfill it." Lin Yuns tone was resolute.

Even if it was the Black Tower, he would insist on taking the Firerock Dwarves out.

Since no Firerock Dwarf came to carry out Harris will after he fell, but then Weiss showed up, Lin Yun clearly understood that the Black Tower was already controlling the Firerock Dwarven Clan!

Weiss seemed indecisive as he opened his mouth but didnt know what to say.

At that time, a Firerock Dwarf wearing red, heavy armor with a warhammer slung across his back came from outside the square.

"Weiss, why are you still being so long-winded?"

That Dwarf sounded impatient. It was like a giant creature was walking over as each of his steps made the ground tremble.

He was apparently less than 1.5 meters tall, but weighed over five hundred kilos, and as he walked, he left a series of deep footprints in the ground behind him, each one with the depth of at least three fingers.

Weiss grimaced when he heard that voice.

No good, that fool Jasker actually came over. This is going to get out of hand That guy is completely relying on Sir Falton and definitely wont leave the matter as is.

Weiss left Lin Yun and promptly walked over to block Jaskers path before saying with a calm tone, "Great General Jasker, let me deal with this matter, dont get involved."

Jasker sneered and disdainfully glanced at Weiss.

"Weiss, you seem to have already forgotten what kind of plan Sir Falton has. Could it be that you want to disobey Sir Faltons order? Just for those stupid Dark Elves?"