End Of The Magic Era Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Taking Advantage


With so many things happening, Zeuss thought process had already changed, especially when he saw the end of their old adversary, Hoppet. Lin Yun had dealt with him and the Raging Flame Beastman army so easily that it made him even more resolved.

We have to befriend Mafa Merlin and try to maintain that friendship. This is the best for the Watson Family.

Green didnt even notice the kind nudging of the older generation.

He put on a fake smile and glanced at Lin Yun before casually talking with arrogance. "You are that Mafa Merlin? Hmm, being able to follow Sir Zeuss back here alive isnt too bad, your luck is quite good! The Black Towers people didnt even have such luck."

Sir Zeuss is truly magnanimous, actually leading that Merlin back. He should have let him die in that world. But from his tone, I guess that Sir Zeuss must be in a very good mood. His harvest must be better than I thought.

Greens arrogant look was akin to a superior praising a subordinate.

Zeuss expression instantly changed when he heard that and cold sweat started forming from his forehead.

Damnit, what is that kid doing? How could he think that Sir Mafa is acting like my subordinate?

Lin Yuns expression didnt change as he sat on his chair while watching indifferently.

But the more it went on, the more danger Zeuss felt. No good, I must make Green understand, that guy is definitely misunderstanding something.

Zeuss didnt have time to say anything before Green turned back to look at him, his enthusiasm still as strong as before. "Sir Zeuss, since you are back, shouldnt we return? Staying here isnt good. Lets return to the warship, what do you say?"

Zeuss face turned white as he stood up, startled.

"What? That warship? Thats Sir Merlins"

Green had a smile on his face as he grasped Zeuss hands and laughed out loud. "What Sir Merlin, Sir Zeuss is such a jokester. Didnt the Black Towers people fall? Only Sir Zeuss returned from the exploration, so the reward must naturally belong to Sir Zeuss, its our Watson Familys. As for this Mafa Merlin"

After saying that, Green turned his head towards Lin Yun and snorted with an arrogant expression.

"Hmpf, the Merlin Family truly doesnt know whats good for them. Kid, Sir Zeuss saved you and helped you return. That was your good fortune, Sir Zeuss being so magnanimous and kind-hearted. Dont tell me you are trying to get a share of Sir Zeuss rewards? Such a greedy rat, you dont know how to be grateful. This was a cooperation between the Black Tower and the Watson Family, could it be that your Merlin Family still wants more? Arent you afraid of bursting from eating too much?"

Lin Yun slightly frowned, and Zeuss complexion became as white as a sheet of paper. He threw a pleading look at Lin Yun and promptly pulled Green to his side.

"Sir Green, how could you say this?" Zeuss hastily said, trying to clear things up.

But he was interrupted by the enthusiastic Green.

"Sir Zeuss, I understand, you are too kind, but kindness doesnt befit these rats. At worst, I can make the decision to compensate the Merlin Family with some mana crystals, since they followed you and werent able to get anything, after all."

After saying that, Green took out a few spirit mana crystal and threw them on the table.

Such greedy rats! No, even greedy rats cant be that stupid. They are actually using Sir Zeuss generosity to satisfy their shameful greed. No, I definitely cant just sit and watch. I did hear that Sir Zeuss was very considerate of the younger generation, but the Merlin Family is too crafty! They are actually taking advantage of Sir Zeuss kindness!

Zeuss fearfully looked at the dozen spirit mana crystals on the table and explained to Lin Yun, "Sir Merlin, this is a misunderstanding, please dont mind this"

F*ck, Im going to be killed by that fool! I thought he was a smart youth, how could he be so stupid? Not only does he not know what he is doing, but he is also making me look bad Is he trying to get me killed? Snatching Mafa Merlins Intrepid Is he tired of living? Even if you dare to speak to Mafa Merlin like that, dont implicate me!

Zeuss was extremely anxious, but it wasnt the kind of matter that could be said out loud. Who knew what that idiot would say?

As he thought of this, Zeuss grabbed Greens arm and quickly said, "Sir Green, you might be misunderstanding something"

Zeuss forcibly accentuated the word misunderstanding, the hint couldnt be more obvious.

He also stared at Green while continuously making signals with his eyes.

Green enthusiastically looked at Zeuss, wondering why Zeuss cared about him speaking so nonchalantly, but he finally got a flash of enlightenment after seeing Zeuss meaningful glance.

I understand, Sir Zeuss definitely got something amazing that he cant mention, so he gave a part of the harvest to that Mafa Merlin.

This is all in order to keep Mafa Merlin silent. If he didnt get anything, he might blabber to others and cause the Watson Family to suffer terrible losses from other forces.

Im really too young, Sir Zeuss thought the matter through and realized that we only needed to give something negligible to the Merlin Family. People would think that the greatest harvest was that warship.

That way, nothing would get out. By giving everything but the warship to the Merlin Family, people would think that our Watson Family didnt get too many things and only had the warship.

Although that warship was formidable, there is only one. Even if people were envious, they wouldnt have other thoughts.

The target would be shifted to the Merlin Family, and they would be the one forced to handle those greedy wolves, while we would have the most valuable loot hidden away.

Sure enough, Sir Zeuss is wise and farsighted. The Black Towers people died, so their gazes would turn towards the Merlin Family if they wanted a part of the cake.

Admiration and understanding could be seen on Greens face as he nodded at Zeuss.

"Sir Zeuss, I understand, I understand, rest assured."

Zeuss wiped his cold sweat and looked at Green. That young fool is clueless and thoughtless, but as long as he doesnt discuss this, Ill have plenty of time to explain to him after going back. I must warn him to never set himself against Mafa Merlin.

That damned fool doesnt know how powerful Mafa Merlin is right now. I cant even see through his Rank since he advanced to the Archmage realm. The 8th Rank Arch-Warlock Hoppet was easily killed by him.

Right, I must carefully instruct Green after returning. That fool knows how terrifying Hoppet is.

"Green, is there another reason you came here? Did something happen while I was away?"

Seeing that Green was no longer talking about the loot and no longer targeting Mafa Merlin,Zeuss promptly changed the topic.

As if he suddenly recalled something, Green mentioned something regarding the Raging Flame Plane.

"Sir Zeuss, as you know, the kingdom has been controlling the northern part of the Raging Flame Plane while the southern part of the Raging Flame Plane is controlled by the Odin Kingdom. After so long, the defenses of the Raging Flame Beastmen have been continuously weakening, so every major power of the kingdom decided to cooperate.

Moreover, the Odin Kingdom also sent an emissary to discuss the matter of cooperation, and the negotiations went through. The forces of our kingdom will collaborate with the Odin Kingdom for the first time and will launch a general attack on the Raging Flame Plane. When the time comes, the Raging Flame Beastmen will be completely eradicated, and we will be able to start exploiting its resources."

After saying that, Green glanced at Lin Yun and rolled his eyes as he thought of something.

Yes, Sir Zeuss is definitely hiding something, and it must be incredible loot. This Mafa Merlin must know some things, but he definitely doesnt know everything.

Now, the kingdom is going to cooperate with the Odin Kingdom for the first time and will launch a general attack on the Raging Flame Plane. If the Merlin Family also participates, then wont that Mafa Merlin be the commander of the Merlin Family?

Such a weak guy can actually become a commander? The Merlin Family is really too weak, but thats good for us. Such a weak Archmage would definitely become cannon fodder in that huge battlefield.

When the time comes, he can just follow and be set up in a dangerous place together with the rest of the Merlin Family. After his death, how could Sir Zeuss secret be spread?

Moreover, after the elites of the Merlin Family fall, our Watson Family will seize the opportunity to snatch their fort. Once weve thoroughly captured the Raging Flame Plane, the Watson Family will have even more benefits, while the Merlin Family wont even know what happened.

This is a good plan. Yes, lets just do that, lets make the Merlin Family participate even if they are weak

As he thought of this, Green stood up and looked down at Lin Yun with an arrogant expression while still acting like he was being charitable.

"Mafa Merlin, right? I heard you were the Commander of the Merlin Family? In that case, I am now formally notifying you that one month from now, you and the elites of your Merlin Family have to converge at the Storm Fort as an ally of the Watson Family, to participate in the general assault on the Raging Flame Plane.

"At that time, the Watson Family will acknowledge your identity as their allies, and no one will embarrass your Merlin Family. The rewards after victory will be distributed according to contribution. For the sake of Sir Zeuss, we will let you profit a bit."