End Of The Magic Era Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Power Increase

Chapter 770: Power Increase
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The successive battles werent without benefits. Xiuban would grow stronger and stronger every time he recovered, and now, he had already advanced to the 4th Rank of the Sword Saint realm. Furthermore, his powerful body would even make humans 5th Rank Sword Saint feel inadequate.

Reina had also improved due to the recent battles. It could be seen in her casting, which was now faster and a lot cleaner. When using ice spells, her power would increase quite a bit, and she was now reaching the peak of level 38. It wouldnt take long before she advanced to level 39.

This was a terrifying rate of progress for a Frost Dragon. After all, Dragons had a very long life expectancy, and a millennium-old Dragon would only be considered a young Dragon that had yet to reach adulthood. Reina could be considered to have just entered adulthood.

Many of the puppets parts were damaged, reducing its strength by quite a bit, but Lin Yun had found many rare materials in the God Nation, along with some rarely seen materials that the three clans had stored from Noscent of the past era. After repairs, the puppets strength would definitely improve.

The most self-satisfied one was Enderfa. Since Lin Yun advanced to the Archmage realm, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheels power had risen alongside him, and as its Magic Tool Incarnation, the benefits Enderfa obtained couldnt be considered small. He was controlling the Spell Wheel in the air with smiling expressions on all three of his faces.

In addition, Zeuss had also finally recovered his previous power. He was now an 8th Rank Archmage and was a bit stronger than before.

But the one who gained the most was Lin Yun.

The greatest reward was naturally Constances skull, which perfectly complemented the last piece of the puzzle of the High Mage realm. He was likely the most powerful High Mage in history before he advanced to the Archmage realm.

The Book of Mantras he obtained on the Intrepid was far more powerful and mysterious than anticipated. After advancing to the Archmage realm, a new page had opened up, and none of the spells that appeared were duplicates of the previous ones. There were also many formidable incantations that had already been lost in the river of time appearing here and there.

Thus, it could be said that there were no longer major obstacles on Lin Yuns path after he advanced to the Archmage realm.

Besides those great rewards, there was also a huge benefit: the allegiance of the three races.

After all, whether it was the Dark Elves, the Ash Beastmen, or the Firerock Dwarves, all three races had been formidable in that distant era.

The Dark Elves were innate casters, and their outstanding talents made countless people jealous out of their minds. The Dark Elves ultimate magic patterns had once made people shiver in fear.

But now, the Life Pattern Crystal was in Lin Yuns hands, and the restored crystal would let the Dark Elven Race recover in the future. When that time came, Lin Yun would have a terrifying mage race that obeyed him.

And that was without mentioning Elsa, who possessed the Sky Bloodline. Even during Noscents peak, the Sky Bloodline was researched by many first-rate mages.

As long as it awakened, those who possessed that bloodline could reach the Heaven Rank without having to do anything. If there hadnt been examples of successful activation, then no one would have believed that such an unreasonable bloodline existed.

Elsa had successfully awakened and was already a 9th Rank Archmage just after awakening. Advancing to the Heaven Rank was only a matter of time. She might even advance to the Heaven Rank tomorrow. Even Lin Yun couldnt estimate how long it would take. The only certain thing was that as long as Elsa didnt die, she would definitely reach the Heaven Rank.

A large number of Ash Beastmen had Abyssal Demon Bloodlines, as they could be considered the ancestors of all Beastmen. The Demon Warlocks could use Abyssal Spells just like Abyssal Demons and could summon Abyssal lifeforms. Moreover, the Ash Beastman warriors were terrifyingly powerful existences with their bodies comparable to Demons.

Ash Beastmen were the best race at physically fighting among the three major races, with all their cannon fodder, Wolf Riders, and Flying Riders, all of which had great war potential.

The entire race of Firerock Dwarves was made of blacksmiths and craftsmen. No one could compare to the Firerock Dwarves in these two fields. One might at most be roughly comparable.

The Firerock Dwarves allegiance meant that Lin Yuns subordinates would be armed to the teeth in the future!

As long as no Heaven Rank attacked their base of operation, they would be able to easily defend it.

Moreover, some relatively special Magic Tools could be forged with their races talent, such as the Intrepids Mana Crystal Cannons!

Lin Yuns power had been raised to a terrifying level, and he could even sweep away some smaller forces if he felt like it.

Apart from these benefits, he also got some materials. With the combined stockpiles of the three clans and many of the core branches of the Wisdom Trees, there was a lot.

But nothing could surpass the value of three of the materials.

The Golden Behemoths 3rd Eye, the Horned Six-Tailed Foxs horn, and the Rock Giants heart.

These belonged to extinct races, and after returning, Lin Yun would spend some time in his laboratory to strengthen his Draconic Staff with these three things!

This would instantly shorten the time that the young Purple Dragon needed to mature!

After all, upgrading a True Spirit Magic Tool was good, but there were too few things that could be used for the upgrades. If Shawn learnt about these materials, he would no longer ask Lin Yun for mana crystals.

The benefits were very gratifying and completely exceeded his estimations, but Lin Yuns expression wasnt very good as he remembered Falton. That guy had advanced to the Heaven Rank and had obtained an Extraordinary Magic Tool. This was no longer a small problem.

More trouble was coming

Lin Yun shook his head, no longer in the mood to sort out his gains. He picked a room and started his first meditation since advancing to the Archmage realm.

He had practically never meditated ever since reaching the 5th Rank of the High Mage realm, and after reaching the 9th Rank, hed needed to always pay attention and suppress his rank to stop himself from advancing.

Now, he could finally meditate without worry, and that felt very different.

The Book of Mantras was floating on his left, the Spell Wheel on his right, and a huge wheel shadow appeared behind him. Lin Yun slowly closed his eyes, and his bodys fluctuations increased at a terrifying speed.

Two months had passed by the time Lin Yun finally returned from his room to the Captains Cabin.

During his two months of meditation, the others had recovered completely, and they were awaiting him in the cabin.

Weiss awkwardly stood to the side, with not a single person near him. The Firerock Dwarves were even staring at him. If not for Lin Yuns sake, they would have definitely torn him to shreds.

The Black Tower was responsible for the destruction of their clan, after all.

Back then, Weiss had also boarded the Intrepid. Lin Yun had ignored it, but the way the others saw it was that Lin Yun had agreed to Weiss presence, so they didnt say anything. But it was inevitable that no one would treat Weiss well.

Weiss expression changed when he saw Lin Yun slowly entering the Captains Cabin.

A large amount of calm, yet profound, mana fluctuations were coming from Lin Yuns body. While he wasnt emitting some powerful aura, Weiss felt as if his head was exploding. Every single part of his body felt extreme danger.

It was as if a ferocious beast of the God Era was slowly walking over. Even if it had no evil intentions, it would still make people shiver and subconsciously feel fear.

Weiss muscles had stiffened, but he slowly relaxed with a bitter expression.

Sir Merlin is getting stronger and stronger! He is just too talented No, it can no longer be described as talent, this is simply another race altogether!

Two months! Two months ago, I felt that he was a 1st Rank Archmage, and although his aura was far from that of an ordinary 1st Rank Archmage, it couldnt leave me in this state.

Now, his strength is so great that it can make me unable to react just by standing in front of him I can only feel that he is stronger, very strong. Im already far from being his opponent. In the past, I only experienced this kind of feeling when facing Sir Harren.

When I advanced to the 8th Rank, I had a bit of a test against Sir Harren, and that power was unfathomable. If Sir Harren felt like it, he could easily kill me within three minutes.

But Im already at the peak of the 8th Rank, yet I still have this feeling when facing Sir Merlin Just how powerful is he? Is he already a match for Sir Harren?

Sir Harren is an existence with one foot in the Heaven realm! Heavens Could it be that Sir Merlin has progressed that far in two months?

Sir Merlin had a good relationship with our Black Tower before, but now, Suval and Faltons actions might have critically damaged our relationship. I really dont know if this is right or wrong

Weiss had a complicated expression. His heart was like a stormy sea. He was speechless, unable to even express how shocked he was.

It wasnt just Weiss, either. Even Zeuss was utterly shocked, but Zeuss didnt have complicated feelings like Weiss.

The favor of being saved, the kindness of having his magic restored, this wasnt a trivial matter.

Sir Merlin saved my life and saved my life as a mage. He is now so strong that I cant even feel his rank.