End Of The Magic Era Chapter 766

Chapter 766 Ghost Incarnation


The Severing Blades simply couldnt withstand that terrifying temperature. The structure of the spell itself was collapsing from the heat!

After piercing through the palm, they werent able to go further than a meter before dissipating, turning into pure magic elements.

As for that rock palm with blazing white flames, it ruthlessly flew towards the large skeletal hand cast by Suval.

It was comparable to Iron Essence in terms of hardness, and its enormous weight created great impact power. A terrifying cracking sound echoed when the two hands collided.

The air and the mana elements were forcibly blown out when sandwiched by the power.

And the blazing white flames instantly turned the giant skeletal hand into a pile of black fragments.

After shattering the huge bone palm, the flaming rock palm Lin Yun had released swept alongside the four-element storm and ruthlessly pressured its way towards Suval.

The rotating Bone Shields resisted, but awful cracks kept appearing on the surface of the shields.

It looked as if the bones were burnt by holy light as they quickly turned black, reducing the defensive power of the Bone Shields by more than half in an instant.

Shock flashed in Suvals eyes.

He started dodging for the first time. The power contained within those white flames terrified him, and he could even feel the death aura spontaneously avoiding the newly appearing white flames on the surface of that palm.

"Impossible! How could you comprehend Holy power!"

Suval rapidly dodged towards the side, and a large amount of black smoke surged from his body as he turned completely translucent, his speed doubling.

He appeared several dozen meters away in an instant.

Ghost Incarnation, that guy really comprehended the Ghost Incarnation spell!

A hint of understanding flashed in Lin Yuns eyes, but his actions werent slowed at all.

Without Suvals control, the Bone Shields simply couldnt resist the blazing white flames and were destroyed in a second.

"Fool, dont you know that besides Holy power, Fire spells are very powerful against the Undead?"

Lin Yun didnt explain too much. These blazing white flames had been forcibly summoned from the Fire Plane. It was Starfire, pure flames with terrifying temperature. Some Magic Tools with Star Essence Gold needed Starfire to melt the Star Essence Gold into it.

Suvals body was abnormal. Only hatred remained in his eyes and his rationality had almost completely been lost. He simply couldnt react when seeing the famous Starfire.

Suval turned into a ghost and faded into a faint shadow. His speed was terrifying, and even the power of his Undead Spells had increased.

A large number of dim white Bone Spears fell down from the sky like rain, piercing towards Lin Yun. The sharp tip of the Bone Spears flickered with a small jet-black glow, as there was a rune at the tip of the spears.

That was a Magic Penetration Rune. Mana Shields couldnt even block for one second in front of that rune, so the simplest method to counteract it was to use Ice Shields.

Lin Yun scattered his Mana Shields and condensed deep blue Ice Shields on all sides. These Ice Shields rapidly rotated and blocked the Bone Spears one after another.

Lin Yun stood still where he was while the wheel shadow behind him rapidly spouted runes and a large number of spells, but Suval was too fast. These spells simply couldnt hit him.

The fight ended up in a deadlock. Suval turned into a shadow that kept dodging while also casting spells towards Lin Yun, while Lin Yun just remained where he was, continuously casting Ice Shields to defend and releasing many spells to attack.

"Why isnt Merlin using a large-scale spell, why is he still using single-target spells? Those wont be able to reach that monster, right?" Elsa couldnt help asking.

The others ignored her, completely focused on the fight. But she wasnt the only one feeling doubtful.

Soon, the 2nd Elder, and a few relatively powerful people, discovered that the rhythm of the battle was completely within Lin Yuns grasp. Suval was just like a trapped beast that was being herded by Lin Yun in a certain direction.

All the spells Lin Yun cast in one direction were a bit stronger, while the ones cast in another direction were a bit weaker. Even the gaps between casts happened to allow Suval to dodge towards the side with weaker spells.

After a short while, Lin Yun slowly extended a finger and softly pointed towards the front.

And at this time, the power of the chasing spells increased in intensity, while blazing white flames appeared on one side and Frost Spikes with increased piercing power appeared on the other.

The spells on both sides ruthlessly surrounded Suval, and he unhesitantly used Ghost Incarnation to turn into a specter and cross through the Frost Spikes.

Frost Spikes pierced through Suvals body but left no injuries. A complete Ghost Incarnation could resist all physical attacks.

All the power added to the Frost Spikes had been used to strengthen the hardness, and the freezing damage was reduced to the minimum.

As Frost Spikes kept piercing through him, Suval only suffered slight cold damage, and his speed was slowed, but he did manage to get out of the spell encirclement.

Damn Merlin, did he think I didnt notice that he wanted to trap me with spells? Such a fool, did he not know that Ghost Incarnation could offset physical damage? A complete Ghost Incarnation can ignore all physical attacks, yet he still used a material spell like Frost Spike. Such a fool

Pride flashed in Suvals eyes, but he wasnt as fast as before after being chilled.

A half-meter-long shadow finger appeared out of nowhere, and as Lin Yun extended his finger, that illusory finger appeared in front of Suval at a strange speed.

That illusory finger gave the feeling of drifting, but it crossed over a hundred meters in an instant.

It didnt feel threatening as it slowly appeared It was just like a lovers caress, which would never make someone feel threatened.

Suval was sluggish to respond. He knew that no spell would be good in such a situation, yet that illusory finger didnt feel threatening.

It instead gave birth to happiness and warmth within his heart as if it was a ray of sunlight. Dodging would be going against his instincts.

Then, Suval had a strong feeling of loathing.

Happiness and warmth were mixed with loathing and disgust. The instinctive reactions of remaining still and quickly escaping were entangled and made Suval quickly go insane.

The left half of his body instinctively felt that it should remain on the spot and welcome that finger, but the death power of the right skeletal half was crazily surging forth on its own, as if tearing through his body.

And during that short moment of indecision, the illusory finger already reached him.

Suvals Ghost Incarnation instantly collapsed. Ghost Incarnation doubled his speed and allowed him to ignore physical attacks, but it had a huge flaw.

The effect of any non-physical attack would be increased by at least 50%!

Suval started screaming after his Ghost Incarnation collapsed. Light flashed on his left half, and even his old skin had a luster. The speed at which mana surged also sharply increased as if he was actually getting great benefits.

But the right half looked as if it had entered a pool of lava. The death power was flaring up, and the bones, which originally had a metallic luster, now looked as if they had been rotting for countless years. The luster rapidly dimmed, and fine cracks appeared on the surface of the bones. The soul fire in the eye socket also looked as if it was about to extinguish anytime.

The balance of Suvals body instantly collapsed, and as if to aggravate the situation, a ball of blazing white flames appeared on the right side of his body.

The skeletal half of the body was quickly covered by it, and it shattered the bones on contact.

It only took an instant for Suvals right half to turn into scorched black bone fragments, while the left half sank into a frenzied state. Blood spurted from the human half, and the organs touched by the blazing white flames instantly turned to ashes.

After less than three seconds, Suvals body was lost within the blazing white flames. As the flames dissipated, only scorched fragments were left.

On the other side, the Zombie Three-Headed Helldogs that had lost their master were easily dealt with by Lagulin and Barton, their soul fires cleanly devoured.

The wheel shadow behind Lin Yun slowly dissipated, and the Language Curse also ceased.

Lin Yun looked at the place where Suval disappeared.

Lin Yun had noticed from the start how strange Suval was. Not only had he been revived, but he was in a half-human, half-undead state, and his mana and death power were perfectly fused.

At that time, Lin Yun knew that ordinary methods wouldnt be able to get rid of Suval.

He confirmed this after Suval used Ghost Incarnation. Suval could truly be considered Undead, yet also Human.