End Of The Magic Era Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Slap


The Ice Shield was blasted into a pile of fragments.

The huge blade of light ruthlessly slashed towards Green Watsons head, forcing him to halt his incantation in panic and instant-cast an Ice Wall before immediately raising a Runic Shield.

But the Ice Wall was torn apart by Thorne, and the blade of light transformed into an afterimage that slashed nine times at Greens Runic Shield in an instant.

A large number of runes circulated on the Runic Shield, flowing even faster every time Thornes blade struck the shield. After nine blows, the Runic Shield collapsed and transformed into rays of light as it dissipated.

Green Watson looked at the greatsword slashing towards him with disbelief, his face filled with anger.

Thorne sneered. Just as he was about to hit Green, Thorne scattered his greatswords Aura and switched to the back of the blade.

Green Watson was a prideful Archmage used to lording over others, and his body was even more powerful than his Rank, yet he couldnt completely endure such a terrifying blow.

He let out a miserable shout as his body flew like a broken kite. He was sent flying a dozen meters away and rolled on the ground for another several meters before stopping.

The originally smooth and elegant robe became dilapidated, and his styled hair was also left in a mess. He was covered in dust, and bloody scratches were covering his hands and head. His left shoulder, which had been hit by the greatsword, was fractured.

Thorne stood still as he held the greatsword, disbelief still visible in his eyes.

I really defeated Green, and so easily

Moreover, I can feel the increase in strength, and my body also seems to have been altered in some way. My talent My talent grew!

Doesnt Doesnt that mean that I can still grow stronger? Doesnt that mean I have hope to advance to the 7th Rank?

This pleasant surprise was so sudden that Thorne felt overwhelmed.

As for Green Watson, he suddenly remembered what happened after he stopped screaming and stood up while covering his left shoulder. He stared at Thorne and hysterically shouted, "Damned b*stard, you dare to injure me, you actually dare to do this!? You are dead, no one can save you! Do you know who my grandfather is? Let me enlighten you, I come from the Watson Familys Ancestral Land, the Ancestral Land!

"Thorne, you absolutely wont survive this day, and not just you, even that damned Mafa Merlin, today is your last day! Your entire Merlin Family will die, everyone will be buried because of you!

You will all die, and not only that All the Merlins will suffer and wish they could die. Your souls will suffer for all eternity in the Wailing River.

"Thorne, you are dead, Mafa Merlin, you are also dead!"

Green went crazy and yelled hysterically. He completely didnt care that he was in the Merlin Familys Flame Demon Fort right now. Not only did he want Thorne dead, but he even wanted Lin Yun and the Merlin Family to be thoroughly annihilated.

Zeuss had sighed in relief when he saw Thorne holding back his strike. As long as no one died, everything would only be a small issue. But hearing Green Watson announcing his future retaliation, Zeuss face turned white once again.

That damned moron, they already let you off, but you still plan on retaliating? And not only Thorne, you even dragged Sir Mafa in! F*ck, are you trying to get me killed?

Zeuss face turned pale. It was too late to prevent it, Greens declaration already echoed throughout the entire Flame Demon Fort.

At this time, Lin Yun frowned as he slowly extended his finger and pointed at Green.

In an instant, boundless runes gathered at Lin Yuns fingertip and instantly condensed into a glaring radiance, which soon transformed a ray of light that instantly hit Green Watson.

Green, who was still crazily rattling off his declaration of retaliation, immediately came to a stop and was stunned.

He then felt his own mana moving fiercely. It was as if there was a huge hole from which his mana was crazily escaping.

5th Rank Archmage 3rd Rank Archmage, 9th Rank High Mage

It only took a few seconds for the Magic Conducting Rune in his body to collapse and his strength to fall to that of a Magic Apprentice.

In the end, the last trace of his Mana Seed was like a small flame dispersing in the wind.

It only took ten seconds for all of his mana to thoroughly dissipate.

Green Watsons expression greatly changed: shock, anger, astonishment, puzzlement, disbelief

He couldnt understand why Mafa Merlin dared to sneak attack him and cripple his mana, not even leaving him a wisp of his Mana Seed.

Is that guy unafraid of death? Didnt he remain silent because he was afraid of Sir Zeuss?

How could he dare? How could he dare do this, isnt he afraid of the Watson Familys retaliation?

I want him dead, I must have him killed, I must make him regret being born!

Right, Sir Zeuss! That damned guy dared to attack me in front of Sir Zeuss and cripple meRead the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

At this moment, various thoughts emerged in Green Watsons mind, but the greatest ones were disbelief and anger, and just as he thought of Zeuss, Green became crazed and hysterical.

"Sir Zeuss, kill him! Kill him! That stupid rat actually dared to do this, he actually dared to do this! Kill him quickly!

"And not just him, everyone here has to be killed, I want them dead, all of them have to die, all! Sir Zeuss, hurry up and attack!"

Facing Greens hysterical madness, Zeuss paled a bit and smiled bitterly.

That damned fool, I already dropped so many hints, yet you foolishly couldnt understand them dared to threaten Sir Mafa in person?

You are a f*cking moron Ive never seen anyone say so much in front of Sir Mafa without meeting a terrible end. Sir Mafa isnt a kindhearted person. He is normally quite sociable, but hell never be lenient against his enemies

That damned fool not only caused trouble for himself, but he even drew me into it, and the Watson Family might even be dragged into a quagmire because of him.

Cant you see? Is the current Sir Mafa still a High Mage?

Even I cant see through him, who knows what Rank he is at? Damnit, that damned Hoppet managed to survive for many years and even managed to escape the chase of a 9th Rank Archmage, yet even he wasnt able to escape from Sir Mafa. Only a couple spells were enough to cripple Hoppet, to cripple a Peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock!

Is this person someone you can provoke?

Not to mention that the Intrepid is completely under his control, and the mana crystal cannons on it are utterly terrifying. It made a mountain disappear with one shot!

The Fireblade Tribes army had been in control for so many years and even maintained an advantage over the three major forces after they started working together, yet they were annihilated in three minutes by Sir Mafas Intrepid.

And the three formidable races that had once been qualified to follow the Wisdom God all swore allegiance to Sir Mafa.

The Dark Elves are innate casters, an entire race of mages, and even the weakest child is a Great Mage! They have two 9th Rank Archmages, one of whom is advancing at a rapid pace and might soon reach the Heaven Rank

The numerous Ash Beastmen have many Archmages, and their Demon Warlocks are very powerful

As for the Firerock Dwarves Its an entire race of thugs. Just by looking at how they fight, even a Dragon would be torn to shreds by these thugs!

That fool, Green, actually dared to threaten Sir Mafa and declare the entire Merlin Family dead! Do you want the entire Watson Family to die instead!?

Damnit, by angering Sir Mafa, the Watson Family could end up flattened today. There is no need for the Intrepid to take care of it, just the restless Ash Beastmen would be enough to evaporate a few of our Familys forts

And also, my life was saved by Sir Mafa and my power was restored by him. Would I help you if this harmed the Watson Family and myself?

Hell, what did the Ancestral Land teach this idiot

Zeuss expression was terribly pale, but Green Watson was still hysterically screaming, so he had no choice but to step forward.

If I let this fool keep being noisy, Sir Mafa definitely wont remain so good-tempered. He might have not killed him so far for my sake.

This guy has such a great background and there will be huge troubles if he dies here. I cant let Sir Mafa make a faux pas.

As he thought through all this, Zeuss ground his teeth, rushed in front of Green, and ruthlessly slapped him twice before immediately pulling him aside.

He didnt wait for Green to speak and used an impact spell to knock him out.

Damn, Im saving you. If it werent for the sake of the Ancestral Land, I would have personally killed you!

After knocking Green out, Zeuss smiled at Lin Yun and bowed as an apology.

"Sir Mafa, Im really sorry, this guy His brain doesnt function well, please dont take offense, Ill immediately throw him back. Rest assured, the friendship between the Merlin Family and the Watson Family wont be affected. Ill see myself out"

Seeing that Mafa Merlin didnt stop him or get angry, Zeuss put in a good word for the Watson Family and promptly left with Green.

Zeuss rushed back to the fort controlled by the Watson Family. It would be useless if they didnt return After all, the idiotic Green almost offended Lin Yun.