End Of The Magic Era Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Arrogance


Bassoro might have felt that letting Lin Yun know about the Monchi Family’s alchemy exhibition was selling the young mage a favor, but unfortunately, Lin Yun didn’t think so.

Lin Yun had no time to care about an alchemy exhibition at the moment. The Gilded Rose was accepting fifty Alchemists today, and Lin Yun had to talk to each of them personally and make arrangements for each of them. He was overworked, so let alone the Monchi Family alchemy exhibition, Lin Yun wouldn’t care even if they had a funeral.

He truly was too busy.

Of the fifty Alchemists, some were proficient in potioneering, some in puppet refining, some in enchanting, some in setting arrays, and so on. Lin Yun was the only person in the Gilded Rose that could understand their true level through an interview and arrange jobs suitable to their levels.

Lin Yun didn’t have time to even deal with these fifty Alchemists, much less the Monchi Family alchemy exhibition.

These Alchemists weren’t easy to deal with. As member of the Alchemist Guild, they normally didn’t put the alchemy shops of Thousand Sails City in their eyes. Even if they would occasionally accept a job, they would be full of arrogance. Even if the bosses of the alchemy shops were in front of them, they wouldn’t mind flipping a table and cursing at them, not giving them any face.

And no one would say anything.

A saying spread through Thousand Sails City Alchemist Guild.

“Running an alchemy shop is very simple. It doesn’t matter if there is no materials, funds, or even an owner. An Alchemist is more than enough.”

That saying might sound exaggerated, but it was indeed true most of the time. When it came to the matter of alchemy shops, the most important part was the Alchemist. Usually, an alchemy shop’s boss was only in charge of providing supplies to his Alchemist. What about being cursed at a few times? As long as they were willing to earn money, a few curses were nothing.

These Alchemists who were used to being respected were now packaged and sent to the Gilded Rose by Bassoro, it was impossible for them not to feel dissatisfied.

But Bassoro’s position in the Alchemist Guild was only inferior to Leader Lys, his words couldn’t be discussed. Even if these Alchemists were extremely bold, they still wouldn’t dare to make Bassoro’s dissatisfied.

But being afraid of Bassoro didn’t mean they were afraid of Lin Yun.

They were all members of the Alchemist Guild, and fifty of them being packed and offered to the Gilded Rose was more than enough to make them feel wronged, yet they didn’t expect that this Gilded Rose’s boss wouldn’t consider them valuable. He split up the Alchemists and gave them different jobs, putting some in charge of upgrading items, some in charge of enchanting, some in charge of choosing materials, some in charge of potion mixing…

A few Alchemists with bad temper flared up on the spot, asking him what he was up to, after all, weren’t those the jobs usually given to Apprentice Alchemists?

‘He had to be joking.’ Was what they thought. Even if the Alchemists didn’t participate in the business part of the alchemy shop, they always had the final say in the alchemy laboratory. ‘Does that Gilded Rose’s boss not understand? If you were really such an expert, then why would you need us Alchemists for? You can calmly count your golds, why would you give us random orders?’

They originally thought that the commotion created by those few Alchemists would restrain the Gilded Rose’s boss.

But they hadn’t expected him to not even blink and ask them with a smile, “Should I ask Great Alchemist Bassoro to personally come for the arrangements?”

Once he said those words, even the bad tempered Alchemists turned good.

‘Who in the entire Alchemist Guild doesn’t know that you are taking advantage of your connection to Great Alchemist Bassoro? If you really call him here to make arrangements, which of us could still have a good future?’

In the end, only two Alchemists were still complaining.

But Lin Yun ignored them.

He just paid some attention to the two Alchemists, one old one young. The old one was in his fifties and the young one in his twenties. Lin Yun actually knew the young one, it was an Alchemist Bassoro had personally recommended, Hauss. He was turning 25 this year and had been an Alchemist for three years. In other words, he was a genius that had became an Alchemist at 22. His talent was only inferior to Black Horn Auction House’s Faleau.

It’s normal for young geniuses to be arrogant, especially someone like Hauss. A 22-years old Alchemist could be considered gifted and fortunate, someone with great prospects. But he was packed and sent to the Gilded Rose on Bassoro’s words. It would be wrong to say he wasn’t dissatisfied.

But the other one made Lin Yun frown.

That Alchemist was over fifty, had a mediocre appearance and mediocre skills. He was one of those that might be easily forgotten even after meeting ten times. When Lin Yun heard him calling himself John, he felt that his name was as unremarkable as his appearance, there were hundreds of John in Thousand Sails City, it was a common name among common names.

But it was that particularly Alchemist that attracted Lin Yun’s attention several times. That John was usually the type to remain within the mass, a quiet one. But every time other Alchemists complained, he would always be the one echoing the complaint in a fiercer way.

It seemed that Bassoro had delivered a troublesome one.

Lin Yun didn’t say much, but he had already remembered that John.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Lin Yun was done talking to every Alchemist and making arrangements, he had to take them to their workplace to have them adapt to their new environment.

“Boss Merlin, what do you mean by this!” But problems ensued when it came to Hauss.

The Gilded Rose had made a lot of efforts in order to house these fifty Alchemists, the old butler had bought over a dozen houses in one go which were all transformed into alchemy laboratory. Lin Yun and Hauss were now in one of the remodeled alchemy laboratory.

This was the alchemy laboratory Hauss had been assigned to, but that young talented Alchemist was clearly dissatisfied.

“What do you mean?” Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning. Although he didn’t say much, he was already annoyed at Bassoro.

‘I straightforwardly gave you the alchemy formula, but you, you gave me a bunch of arrogants pricks. That Hauss is especially annoying.’

“Boss Merlin, take a look at these magic materials, isn’t the quality too poor? Materials of such quality are only given to Magic Apprentices to practice. Moreover, this refining table.. Your Gilded Rose is not serious, is it? These tools have been replaced by the Alchemist Guild ten years ago! Did you find them in an antique shop?”