End Of The Magic Era Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Boot Licking


Loud, booming rumbles kept echoing as huge, sun-like spheres of light rained down from the sky.

A dozen Flame Arch-Warlocks angrily shouted as they charged towards the Intrepid without even dodging the bombardment of the dozen mana crystal cannons and the three secondary cannons. They only put up magic shields and kept moving forward.

In the cannon hold, Russ disdainfully spat outside as he said, "A pack of fools!"

A huge sphere of light fell on five Flame Warlocks, and their shields instantly tore open like paper as the light engulfed them. It looked as if they had never been there as spheres of light kept exploding on the battlefield.

Glaring lights kept shining as countless Raging Flame Beastmen were sent flying by the explosions before being torn apart by the shockwaves.

Large holes spanning over several hundred meters were now filling the battlefield, and the rear line of the Raging Flame Beastmen army had thoroughly disappeared in less than thirty seconds.

The battlefield was completely quiet at this moment.

A large number of mages were foolishly looking at that scene and completely forgot about casting.

They were only looking at the huge warship and the countless spheres of light which were followed by loud thunderous explosions as they fell onto the Flame Beastmen army one after another.

From several kilometers away, the huge spheres of light looked like giant creatures from the God Era wreaking havoc on the battlefield. A several-dozen-meter-tall hill disappeared and turned into a depression formed by dozens of holes.

The powerful Raging Flame Beastmen were like dead leaves, sent flying in the sky with every explosion, and torn apart alongside the debris.

That group of Flame Arch-Warlocks wasnt uninjured. Beforehand, several dozen people had been killed by those guys, and they even killed three Archmages.

But now, these powerful Flame Arch-Warlocks didnt even leave bones behind after being engulfed by the light.

The rain of light spheres continued for three minutes and covered the entire area in dust and explosions, making a large amount of debris fly into the sky.

The battlefield became strangely silent once the thunderous sounds stopped echoing in the sky.

Only the sound of debris falling to the ground could be heard, just like the pitter-patter of rain. As for the army of humans, they were foolishly looking at the area covered in dust.

The dust slowly fell, and not a single Raging Flame Beastman could be seen on the horizon No It was more accurate to say that not a single moving Raging Flame Beastman could be seen.

Several kilometers of the ground seemed to have been scraped away, losing a few meters of depth. The hill had disappeared, the fortifications had disappeared, and only terrifying holes were left scarring the ground. Hundreds of holes ranging from several dozen to several hundred meters in width were covering the battlefield.


All the human mages, swordsmen, and archers were looking at this scene, stunned.

Mages were holding their staves, mouths open, in the same casting posture. A Divine Archer was still pulling the string of his bow, but his arrow fell in front of his feet, yet he didnt react.

Those were the Raging Flame Beastmen we had been struggling against for the past few months? Those are the ones that gave us a lot of casualties? The Beastmen that kept breaching our defenses? The Fireblade Tribe known as the strongest tribe of the northern Raging Flame Plane?

Youve got to be kidding me! Three minutes They were all annihilated in three minutes? What a joke, we bitterly struggled for months against these brainless muscleheads, how could it end like this?

There was a weird silence within the human army, as no one could rouse themselves.

Suddenly, on the northernmost side of the battlefield, a Raging Flame Beastmen slowly crawled up from the ground and looked at the hellish surroundings in fright while shivering.

"Demons, they are Demons, true Demons Heavens Ancestors, please save me"

This Raging Flame Beastman was wearing a full set of armor and was clearly a High Rank Sword Saint. Yet he was already going crazy and his eyes were unfocused as he fled in disarray after being lucky enough to survive.

A few kilometers away, the humans were blankly looking at this crazy Raging Flame Beastman, unable to react. No one thought that they were looking at a fool.

In the Intrepids cannon hold, the dozen mana crystal cannons fired once again, and a dozen huge light spheres instantly engulfed that guy, creating a large mushroom cloud.

Russ burst out in laughter and patted the shoulder of the Dwarf that shot first.

"Hahaha, good job! Master said to kill them all, so not a single one can escape!"

"Yes, yes, not a single one can escape, or we will be laughed at by the Dark Elves and the Ash Beastmen until we die."

But Lin Yuns eyelid twitched as he stood at the prow of the ship, ruthlessly cursing Russ in his mind. That bunch of stubborn b*stards, they used three secondary cannons and a dozen mana crystal cannons for a single guy! Over a hundred spirit mana crystals are gone

After confirming that there were no more Raging Flame Beastmen left standing, the Intrepid left the battlefield and flew towards the Flame Demon Fort, leaving behind a group of lifeless people.

Lin Yun returned to the Flame Demon Fort, and the news of Zeuss appearance was sent back to the Watson Family.

After learning about this, Green Watson started exulting as he promptly abandoned the others and ran to the Flame Demon Fort.

After arriving, Green instantly noticed the Intrepid floating amidst the clouds and felt shocked. He then thought of the information hed received from the battlefield and flames burned in his eyes.

A warship that annihilated all the forces of the opposing Raging Flame Beastmen, this is truly too amazing! No wonder Sir Zeuss is a valued powerhouse of our Family, he actually brought back such great loot.

Green Watsons chest was beating faster as he thought about it, but when he met Zeuss after coming to the Flame Demon Fort, he suddenly discovered that there were no members of the Black Tower.

There is no one from the Black Tower!

Heavens, did everyone from the Black Tower fall? Its really great!

Sir Zeuss is an 8th Rank Archmage, and there is no one from the Black Tower. Doesnt that mean that he had the greatest harvest?

That huge warship is really overpowered, Sir Zeuss must have driven it back from that small world. With this warship, our Watson Family can dominate the entire northern part of the Raging Flame Plane No, there might be no one able to rival the Watson Family in the entire Raging Flame Plane.

It was the Merlin Family, the Watson Family, and the Black Tower before, but if all the members of the Black Tower are dead, Sir Zeuss would definitely be occupying the leadership position. It was even said that other races were brought back. Sir Zeuss is truly too powerful.

The Ancestral Land had paid great attention to Zeuss before, and sure enough, Sir Zeuss didnt fail to live up to their expectations. This harvest is definitely comparable to what our Family gained over the course of a century. I wonder if there is anything good apart from that warship and the other races. Surely the rest of the loot must be just as great.

Those other races should have been hoarding a lot of things for many years, they must have a huge collection. With the Black Towers elites dead, that collection completely belongs to our Watson Family now.

Merlin Family, what kind of thing is the Merlin Family? A 5th Rank Sword Saint is actually their commander here! With such paltry strength, can they still hold forts in the Raging Flame Plane? Such trash.

That Thorne was quite lucky this time since Sir Zeuss encountered him on the way back. Otherwise, the Merlin Family would no longer exist on the Raging Flame Plane. They shouldnt even think of profiting from Sir Zeuss harvest. Not snatching their Fort is already being nice, thinking of sharing profit is simply courting death!

Green had a brilliant smile when he saw Zeuss and he enthusiastically rushed to shake Zeuss hands, not paying attention to the people on the side.

"Sir Zeuss, being able to see you is amazing. I am Green Watson, do you remember me?"

A trace of understanding flashed in Zeuss eyes and he glanced at Lin Yun with an awkward smile.

"I naturally remember. Sir Green is a talented person of the Ancestral Land who already has the power of a 6th Rank Archmage at such a young age. You are a lot more talented than me."

Zeuss was very polite when he recognized Green. Others might not know, but Zeuss clearly understood that Green was a talent a great background. It was said that he was the descendant of some Ancestor of the Ancestral Land and was highly valued.

With the other side being so enthusiastic, Zeuss would naturally be polite.

"Sir Zeuss praises me too much, you are who I aspire to be. I can only look up to you when you bring back such a great harvest. When coming from the Ancestral Land, my grandfather repeatedly warned me that I must carefully study under Sir Zeuss, he said that Sir Zeuss is the pillar of our Watson Family"

Green Watsons boot-licking quickly made Zeuss blush.

"Sir Zeuss, did the Black Towers people fall this time? Is our Family the only survivor? Such a great harvest definitely cant be shared with the Black Tower"

Zeuss glanced at Lin Yun and smiled at Green.

"Sir Green, this harvest has nothing to do with the Black Tower. Come here, let me introduce you. This is the Commander of the Merlin Family, Sir Mafa Merlin He is a true powerhouse."

This harvest is definitely unrelated to the Black Tower. I dont know if that lunatic, Falton, made his way out of the God Nation, but even I was saved by Sir Mafa and brought back, so the harvest is definitely his. That young Green definitely has a good attitude. He should be more excited by being introduced to Sir Mafa. If he handles this carefully, it will bring huge benefits to our Watson Family.