End Of The Magic Era Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Severing Blade


Ice was shattered, as it simply couldnt resist the Fire God Spears. They pierced straight through the Ice Shield before impaling the skeletal shield. But the shields bones started crazily rushing forth to tear at the Fire God Spears, which greatly hindered them.

At the same time, the cold aura on the Ice Shield also transformed into a blue stream of air that kept attacking the Fire God Spears, apparently intending to freeze them.

The raging golden flames kept withstanding the bones and the ice aura.

In an instant, they could only see the dozen Fire God Spears plugged into the two-layered shield. The golden-red flames exploded, and the ice and the bones were also destroyed.

Only some bone fragments that had been burnt black could be seen falling down from the sky as Suval howled crazily with laughter, his eye bulging out of its socket.

"Merlin, aaahhh, Mafa Merlin Is this your power? Too weak, too weak! I cant wait to kill you, your body, your flesh, must be sweet, I cant wait" Suval faced upward as he shouted.

The death aura on half of his body was crazily surging, and the clothing on the right half was unable to resist the corrosion from the aura, so it disintegrated, exposing the right halfs skeletal body.

Bone shields appeared one after another in his surroundings.

Three gray arrays appeared out of nowhere on the ground around him, and with a flash of light, three completely rotten and putrid Three-Headed Helldogs appeared.

"Come on my darlings, tear apart that wretched smelly rat!" Suval crazily shouted while pointing at Lin Yun.

The three Zombie Three-Headed Helldogs bared their teeth as they charged at Lin Yun.

They moved so quickly that it looked like they were teleporting, leaving sharp claw marks on the ground wherever they moved.

In the distance, Elsa was a bit worried as she looked at the battlefield and inquired in a low voice, "Should we help Sir Merlin? These three are level 38 Zombie Three-Headed Helldogs. Not only are they very fast, but they have even fewer weak points than ordinary Three-Headed Helldogs, not to mention their deadly diseases and poisons. Those arent simple monsters, we-"

Elsa didnt have time to finish her words before Enderfa shook his head and interrupted.

"No need, those dead dogs arent a problem for Mafa Merlin, that half-human, half-undead is the most troublesome one"

Lin Yun didnt even glance at the three Helldogs, keeping his eyes focused on Suval.

He took out the Book of Death and poured mana into it to summon Lagulin and Barton, who engaged the three Zombie dogs.

Suval sneered, "I said I would kill you! I wont impulsively tear you to shreds, but Ill kill you slowly. It starts now!"

With those words, Suval pointed his skeletal finger at Lin Yun and an ashen black light appeared at his fingertip. In an instant, a black ray of light appeared in front of Lin Yun.

The ray of light hit the shield in front of Lin Yun without causing a ripple, but Lin Yun instantly frowned.

Language Curse?

That ray of light had no offensive power, but it instantly turned into a malicious curse when it came into contact with Lin Yuns mana, disturbing his ability to speak.

Lin Yun didnt need to try it to know that he wouldnt be able to chant for the time being. Even one-word incantations wouldnt work.

7th Tier Spells aside, Lin Yun only needed one sound to cast a 6th Tier Spell, but that sound wasnt the incantation itself; it was, in fact, the compressed version of the incantation, compressing all spells to a single sound greatly reduced the casting time.

But essentially, that sound was still an entire incantation.

With his speaking ability cursed, he couldnt chant an incantation and could only use instant-spells.

Weiss expression had become unsightly as he saw that spell.

Damn, Suval is only half-undead but he seems to be proficient in all kinds of undead spells, like summoning, curses, and offensive spells.

Merlin is in danger, he can no longer use powerful spells with his casting ability temporarily lost. I should prepare my escape route Once that madman, Suval, loses his mind, he definitely wont be lenient

Facing this kind of situation, Lin Yun still seemed undisturbed. In fact, he sneered. Had this happened before he advanced, that curse would have displayed great effects, but now

In an instant, the shadow wheel behind Lin Yun rapidly rotated, and boundless runes surged out.

Spells of the four elements condensed in front of Lin Yun, and in a second, over a hundred spells had condensed. The huge Dragon Crystal at the tip of the Draconic Staff started shining with the radiance of four colors.

Red flames, cyan gales, blue ice, and brown rocks mixed together within a narrow area. The spells of the four elements kept colliding and compressing before fiercely moving as one.

All the shaped spells collapsed and turned into a crazily rotating four-element storm that looked like a tornado, sweeping through all elemental power in the surroundings before ruthlessly suppressing Suval.

A large ravine was left in the path of the storm.

However, Suval didnt even try to dodge. The several Bone Shields around him frantically revolved and formed a barrier around him, and as the Bone Shields collided with the four-element storm, a fierce, wave-like power spread in the surroundings.

Decorative rocks that had been spread around the square were hit by those waves and seemed weightless as they started flying into the air one after another before crashing in the distance.

No one within a kilometer could be seen still watching this battle, and the battlefield between Lagulin, Barton, and the three Zombie Three-Headed Helldogs was forcibly kept away.

Suval extended his left hand, and a glaring ray of light shone from his palm. In an instant, a green light flickered, and a pillar of light soared.

After a second, a huge, cyan tornado suddenly appeared, carrying terrifying pressure as it ruthlessly pushed towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned, and the wheel shadow rapidly rotated, making a similar tornado appear before his eyes and rotate in the opposite direction. It charged over and collided with the other tornado.

The collision between the two tornadoes with completely different rotations caused lightning to appear. The rumbling thunder and glaring lightning kept flashing in the tornadoes, and countless Wind Blades were sent flying from the point of impact into the surroundings.

"Damned Merlin, you have this kind of skill? Drop dead!"

Suval burst out into loud, maniacal laughter. The ground in front of him started to shake as an eight-meter-long skeletal hand rose up from the ground and ruthlessly swung at the four-element storm. With that aiding the Bone Shields defenses, the four-element storm even showed signs of being pushed back.

As the hand blocked the four elements, his other hand shone once again with a bright cyan sphere of light. The sphere of light flew into the sky and transformed into Wind Blades that caused fierce spatial fluctuations as they fell towards Lin Yun.

Weiss, in the distance, had already made his preparations to flee. Suval cast so many Severing Blades at once! Merlin is definitely done for.

In the back, Elsa was filled with shock. She had awakened her Sky Bloodline and also had the power of a 9th Rank Archmage, but she couldnt cast a rain of Severing Blades like that.

And apart from dodging it, there was no real wait to resist it. The spatial fluctuations could make this ordinarily common Gale Blade skip a few levels.

Elsa took a step forward, ready to get involved, when Enderfa once again blocked her path and said, "Are you in a hurry or something? Merlin has yet to even use his True Spirit Magic Tools."

On the battlefield, Lin Yun raised his head and glanced over.

"Really annoying."

The mana fluctuations coming from his body sharply increased.

The wheel behind him revolved even faster, and boundless runes burst out like a volcanic eruption.

The space in front of Lin Yun already seemed distorted. The glowing red flames and rocks condensed into a huge, twenty-meter-long palm that ruthlessly swatted at the Severing Blades.

Those blades carried a sharp aura that could even display spatial power. After colliding with the huge palm, sharp sounds started echoing.

The huge palm that was as hard as metal couldnt resist those Severing Blades. One after another, the cyan Wind Blades cut through the stony hand.

But as these Severing Blades pierced through the palm, the red flames burning on the surface of the palm suddenly turned into a white blaze, and the surging heat made the surrounding space quickly distort. The suddenly increasing heat caused a violent airflow to revolve around the palm.

And the convergence of flames and rock successfully formed burning white lava within the hand. Although the Severing Blades had formidable cutting power and sharpness, they were unable to cut as quickly after reaching the lava.