End Of The Magic Era Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Beat Up

Chapter 778: Beat Up
Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

The fragments floating towards the sky fell to the ground, and countless Raging Flame Beastmen escaping in slow motion flew into the sky, just like dead leaves blown away by a gust of wind.

As the remaining shockwaves spread in all directions, Thorne the few remaining Merlins did their best not to be blown away.

The dust spread around alongside the fierce winds, and Thorne raised his greatsword in front of him to brace himself. Soon after, the shockwaves hit them.

And the mountain in front of them had completely disappeared. There was only a large expanse of broken rock and ashes, and in the centermost area was a terrifyingly deep hole from which wisps of green smoke floated out.

Several thousand elite Raging Flame Beastmen were destroyed, along with the huge Teleportation Array. Everything was annihilated from what could be considered a warm-up shot.

The surviving Raging Flame Beastmen had been injured, and only a couple hundred Beastmen were unharmed.

Hoppet, who had been trying to escape, was now lying on the back of a Wyvern while foolishly staring at the aftermath. His eyes were almost leaking blood as he emotionally roared, and a large amount of blood was spurting out of the burnt hole in his chest. Even some of his organs were coming out of that huge hole.

Hoppet wanted to keep fighting, but it looked like he could no longer control his body just as he hit the ground. A loud sound echoed as Hoppets torso shattered. He died while staring at the distant ruins.

The esteemed Tribal Chief of the Fireblade Tribe who had been stopping invading armies for decades fell to his death

In the distance, Thorne looked at the Raging Flame Beastmen crawling on the ground and unexpectedly didnt feel any despair or fear.

The thousand Raging Flame Beastmen were no longer able to stop their escape.

Because Sir Mafa is here.

Be it Thorne or the few remaining Merlins, they all thought the same.

What happened next left Thorne even more lost for words.

Countless Hippogryphs and Wyverns flew out of the Intrepid, and they were followed by a large group of shadows that jumped off the ship.

Tall Elves with pale skin covered with magic patterns, ashen-skinned Beastmen, and red-skinned Dwarves fell down.

Seeing these different races appear, Thorne no longer knew what shock was. He could only watch blankly as these figures came down and charged at the Raging Flame Beastmen like mad dogs.

"Damn b*stards, going against Sir Merlin is asking for death!"

"Get rid of them! Get rid of them! Whoever opposes Sir Merlin deserves to die!"

With a glance, Thorne was able to recognize Xiuban. At this moment, Xiuban was brandishing his warhammer as he fell down from the sky. He was followed by an ashen-skinned Beastman shouting along with him.

Xiuban was loudly yelling at those that provoked Lin Yun, ready to exterminate them. After landing, he unhesitantly charged into the Raging Flame Beastmen.

Although these Raging Flame Beastmen were elites, most of them were injured, and their morale was at an all-time low. Their spirit was almost completely crushed by the Hand of Destruction.

The Dark Elves were a bit better. They werent excessively crazy, but the Ash Beastmen and the Firerock Dwarves seemed to have gone wild.

This was their first war after becoming Lin Yuns vassals, so regardless of what happened, they had to show that they were going all out.

When these people jumped off the Intrepid, a Mass Featherfall was applied to them only just before they hit the ground in order for them to arrive just a little faster.

The Ash Beastmens Flying Riders were already rapidly diving down at the Raging Flame. With their momentum, the Flying Riders ruthlessly threw their poison javelins towards the Raging Flame Beastmen below them.

The surviving Raging Flame Beastmen were losing their will to fight, as this sudden disaster greatly disheartened them. They simply couldnt defend when faced with this sudden attack.

One Raging Flame Beastmen after another was impaled by those poisoned javelins. The sounds of poisoned javelins piercing the ground echoed here and there.

Several dozen Raging Flame Beastmen were impaled to death in the first wave. Then, the Dark Elves Hippogryph Riders arrived. Their magic patterns started shining, and a rain of spells fell down on the Raging Flame Beastmen.

The Raging Flame Beastmens surviving Wyverns faced the double beating from the Ash Beastman Wyvern Riders and the Dark Elven Hippogryph Riders.

Unsurprisingly, the Raging Flame Beastmens Wyverns started falling from the sky in less than ten seconds.

On the ground, the Ash Beastmens slaves didnt even get to perform. The ones at the forefront were the Wolf Riders. The bloodthirsty Wolf Riders were frantically charging, cold light flickering from the scimitars in their hands. The Demon Warlocks in the back were covered in black smoke, fighting with no regard for their lives.

But the first ground forces to close the distance to the Raging Flame Beastmen were actually the Firerock Dwarves.

After what they had been through, with their clans destruction and their race almost going extinct, the Firerock Dwarves had a lot of anger bottled up. During the two months on the Intrepid, the Firerock Dwarves were full of rage with nowhere to vent. The best way to cope with it was through group brawling, and they would fight all day on the Intrepid. Were it not for the Intrepids rooms being very spacious, they might have already torn it apart.

This battle was the best way to vent after being saved by Lin Yun and swearing allegiance to him.

The group of red-skinned Firerock Dwarves was madly charging, looking even more frightening than a group of stampeding Kodos. The earth was faintly shaking under their feet.

The Wolf Riders were consciously avoiding these crazy and irrational Dwarves.

When they were still two hundred meters away, the group of berserk Firerock Dwarves madly shouted and threw their mallets with terrifying power.

The wide expanse of mallets created a sonic boom as their speed surpassed the speed of sound. White fog and lightning covered the mallets as they flew with a terrifying aura towards the Raging Flame Beastmen in front of them.

After the initial shock and panic, the Raging Flame Beastmen quickly calmed down. They were far more competent than ordinary Flame Beastmen troops.

They raised up their shields, and the Raging Flame Beastman Warlocks also started raising their barriers. Spears were thrown at the berserk Firerock Dwarves, and spells also flew out as a large number of fireballs burnt their way towards the Firerock Dwarves.

Unfortunately, this group of Firerock Dwarves was already going crazy from holding back and completely ignored those flames.

After all, there were mostly blacksmiths among the Firerock Dwarves. The temperature of the furnace would be very high when they were melting a lot of materials or forging. These guys would spend all their time next to their furnace, and the heat of an ordinary flame couldnt hurt them. When coupled with the Firerock Dwarves special constitution that allowed them to absorb and store heat, these fire spells were shattered to pieces by their hammers and didnt even manage to slow them.

As for the thrown spears, they were also casually deflected with a swing of their hammers.

Then, the Raging Flame Beastmen experienced for themselves how powerful the Firerock Dwarves sole ranged attack was.

The mallets sweeping with thunderous power smashed into the steel shields, and the shields exploded into fragments, while even the Raging Flame Beastmen behind the shields were sent flying.

The barriers felt like paper, shattering instantly, and the Raging Flame Warlocks behind them didnt even have time to scream before their heads exploded like watermelons.

Over a hundred mallets fiercely tore through the Raging Flame Beastmens defensive line and crushed over a hundred of them.

The Firerock Dwarves swung their warhammers as if they were facing their mortal foes, and they rushed straight into the Raging Flame Beastmens formation. Those Beastmen were smashed by the Firerock Dwarves warhammers and couldnt even retreat. Their arm power was terrifying as they were always swinging hammers all year long, and their arms were as thick as a thigh. In fact, many of them had arms thicker than thighs!

Most of the elite Raging Flame Beastmen were over level twenty and were about the same level as those Firerock Dwarves, but unfortunately, their racial talent was inferior.

In a contest of power, the Ash Beastmen would recognize that they werent the equals of the Firerock Dwarves. Being the strongest of the God Nations three major races wasnt just for show.

Over two hundred Raging Flame Beastmen had been killed by the Firerock Dwarves by the time the army of Ash Beastmen reached the battlefield.

The Ash Beastmens Wolf Riders swung their scimitars and cut down all the spells fired their way, and all the Raging Flame Beastmen they encountered were beheaded without exception.

In a land battle, even the Firerock Dwarves would be unable to stop the Wolf Riders if they were able to charge freely, let alone these spiritless Raging Flame Beastmen.

The Wolf Riders were like a sharp arrow piercing through the formation of Raging Flame Beastmen. Then, the Demon Warlocks in the back started casting, and a large number of lava meteors fell from the sky and crashed onto the battlefield.

In the rear, the Dark Elves also got in range and started casting a large number of spells with no regard for the Firerock Dwarves on the battlefield.

The spells falling down made the Firerock Dwarves leave the battlefield in anger.

"Wretched Dark Elves! Wretched Ash Beastmen! You b*stards!"

The leading Firerock Dwarf fiercely hit a Raging Flame Beastman Sword Saint in the chest, making his chest cave in.

The Fireballs, Frost Spikes, Wind Blades, and Meteors were like a storm raging on the battlefield.

The enraged Firerock Dwarves had no choice but to withdraw from the chaotic melee and just surround the Raging Flame Beastmen.

The Dark Elves and the Demon Warlocks spells, the Wyvern Riders poisoned javelins, the Firerock Dwarves mallets

There was not a single bit of order or cooperation. It was just like a violent beating.