End Of The Magic Era Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Common Sense


Damn, I heard that this Barok was very arrogant and that he looked down on everyone in the Black Tower aside from Harren, but why did he offend Sir Mafa? Heavens, he actually wants to kill Sir Mafa!

Do you really think that you can kill Sir Mafa just by having recently advanced to the 9th Rank? Too naive.

Hoppet was a Peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock, yet he was effortlessly killed by Sir Mafa like a helpless young kid, and you actually want to kill that Mafa Merlin?

Weiss was scared shitless after hearing Barok making more death threats, and he immediately rushed into the reception room.

"Sir Barok, Sir Barok, there must definitely be a misunderstanding"

Weiss was very polite as he rushed in.

Barok was extremely angry, when he saw Weiss, he immediately cursed at him.

"Who are you? Who let you enter? Damn b*stard, are you offending the prestige of a 9th Rank Archmage?"

Weiss turned pale and promptly explained, "Sir Barok, Im Weiss, do you remember me? I wasnt in the Griffin Fort before, so you might not have met me"

Hearing this, Baroks expression mellowed. He knew that Weiss was already a peak 8th Rank Archmage who might advance to the 9th Rank within a few years. When Barok took over the Black Tower, Weiss would become the 2nd Seat, barring any unforeseen changes.

He had a bit of respect for this kind of powerhouse

"Oh, turns out to be Sir Weiss. Is there something wrong?"

Weiss bitterly smiled as he wondered how he could persuade Barok.

"Sir Barok, I just heard you saying that you wanted to kill Sir Mafa Merlin Was there some misunderstanding?"

As he heard this, Baroks anger soared.

"That damned Merlin Family, and that damned Mafa Merlin! They killed so many members of our Black Tower, yet they still dare to ignore my summons, making me wait here for an entire day without showing up! This is contempt! They are looking down on my prestige, looking down on the prestige of a 9th Rank Archmage. I want him to pay with his life!"

Weiss mouth was wide open and he felt his legs weakening. For that f*cking matter? Because of such a dogsh*t reason?

Hell, dont you know how these people from the Black Tower died?

Open your f*cking eyes! There were over a hundred mana crystal cannons, and the Intrepid has an even more terrifying Hand of Destruction. A mountain that was over a kilometer tall was turned into a depression with one shot!

What does a bit of cannon fodder even count as? Several Archmages died when fighting against the Fireblade Tribe. Didnt Sir Mafas intervention avert a lot more loss on our side?

Damnit, this scoundrel actually dared to cooperate with the vicious and greedy Raging Flame Beastmen. Does he want to steal from the Merlin Family that badly?

A bunch of idiots! If not for Sir Mafas appearance, the Griffin Fort would have been flattened by those damned Raging Flame Beastmen, yet you are still blaming him?

Dont tell me that you think yourself unequalled after advancing to the 9th Rank? Something like Rank can only be used as a reference.

If you want to die, dont drag me in, and dont drag the Black Tower in. That crazy Falton was troublesome enough, and now there is another one Why do you have to pull the Black Tower down?

This is no good, I have to properly convince this crazy guy. Mafa Merlin isnt someone we can provoke, he isnt a kind-hearted person

Weiss anger soared, but Barok had higher status and was stronger than him, so he simply couldnt act too forceful. He could only advise him properly.

"Sir Barok, lets put aside whether there was a misunderstanding or not Sir Mafa Merlin isnt that simple, you cant treat him as an ordinary Archmage.

"You know about the Fireblade Tribes Tribal Chief, Hoppet, right? He was a Peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock, yet he died easily at Sir Mafas hands.

"Sir Mafa is terrifyingly talented, his casting abilities are awfully formidable, and he has far more mana than the average person. Moreover, he recently became an Artisan, and the True Spirit Magic Tool in his hand was his own creation. He is the most powerful youth I have ever encountered"

Weiss kept talking about Lin Yuns strength, hoping to make Barok change his mind.

But when he stopped, Barok smiled at Weiss with disdain.

That Weiss has no knowledge No wonder he has been following with Harren for such a long time, yet Im the one that ended up with the 2nd Seat of the Black Tower instead.

That guy never met anyone that was truly powerful but its true that there are no real powerhouses in the Raging Flame Plane. It can be seen from how even a 5th Rank Sword Saint was actually able to become a Commander of the Merlin Family. The Raging Flame Beastmen attacked so fiercely that the Merlin Family couldnt take them out.

That guy must have a pretty good relationship with the Merlin Family to speak on their behalf like that. I guess that kind of trash is all hes seen

Hmpf, no wonder Ive never heard of him having any military accomplishments even though he is an 8th Rank Archmage.

Barok was looking at Weiss with disdain, but he didnt comment on his words. Instead, he asked, "I heard that Mafa Merlin was still a High Mage a few months ago so he must have advanced recently, right?"

Weiss instinctively nodded before realizing what Barok was hinting at, so he hurriedly said, "Sir Barok, Mafa Merlin isnt your ordinary Archmage! He already had the power of an Archmage when at the High Mage realm, and he is even more powerful now"

Barok impatiently waved his arm.

"Okay, it goes without saying that a newly-advanced Archmage can only go so far no matter how great they are. I know that there are some people whose fighting power cant be calculated according to their Rank. But, Sir Weiss, do you need me to teach you common sense? Dont you know how great the gap between each level of the Archmage realm is?

"After the 5th Rank, every Rank is many times stronger than the previous one, a huge qualitative difference. Im a 9th Rank Archmage, while he is a newly advanced Archmage. How could he compare to me?

"Forget it, I know you dont understand. Without reaching this rank, you wont understand how powerful a 9th Rank Archmage is. To tell you the truth, I can easily kill the me from before I advanced. Okay, no need to say anymore"

Barok had an impatient expression as he turned to leave the reception room.

"Sir Barok Sir Barok"

Weiss opened his mouth and called a few times, but Barok ignored him.

Weiss grimaced. He really didnt know how to persuade him. Barok was simply ignoring everything he said.

Its over, Sir Barok is about to stir up trouble If Sir Mafa was really that weak, how could there be so many things happening around him? This is really stupid! Didnt you see the Watson Family being low-key recently? None of them went to provoke the Merlins.

That fool, Green Watson, was crippled by Sir Mafa, and Zeuss didnt even confront them about it. He instead apologized to Sir Mafa

Weiss had a bitter expression, and he really didnt know what to do.

Sh*t, this is no good, I have to let Sir Harren know. If this matter isnt solved, the arrogant Barok will definitely cause trouble.

As he thought of this, Weiss started writing a letter

Only for the eyes of Sir Harren

Weiss thought about it and wrote down everything that had happened since he went into the God Realm, and he then immediately had someone deliver it.

On another side, Barok was feeling twitchy, and his rage was getting stronger and stronger as the sky became pitch-black, yet still, no one appeared. In the end, he angrily left the Griffin Fort.

Damn b*stard! Today, Ill let you know what kind of price you have to pay for looking down on a 9th Rank Archmage!

Meanwhile, Lin Yun had truly forgotten who Barok was and didnt care at all. He was completely focused on trying to increase his strength.

The matter of the Draconic Staff was done, and he had used that time to get some understanding of the Intrepids design plan as he researched the Heaven Array.

Even if it was just attaining a bit of understanding and wasnt considered deciphering, this also helped Lin Yun obtain many benefits and raise his alchemy standards.

This time, in order to verify the results, he made the fifty High Mages under his command rapidly strengthen themselves.

Their Core Meditation Law Set was the Swift Star Mark, and although it only had 14 core formulas and couldnt compare with the most top-notch Meditation Law Sets, in terms of meditation efficiency, the Swift Star Mark was the best and most suitable for these fifty High Mages.

As long as they had rich mana, their strength would increase at a rapid pace. For them to take less than a year to advance to the High Mage realm was mostly due to the Core Meditation law Set.

And another important element was the alchemy array in the Ghost Valley.

Lin Yun had previously set up an array to gather mana there, and the density of mana had increased over ten times.

Although it couldnt compare to the Natural Demiplane, it was still ten times stronger than in other places.

Now, Lin Yun was going to rearrange the alchemy array. If it was successful, it would make the density of mana rise by another four or five more times, and this array would have other special effects.