End Of The Magic Era Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Resurrection


Right, its like that. Mafa Merlin doesnt want to act too rigid, he didnt want to completely give up on the friendship with the Black Tower.

No good, I have to step in, I have to persuade him. Merlin is so powerful without even moving a finger And he also has those terrifying True Spirit Magic Tools. Just how strong would he be at full power?

When I came out, Sir Falton wasnt much more powerful than the current Mafa Merlin. Keeping all the benefits is impossible. Forcibly opposing his desire will make the Black Tower suffer huge losses. We have to cooperate. Sir Falton would definitely approve if he saw this.

Even if Jasker died, ultimately, he killed himself. Mafa Merlin was being quite lenient.

As he thought of this, Weiss could no longer wait.

"Sir Merlin, please wait!"

Weiss wiped the sweat from his forehead as he shouted.

But when he saw Lin Yun slightly frown, Weiss was immediately alarmed and promptly waved his hands.

"Sir Merlin, please dont attack, I definitely dont plan to fight you."

Only when he saw the wheel behind Lin Yun disappearing did Weiss sigh in relief.

"Sir Merlin, Im deeply regretful about the previous matter. Jasker isnt under my command, but the orders he received are real. However, we werent aware Sir Merlin was actually here.

"Please let me give you a sincere apology on behalf of the Black Tower."

Weiss slightly bowed in a show of goodwill.

Seeing as the battle was over, Enderfa floated over, his three faces filled with ridicule as they looked at Weiss.

"In the end, you are still trying to please both sides If it were up to me, I would have first gotten rid of you."

Weiss smiled awkwardly and ignored Enderfa to look at Lin Yun with a sincere expression.

"Sir Merlin, Jasker sought out death himself, but these Firerock Dwarves dont know anything Can you let them off? Rest assured, they absolutely wont retaliate against you, everything is due to Jaskers mistake."

Weiss resolutely pushed all mistakes onto the deceased Jasker while probing for Lin Yuns reaction.

Lin Yun looked at the Firerock Dwarves and slowly nodded. They had already lost their fighting power and couldnt reverse the situation. He had promised to Harris that he would lead the Firerock Dwarves to Noscent, so how could he get rid of an entire group just afterwards?

A hint of happiness appeared on Weiss face, and he couldnt help rubbing his hands together.

Great, Sir Merlin really does want to maintain his friendship with the Black Tower. Even that small misunderstanding was resolved.

"Sir Merlin, you see, we didnt know you were also in the God Nation. Since you are also here, tell me what you think of this

"Werent we a team before? As members of the same team, we should continue our exploration like before. This God Nation is huge and possesses all kinds of ruins and remains, and they are very valuable.

"These ruins are very dangerous, and it would be a lot easier with Sir Merlin. We can continue collaborating and explore this God Nation together. You know, our Black Tower has gathered a lot of precious materials over time, and as we explored, we discovered many valuable ruins.

"Naturally, we have to split the loot evenly, and we could let Sir Merlin be the first to choose the items. How about it?

"Im looking forward to exploring the secrets of this world"

As he finished his words, Weiss nervously looked at Lin Yun. These were the best conditions he could give, but in that case, they would be able to conduct the exploration a lot faster, and it would be much safer, too. They wouldnt suffer too much loss, and they could avoid conflicts. It was the best solution.

Lin Yun slightly frowned as he contemplated the offer.

The Black Towers people are already controlling the Firerock Dwarves, and their Clan is the strongest of the three in the God Nations. The Dark Elves suffered heavy losses, and their strength sharply fell. Its more or less the same for the Ash Beastmen, so the two races together are probably roughly even with the Firerock Dwarven Clan, and might possibly be worse.

Moreover, the Black Towers side has gotten a huge increase in power at some point. Weiss probably wasnt lying about being the weakest. After all, that Jasker didnt show any respect towards him.

Thus, Falton should have gotten extremely strong. To be able to control the entire Clan, his power shouldnt be far from the Black Towers Chairman, Harren.

Cooperation could be considered

Seeing Lin Yun thinking about it, Weiss felt his heart calming down. Even if Lin Yun didnt agree, at least he wouldnt become hostile over the proposition.

But at this time, a shadow quickly flew over from the distance, emitting powerful mana fluctuations and an aura of death.

The figure wrapped in a shield flew down and landed not far from Weiss.

The shield scattered, and an extremely scary monster appeared.

The monster was wearing a wide robe. The left side of his face looked like an ordinary persons, and his left hand and foot were also normal. However, the right side of his face was just a white skull, and a soul fire was fiercely swaying within that eye socket. His right hand and foot were made of gloomy white bones.

Through a small crack on the skull, the flesh within the left side of the skull could clearly be seen.

It felt as if that person had been cut in two halves, with the right half being an Undead Skeleton and the left half human. That formed a strange monster.

The left half was emitting the mana fluctuations of a 9th Rank Archmage. While in the right half, the flickering soul fire was emitting a huge amount of death aura with roughly the same level of power.

When the mana on the left side flowed through his body towards the right side, it instantly turned into death power, and the right sides death power turned into mana after reaching the left side.

The blood on the left side could even be seen flowing continuously towards the right side before strangely disappearing.

Lin Yun frowned, wondering what was going on with that strange monster and why it looked like a strange half-human, half-undead monster. Furthermore, his aura was too strange. It simply didnt look like an ordinary specimen of the living dead, and both sides of his body were at completely different extremes.

And most importantly, Lin Yun recognized the human side. That was what made Lin Yun the most puzzled.

At this moment, the human side was twisted with malevolence. His eye was bloodshot and seemed to be coming out of its socket as he glared. Anyone could see the pure hate and malice within.

The monster was angrily glaring at Lin Yun, and as if he had gone mad, he roared like a magic beast.

"Merlin! Mafa Merlin! You didnt expect it, did you? You didnt think I would still be alive! Ever since I opened my eyes again, I hoped to see you, I could no longer wait. I really cant wait to tear you to shreds and seal your soul into a Magic Tool to torture you day and night!"

Weiss was greatly alarmed as he saw that monster and promptly said, "Suval, calm down"

Suval suddenly turned his head and glanced at Weiss with that bulging eye before frantically roaring, "Weiss! You fool! Dont think I dont know you about you and Merlin being friends! Youve already betrayed the Black Tower, havent you? If Sir Falton hadnt told me not to kill you, you would have been the first to die after I awakened! Just wait and watch, once we return to the Black Tower, youll be put on trial, and youll be doomed."

Weiss face turned ashen, but he only stood there in anger and didnt say anything. He only glanced at Suvals appearance, then looked at Lin Yun again before secretly sighing.

When we encountered the Orachiss, that fool kept challenging Mafa Merlins patience, thinking that Merlin would be lenient because he was a member of the Black Tower.

Moreover, he kept going after Mafa Merlin several times after they formed a team. No one could say anything to Mafa Merlin then, so it could only wait until they returned to the Black Tower to be brought again.

I did hear that Suval had quite a good background in the Black Tower and that even the Chairman is somewhat afraid of it. But I truly didnt expect that when Suval died, Falton would unexpectedly take out the Requiem Jar.

Damn, I did hear that the Black Tower had this kind of valuable Magic Tool, but I didnt expect that it would be with Sir Falton. Isnt that thing something that even the Chairman doesnt have the right to use casually?

This should have been due to Suvals backer! The Requiem Jar is a rare Magic Tool that can perfectly store a soul and maintain it. It definitely wouldnt turn him into an Undead. As long as there was a suitable body, he would be resurrected!

Unfortunately, after being used, it would need a lot of rare materials before it could be used again.

Fifty years ago, that powerful Chairman comparable to the current Sir Harren died at the entrance of the Black Tower and didnt use the Requiem Jar, yet it was used for a complete idiot like Suval.

And after getting the Requiem Jar, he should have remained inside until we reached the Black Tower, but something happened in those ruins.

If that hadnt happened, this fool would have been resurrected back at the Black Tower, but for some unknown reason, he was resurrected in those ruins.

Moreover, he had turned into this half-human, half-undead monster, becoming a lot stronger than when he was alive.

That guy was a mad dog. He had already gone insane since he lost the chance at a regular resurrection. How the hell did he know that Merlin was within the Dark Elven Clan?