End Of The Magic Era Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Challenge


Thorne was only a 5th Rank Sword Saint and his weapon wasnt particularly good, while Green was in perfect condition and was a 6th Rank Archmage with a True Spirit Magic Staff that could increase the power of his spells.

Green sneered as he glanced at Thorne with disdain.

"A piece of trash like you actually dares to make a move against me? How could an insignificant 5th Rank Sword Saint actually hold the title of Commander of the Merlin Family. Did your Merlin Family run out of people end up having to send trash like you? Even if you are relatively powerful trash, you are still trash!

"What are you looking at? You arent convinced? Hurry up and fuck off, Im ordering you to immediately guard the Horn of Fertility. Let your Merlin Family know that they should send another trash Commander."

Green Watson was loudly shouting, his arrogance visible on his face as he completely didnt care that this place was the Merlin Familys Flame Demon Fort. He coldly looked around at all the spectators.

These stupid Merlins, daring to resist me! Hmpf, just you wait. Youll all die when the general attack on the Raging Flame Plane is finished. Not only Thorne Merlin, but even that Mafa Merlin. Anyone that is a Merlin will die!

At this time, Zeuss and Lin Yun came out of the large tent. Zeuss had an embarrassed expression. He would have tried to stop the fight from breaking out if hed been there when it started.

Lin Yun had a cold expression and didnt even pay attention to Green Watson. He turned to look at Thorne.

"Sir Thorne, how could you not have made a single bit of progress in the past few months? How could you serve as the Merlin Familys Commander when you are so weak? At least when fighting, you absolutely cant cower and give in. Who made you stop? Keep fighting!"

Lin Yun had a cold expression and his voice was icy like the winds of the north. On the side, Zeuss had opened his mouth, but ended up closing it with a bitter smile.

As for Green Watson, he burst out in a loud fit of laughter.

"Merlins only know how to talk big? How could a piece of trash like Thorne be my match? A 5th Rank Sword Saint thinks he can go against me? Hes only still alive right now because I was being lenient. You are a group of idiots with no sense of propriety, are you trying to throw away your lives? Come, it doesnt matter if you come at me together, Ill wait."

Green Watson rolled his eyes as he stood on the spot, motionless. Ha, that Mafa Merlin is also an idiot, this is perfect! Im not the one starting this fight, so if these Merlins cant take it, theyll be throwing away their lives! Yes, it would be for the best if I accidentally killed Thorne and Mafa together, it would be perfect, wouldnt it?

Thorne stood up and wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and bitterly smiled but didnt answer Lin Yun.

Im no match for him Although that Green Watson is arrogant, he is very powerful and came from the Ancestral Land of the Watson Family. He received the best teaching possible and is already at the 6th Rank of the Archmage realm at such a young age, and he also wields a True Spirit Magic Tool.

A 5th Rank Sword Saint cant compare to a 6th Rank Archmage. My injury had yet to recover and I got injured again. Ill only be able to display 70% of my power at most, so how could I be Green Watsons opponent?

Lin Yun saw Thornes inaction and sneered before casually throwing a potion to him.

"Try this."

The transparent bottle was filled with a pale golden liquid with a drop of blood floating in the center.

This was one of Lin Yuns rewards on the expedition. There was a drop of God Blood, and the golden liquid was a solution that could store God Blood without it losing its efficiency.

Thorne grabbed the potion and didnt care what it was. He knew that Lin Yun was a formidable alchemist, so he assumed that it was a powerful potion. He drank the potion and swallowed the drop of God Blood along with it. After a few seconds, he let out a loud shout and his originally pale skin seemed to be burning.

Blue veins appeared on his forehead, and the veins on his arms started bulging. A loud rumble echoed from his abdomen.

A violent aura was emitted from Thornes body, and there was even a trace of God Aura in it. That God aura kept merging with Thornes body.

Thornes aura frantically rose. The strength he had lost because of his injuries had instantly been restored, while his strength, which had stagnated for a while, started growing.

Shock could be seen in Thornes eyes. He could clearly feel his power continuously rising and his aura flaring up. His mind was clear, and he could feel a sort of barrier slowly dissipating.

The 6th Rank was right in front of him!

"Roar!" Thorne let out a loud cry as his Aura burst out.

His body seemed to be burning with a transparent flame as the bursting aura slowly congealed and condensed into a red crystal armor covering his body.


6th Rank Sword Saint!

The gap between the 5th and 6th Rank was extremely large. The 5th Rank could be reached from the 1st Rank over time through the accumulation of power.

But advancing to the 6th Rank from the 5th Rank Sword was the same for Sword Saints as it was for Archmages. They needed a different understanding for that jump. If they didnt have the required comprehension, they might never be able to advance.

After advancing to the 6th Rank, Sword Saints originally fierce Aura Power could be controlled better and they could congeal their Aura into Aura Battle Armor, greatly increasing their defensive power. And with their increased control, their fighting strength also soared.

As Thorne grabbed his greatsword, his eyes were like burning flames. He felt that his current self could easily kill his previous self without suffering an injury.

So this is the 6th Rank? So powerful!

Green was endlessly shocked by this. He didnt know what potion Mafa Merlin gave to Thorne Merlin, but its effects were simply absurd!

It wasnt a temporary strengthening Green was quite certain that this absolutely was a breakthrough!

Lin Yun had a calm expression as if he had been expecting this effect.

He had gained a lot this time, but the most fitting thing for Thorne was this drop of God Blood. Thorne had already been trapped at the 5th Rank for a while, so the power he had accumulated already exceeded the limit of the 5th Rank. He was only lacking a bit of comprehension and talent.

He only needed a little help in terms of talent and comprehension and he could instantly advance to be a 6th Rank Sword Saint.

Because of a fragment of a Gods soul, the mana of Lin Yuns Demiplane contained the aura of a God, and this was a great help to those fifty mages with inferior talent. Those guys who were doomed to never advance past becoming Great Mages underwent shocking transformations.

They kept meditating under the Gods aura and harmonized with it, thoroughly altering their talent and comprehension to an even more frightening level. These guys could even be described as geniuses now.

This change was only caused by the fusion with the Gods aura.

Xiuban had bathed in that pool of Ancient God Blood. By giving up on his casting abilities, his body became outrageously tough, to the point that Dragons on the same level as Xiuban might not have bodies as tough as his. This was the transformation caused by the God Blood.

And swallowing a drop of God Blood gave Thorne a huge boost in his lacking areas, making those areas his best features now. Considering that, advancing to the 6th Rank was quite normal.

As he kept fusing with the drop of God Blood, Thornes bloodline would change, his talent would increase, and his body would keep becoming more powerful. In the end, his Aura might contain a wisp of God Aura.

Everything related to Gods was powerful. With a wisp of Taboo Power, tearing apart mages shields would be no different than tearing through paper.

At that time, Thornes power would exceed his own rank!

Now, defeating Green Watson wasnt a problem.

"Green Watson, I, Thorne Merlin, challenge you!"

Thornes body was covered in a red crystal Battle Armor, and the greatsword in his right hand was ferociously pointing at Green.

Green had a sinister expression and there was an ominous glint in his eyes.

Damned trash, dont think that you are on par with me because you advanced to the 6th Rank! You fool, I shall let you know today how stupid it is to offend me, Green Watson. My spells will tear you to shreds. And as for you, Mafa Merlin, once Ive killed Thorne, you are next!

Green raised his staff and instant-cast a Flame Burst before quickly chanting an incantation and releasing an Ice Shield.

He was using the most orthodox tactic in a fight between a mage and a swordsman.

But this time, Thorne didnt block at all. With one stomp, he propelled himself towards Green Watson while tightly holding his greatsword.

The Flame Burst exploded on Thornes back but barely made his body sway. His Aura Battle Armor was already powerful enough to disregard such low tier spells.

The greatsword was emitting a glaring light and Aura spurted out, but it immediately shrank into a three-meter-long light blade covering the greatsword.

Thorne suddenly jumped, and while holding the greatsword with both hands, he ruthlessly slashed down at Greens Ice Shield.

The huge light blade collided with the Ice Shield and intense energy fluctuations turned into gales that wreaked havoc in the surroundings.

The Ice Shield that could barely resist Thornes Aura Slashes was getting filled with cracks at a rapid pace.

Thorne had swung his greatsword, and as he fell, his body rapidly spun around, causing a succession of sharp collisions to echo.