End Of The Magic Era Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Followers


Now that Green Watson was crippled, Zeuss had to return to clean up the mess.

The Merlin Familys side suddenly became stable. Thorne had ultimately advanced to the 6th Rank of the Sword Saint realm and was showing off his Aura Battle Armor every day. He was very grateful to Lin Yun and admired him.

The Merlins were also deeply grateful because Lin Yun had brought back such a huge harvest this time. The three races alone could fill an entire fort.

The Merlin Family had suffered heavy losses, and their overall strength sharply declined, but they could still control the fort because the Fireblade Tribe was crippled and couldnt threaten it.

The Watson Family and the Black Tower had recently been busy mobilizing for the general attack on the Raging Flame Plane, so no one had time to come to the Merlin Family.

The division of the Horn of Fertility also followed the original loot attribution.

Lin Yun took out three drops of God Blood, as well as an alchemical solution, and diluted the blood and divided it for the Merlins.

This was one of the main reasons that all of the Merlins in the Flame Demon Fort had a good impression of Lin Yun.

That day, when Green Watson showed off his strength, none of the Merlins dared to be angry or say anything. But then, Mafa Merlin had crippled Green Watson, and Zeuss was actually the one to knock him out, apologize, and carry him while gloomily walking away.

This felt like a release to most of them. The Merlin Family had been stifled ever since Green Watson came, but they were finally okay.

And all those who drank the potion gained a rank, and after that, they could still feel their strength continuously increasing.

After all, the family members that came here were ordinary family members, ones that werent very talented. All the geniuses were being nurtured at the headquarters of the Merlin Family. Which of them would be willing to come to a dangerous place like the Raging Flame Plane?

Everyone here was battle-hardened and had accumulated enough power. The only thing restricting their advancement was their own innate talent.

With the potion prepared by Lin Yun, they had gained a trace of talent, and even their comprehension was upgraded. As a result, everyone ranked up.

The Archmages were killed during the assassination mission on Hoppet, and apart from Sword Saint Thorne, there were only two Low Rank Archmages.

The High Mage losses were the most disastrous, as they were wiped out. Most of those that remained were Great Mages.

They all gained a rank after drinking the potion and still clearly felt that they were improving.

That happiness couldnt be understood by those that didnt experience it themselves. To a mage, not making any progress for several years was even more unbearable than death.

Being able to progress was amazing.

Lin Yun knew that these guys potential had been upgraded by at least a realm, and as time passed, after advancing to the next realm, their progress would slow down.

If the God Blood werent so precious, and if Lin Yun had more of it, he wouldnt have been so stingy, only giving out three drops. He still needed enough for his mage subordinates.

But apart from that, many materials were also shared with the Flame Demon Fort so that they could create their own Magic Tools. After all, these materials were taken from the God Nation and were better than those from Noscent. They carried a wisp of the aura of the Wisdom Tree, and the results were outstanding. While forging Magic Tools, they would be half a rank better.

As he increased the power of the entire Merlin Family, Lin Yun would naturally not forget his fifty subordinates.

He couldnt help sighing when he saw his fifty subordinates.

They had originally been abandoned by the Merlin Family and had poor talent, destined to remain Mages all their lives. But now that they had absorbed mana with a Gods aura and experienced the constant pressure, their innate talent completely changed.

They were all High Mages now. The weakest one was a 2nd Rank High Mage, while the strongest one was already at the 6th Rank.

The speed of their progress was shocking, and compared to the other clansmen in the Raging Flame Plane, these fifty guys were simply geniuses. Thorne was reluctant to send these fifty men to their deaths because he knew of their strength. There was no problem with having them hold the fort. They would grow stronger as time passed, and overall, it would make up for the losses of the Merlin Family.

Lin Yun could see that these fifty High Mages were well-coordinated, and when working together, they could even beat up Thorne, a 6th Rank Sword Saint.

Lin Yun ground his teeth. These fifty were his own followers. He used his hard-earned capital and took out materials he got from the God Nation, as well as fifty drops of God Blood, and refined a potion that would maximize the effect of the God Blood.

Their bodies originally carried the aura of a God, and the mana they had absorbed was already infected. As time passed, they might be able to condense God Blood on their own.

Now, with God Blood as their foundation, these guys would suffer no obstructions in the High Mage realm.

After advancing to the High Mage realm, the gap between them had widened, and the speed of their progress also slowed down. With Lin Yuns nourishment, they would all be able to advance to the 9th Rank of the High Mage realm in the future, though whether they could advance to the Archmage realm was unknown.

But a group of fifty 9th Rank High Mages was something very scary.

Besides forces like the Black Tower, there was no mention of a force that could come up with fifty 9th Rank High Mages. In some mid-sized forces, 9th Rank High Mages were at the peak of status and power.

A plane that had yet to be conquered like the Raging Flame Plane was very dangerous. Without talent, there was no hope of advancing to the Archmage realm. 9th Rank High Mages would definitely not be dispatched here en masse, as it would be a huge blow to any of these forces if they fell.

The members of the Merlin Family were basking in the light, and everyone had improved. Xiuban and the others also got a lot of benefits.

After this extremely long period of fighting, Reina had already reached the peak of level 38 and could break through at any time. Lin Yun previously copied many ice-related spells from the Book of Mantras and gave them to Reina, and Reinas eyes shone as the spells instantly disappeared.

Xiuban smiled as he carried a pile of potions and went to his bedroom to bitterly cultivate.

Enderfa was restless from being idle since the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had been upgraded, and he was now hanging around the fifty High Mages every day in order to "help Merlin train his followers"

Lin Yun had also replaced the puppets components with extravagant materials from the God Nation. These could be used as materials for True Spirit Magic Tools, yet they were extravagantly used for the puppets body.

The three races were also fighting every day in some large rooms of the Intrepid. They had been hostile for so many years. Although they wouldnt cripple or kill each other, they still found the others unpleasant and would never stop fighting.

With the potions allocated by Lin Yun, the power of the three major races also greatly increased. And although they were arguing every day, their relationship did grow better and better. The Dark Elves took out many fruits that made the Ash Beastmen drool, and the Ash Beastmen were no longer afraid of starvation, making them willing to give a large amount of valuable materials to the Firerock Dwarves.

The Firerock Dwarves, who had been restless, immediately built a forge and helped the Ash Beastmen and the Dark Elves forge some weapons and armor. It was said that after Russ defeated the Flame Dragon Warlord, he felt that the other sides equipment wasnt good and he was bullying him.

As everything was settled, Lin Yun impatiently locked himself into an alchemy laboratory.

Among the precious materials he obtained, the most valued things were the horn of the Horned Six-Tailed Fox, the Golden Behemoths 3rd Eye, and the Rock Giants Heart.

These three things werent easy to process, and he wouldnt have a chance to try again if he failed, so Lin Yun didnt use them in that kind of simple and crude environment after receiving them.

He immediately started the processing once he got into the alchemy laboratory. These three things were extinct materials that could strengthen the Incarnation of the Draconic Staff.

There might not be such good materials in Noscent.

Although the power of the Draconic Staff wouldnt improve much, as long as the Purple Dragon Incarnation matured, the power of the Incarnation would double!

At that time, Lin Yun would be 50% more powerful when he had the support of the Purple Dragon Shadow and the Element Chapter.

Lin Yuns casting ability was already terrifyingly powerful, especially after advancing to the Archmage realm. 3rd Tier Spells and below were all Ultimate Spells.

And when using spells that were a bit more advanced, if he had the support of the Purple Dragon Shadow and the Element Chapter, the power of 4th Tier Spells would be comparable to Ultimate Spells.

Most 5th Tier Spells could also be strengthened to be comparable to Ultimate spells!

And Lin Yuns 6th Tier Spells would most likely have their power doubled!

Although the mana consumption of spells would increase exponentially, something like mana consumption wasnt a problem for Lin Yun with his Demiplane.

When the Purple Dragon Incarnation was successfully strengthened, Lin Yun would be like a human-shaped mana crystal fortress covered in mana crystal cannons!

Time kept passing by like the waves of the Wailing River, and soon, a month nearly passed.

The entire Flame Demon Fort had thoroughly changed. The decaying and murky atmosphere from the previous month had completely disappeared. Everyone felt reinvigorated and energetically positive.

There would be a large group of swordsmen with nowhere to vent their energy battling on the square every day, and Thorne would personally come over every few days.