End Of The Magic Era Chapter 769

Chapter 769 Allegiance

Chapter 769: Allegiance
Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

But over time, the remaining Firerock Dwarves couldnt outrun the devastating storm, and the storm shattered everything into pieces, including the branches of the Wisdom Tree.

Just as the last Firerock Dwarves were about to be engulfed by the storm, a loud explosion echoed.

The ones that were still alive looked in that direction and witnessed a shocking scene.

It seemed that a huge and incomparable beast was rushing over. The branches, leaves, and even the continents completely fell apart.

An ancient-looking ship also charged along, shattering everything in its way.

And after this terrifying ship arrived, it didnt stop as it plowed straight into that terrifying storm.

In an instant, the storm started distorting and the elements started rebelling. The boundless elemental storm frantically exploded against the huge ship, but it simply couldnt damage it.

The ship pressured the storm, and after a few seconds, the storm let out a loud sound as a terrifying shockwave rushed towards the front, destroying everything. Even Falton, who was in the center of the storm, was sent flying.

Lin Yun flew over and roared at the terrified Firerock Dwarves, "What are you still blanking out for? Hurry up and get in, we dont have time!"

The Dwarves suddenly looked as if they had gained a second wind, and like starving dogs in front of a bone, they took less than a minute to all board the Intrepid.

Lin Yun stood at the prow and had the Intrepid fly towards the Dark Elven Clan.

He had the gathered Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen board the ship before unhesitantly leading the three major races out of the God Nation.

The Intrepid kept accelerating, smashing past all sorts of obstacles before finally appearing in front of the wall of the God Nation.

The Intrepid charged into the seven-colored spatial rampart that was similar to an astral river.

The fierce energy fluctuations rushed forth as the Intrepids prow forcibly tore a spatial tear, and the Intrepid followed that tear and squeezed its way in. After the Intrepid completely disappeared, the spatial tear closed behind it, and the huge elemental storm appeared. The terrifying elemental storm wreaked havoc on everything within several dozen kilometers, destroying it all.

The walls of the Captains Cabin seemed to have become hollow, as if they were standing in an endless stretch of space. The surroundings were pitch-black and they couldnt see anything They could only see the spatial tear mending behind them.

Then, the fierce shaking of the Intrepid calmed down once again.

"Sir Merlin, did we go the wrong way?" Xiuban had a foolish expression as he looked into the boundless void, not understanding why they had appeared there.

Lin Yun glanced at Xiuban. Escaping so many dangerous situations had made this lazy Draconic Beastman a lot more earnest.

They hadnt gone the wrong way, but Lin Yun didnt explain.

By this point, the Intrepid had been accelerating for a while and had spent a lot of energy to ram into the spatial rampart around the God Nation and go through it.

The God Nation didnt seem very big when looking from the outside, and it looked just like a projection. That was because this area was where the God Nation and the plane came closest to each other, so all they could see here was indeed a projection.

In fact, the two worlds werent tightly pulled together. If they were, the connecting area would have been a chaotic place, and it might have even caused the two planes to fuse or collapse.

Without Constances bloodline, it was simply impossible to open the Planar Path leading to the God Nation, so the fastest method was naturally to use the Intrepid to crash into it.

After all, the Intrepid was related to Constance, and that small bit of relationship could allow them to not get lost, so they used the Intrepid to forcibly open a Planar Path.

He hadnt been able to use the Intrepid while he was in the God Nation because he still needed to use the Intrepids huge frame to forcibly support that unstable Planar Path.

Opening a Planar Path wasnt easy, but after opening it, maintaining it only needed the formidable hull of the Intrepid to keep the path from closing.

Unfortunately, Falton suddenly advanced to the Heaven Rank, and he was crazy, evil, and extremely ruthless, so Lin Yun could only summon the Intrepid over.

With the disappearance of the Intrepid, that unstable Planar Path naturally closed by itself.

This time, wanting to open a proper Planar Path from within the God Nation was already impossible, as the energy remaining with the Intrepid wasnt enough to accomplish such a feat.

In the end, he could only use most of the energy remaining within the Intrepid to forcibly tear through the God Nations spatial rampart.

The place they had reached was the zone between the God Nation and the plane, a crack in this world!

There was only emptiness there, sometimes with a large amount of chaotic energy flowing. It was very dangerous, and any lifeform under the Heaven Rank would die soon in this place.

Some chaotic storms here could cover a few hundred kilometers and were unavoidable. This place also had no magic power. Waiting for ones death was the only option there.

Only a ship with formidable defensive power like the Intrepid could move towards their destination at such a high speed and navigate through here.

Lin Yun used the Book of Mantras to set the ships destination, so he no longer had to deal with the navigation of the Intrepid. In this void, there were no landmarks so they couldnt feel the high speed at which the Intrepid was flying; only Lin Yun could sense it. The Intrepids speed was astronomical right now, it was at least a dozen times faster than when navigating through a plane.

There were no obstructions in this place, only the void. The Intrepid was continuously accelerating. If it got fast enough, there would be no need to waste any more energy, as they could just maintain that speed to move forward.

"Alright, if nothing unexpected happens, we should be able to return in two months. You should rest."

The Captains Cabin was filled with numerous people: the Dark Elves, the Ash Beastmen, the Firerock Dwarves, and Lin Yuns group.

At this time, one of the remaining Firerock Dwarves walked out from the rest of their group.

Lin Yun recognized him. He was a trusted aide of the Firerock Clan and was named Russ. He was an 8th Rank Sword Saint and had followed Clan Head Harris to the Dark Elven Clan.

Russ came out and kneeled in front of Lin Yun with a calm expression.

"Sir Merlin, I represent the Firerock Dwarven Clan in vowing loyalty to you."

Lin Yun didnt say anything as he looked at the Firerock Dwarves behind Russ.

Firerock Dwarves were very skilled blacksmiths and artisans, but Lin Yun knew that if it wasnt meant to be, it was better not to force it.

Yes, he had promised Harris to lead the Firerock Dwarves to Noscent, and he would do just that. If the Firerock Dwarves were unwilling to swear allegiance, Lin Yun wouldnt force them.

Seeing Lin Yun remain silent, the Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen all sneered while looking at Russ. Russ quickly panicked and promptly explained.

"Sir Merlin, please dont misunderstand. The Firerock Dwarves are truly willing to follow the Clan Heads final wishes, following you. But something unexpected happened and the evil general concealed the Clan Heads final wishes. I was even secretly imprisoned while he suppressed the dissidents. The Firerock Dwarves simply didnt know of this matter.

"Please dont mind it, we all believe that the Clan Head entrusting our race to you as he fell was in order to continue our inheritance and make our race even stronger. Please accept our allegiance."

Russ lowered his head. At the same time, all the Firerock Dwarves behind him also kneeled and, following the ancient etiquette, they kowtowed to swear allegiance towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun nodded.

"You have many wounded, go down and rest."

Lin Yun then turned his head towards Xiuban.

"Xiuban, go take care of these peoples resting places."

Hearing this, Xiuban was beaming with joy. He had gained Beta as a little brother before, and now with this, he had gained many little brothers and sisters from three different races.

These fools have to know that Im Sir Merlins 1st general, as well as his most loyal subordinate. Lets see how they act! If Lord Xiuban is unhappy, I wont mind saying bad things about them in front of Sir Merlin.

These fools were even reluctant to swear allegiance to Sir Merlin. If I said something, Sir Merlin definitely wouldnt believe them, he would believe me!

Xiuban giggled before raising his head and walking towards the three clans, completely not caring that there were more than ten people that could crush him in one instant.

"What are you looking at? Hurry up and follow Lord Xiuban."

Xiuban raised his head in a pompous manner and was followed by the three clans.

A smile flashed in Lin Yuns eyes. During this time, Xiuban had been the most miserable.

The recent battles had either been against high-rank mages or Demon Warlocks, or against armies numbering several thousands.

Xiuban had no casting ability as a Draconic Beastman, so he could only rely on his thick, magic-resistant skin. He was riddled with scars after every battle, and this pushed the thick-skinned Xiuban to a terrifying degree.

He was only still able to be this lively due to his Draconic Beastman bloodline, his fusion with a Three-Headed Golden Dragon, and the bath in Ancient God Blood. His body was already so powerful that he himself couldnt understand the extent of it. Now, any spell of the 5th Tier or lower had no effect on Xiuban and wouldnt even damage his skin. He would at most feel an itch.