End Of The Magic Era Chapter 792

Chapter 792 Impossible


A dozen flames rushed into Baroks Runic Shield, creating ripples and making the runes on it crazily move around.

Barok was like a ball being kicked all around by these fierce Flame Impacts. After flying several dozen meters away, Barok waved his staff, and a pair of Flame Wings appeared on his back, allowing him to stabilize and float in the air.

Barok seemed concerned as he looked at the Flame Elemental that came out of the huge Fire Wall.

He never expected Lin Yuns Fire Elemental Incarnation to actually be so powerful. It could definitely compare to a level 38 Flame Elemental with terrifying fire resistance. Low Tier fire spells simply couldnt harm him.

Lin Yun held onto his Draconic Staff while sneering.

Did that idiot think I would use Ice spells?

The origin of the Raging Flame Plane is the power of fire, so Fire spells are naturally the strongest. Using Ice spells here to deal with a 9th Rank Archmage proficient in fire, are you crazy?

Almost no one valued Elemental Incarnation enough in this era. Few people could imagine that it would be an essential spell for future magical battles.

Although Elemental Incarnation didnt have a definite spell tier, the higher ones Rank, the more powerful it would be But it did have a hidden spell tier.

Under normal circumstances, the strongest spells a High Mage could use were at the 6th Tier, but, as their magic comprehension, casting speed, and incantation optimization increased, the power of their spells would surpass their tiers to become Ultimate Spells, and a 6th Tier spell would burst out with the power of a formidable 8th Tier Spell.

By the time Noscent developed to the apex, everyone was a genius. Their bodies were no longer a factor that limited mages. The factors that delimited a mages power were their comprehension ability, reserves of knowledge, different insights, and sharpness of mind.

High mages that were able to make a 6th Tier spell burst out with the power of a 7th Tier spell, or even an Ultimate Spell, might be few in number, but they still existed.

And such people would, without exception, be among Noscents elites.

Elemental Incarnation could be regarded as a Tierless spell. It was a spell that grew alongside its user. No one really paid much attention to it until a powerhouse named the Flame Sovereign appeared. Only then was it really valued.

The Flame Sovereign was someone who unearthed the concept of hidden spell tier. At that time, the Flame Sovereign fell into a Fire Plane as a 9th Rank Archmage. Although that Fire Plane wasnt huge and had no Flame Elemental Overlord, there were over a hundred Lesser Flame Overlords!

And there were no less than a million Flame Elemental lifeforms!

After the people who rushed to rescue him found out, they immediately gave up on the rescue attempt, because he had fallen into the center of the plane. They would need to raid the core of the plane to reach him.

Three Heaven Rank powerhouses launched an offensive, but after getting half of the way through there, they discovered that they wouldnt be able to make it. The quantity of Flame Elementals was just too great. A Heaven Rank powerhouse faced dozens of Lesser Flame Overlords and several hundred thousand Flame Elementals, eventually having to withdraw due to exhaustion.

But the Flame Sovereign eventually managed to kill his way out. Even though he was only a 9th Rank Archmage, he killed several dozen level 39 Lesser Flame Overlords and over three hundred thousand Flame Elementals.

After killing his way out, the Flame Sovereign even saved the three exhausted Heaven Rank powerhouses.

At that time, everyone found out that the Flame Sovereign only used Fire Elemental Incarnation. With that active, the spells of those Flame Elementals were simply unable to injure him. He was completely immune to all fire spells below the 9th Tier.

And what shocked the others even more was that after the Flame Sovereign sent away the people that came to rescue him, he turned around and jumped back into that Fire Elemental Plane and spent over a month purging it. Over a hundred level 39 Lesser Flame Overlords, several hundred level 38 Lesser Flame Overlords, and a few hundred thousand Flame Elemental lifeforms They were all killed by the lone Flame Sovereign.

Such a feat shocked all of Noscent, and after everyone learnt that this accomplishment was due to Fire Elemental Incarnation, waves of research on Elemental Incarnation flooded Noscent.

The concept of hidden spell tier was also brought up by the Flame Sovereign and was ultimately confirmed. Under normal circumstances, an Elemental Incarnation was only equivalent to the power of the user, but after thorough research, practice, and meticulous study, the power of the Elemental Incarnation could be upgraded just like ordinary spells. And the outcome of the research showed that the concept of Ultimate Spells was also applicable.

As long as the Fire Elemental Incarnation could become an Ultimate Spell, the users would be completely immune to all spells of the same Tier, and the power and casting ability of fire spells would also increase while it was active.

This was extremely terrifying.

A single Archmage that had trained Fire Elemental Incarnation to its peak would be able to defeat an entire army of mages specializing in fire spells if they didnt have a backup plan.

A large-scale mage army originally needed to spend several dozen years to conquer an Elemental Plane, but from that point on, one mage sufficiently proficient in the corresponding Elemental Incarnation would only need a year to easily conquer such a plane. It was a huge difference.

It was too great

Not only would there not be a huge amount of losses, the benefits sky-rocketed!

Noscents path of planar conquest was pushed to the peak thanks to the exploration of Elemental Incarnation.

When Bane conquered the Undead Plane, his most fearsome opponent wasnt a Bone Dragon or a Death Knight It was just a skeleton who had become a Skeleton Emperor after starting from the lowest Skeleton. It had formidable power that could tear through any defenses and a powerful body that could make most spells lose their effects.

The main reason Bane was able to kill that Skeleton Emperor was the Void Ghost Incarnation!

By researching the Void Ghost Incarnation to its peak, Bane became immune to any physical attacks of lifeforms of the same rank!

And the terrifying strength of that Skeleton Emperor that could tear through space itself was ineffective, and ultimately, Bane relied on his High Tier spells to slowly wear it down.

Unfortunately, no one in this era knew about this matter.

Thus, Barok was naturally doomed

Lin Yun had been practicing using Elemental Incarnations since he was at the Mage realm, and his control over Fire Elemental Incarnation was the greatest, especially since he advanced to the Archmage realm after obtaining the Book of Mantras and Constances skull. Although he couldnt be immune to spell of the same Tier yet, he could reduce fire damage by more than half, and while using Fire Elemental Incarnation, swimming in lava wasnt an issue.

Baroks fire mastery was indeed greater than that of ordinary mages, but at this moment, of the several dozen Fire spells he cast, a few of them fell on Lin Yun, only to appear as cool as a breeze on his body. It simply didnt have any great effect.

Barok slightly crumbled. He couldnt understand at all.

What the hell is going on?! Is this damned guy using a special defensive method? Why are my spells useless against him?

The burning flames are completely useless, while explosive and impact fire spells have no effect. This is such a cheat This is too illogical!

Barok no longer had the pride he originally displayed. He was like a twitching rat that kept moving around to dodge while continuously casting fire spells, unwilling to admit defeat.

I dont believe it!

He no longer had time to cast High Tier spells, so he could only use a large number of spells to flood him.

Barok still had some hope.

He gritted his teeth and waved his staff, causing a large number of Low Tier fire spells to flood towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun slightly paused. He wasnt scared at all, but he was stunned from amazement

Is that guy really an idiot? Have you ever seen a Flame Elemental being burnt to death by Low Tier Spells? This is no longer a question of quantity, but quality.

On the other hand, Barok immediately rejoiced when he saw Lin Yun pause for a moment.

Damn b*stard, Ive finally found your weak point! Regardless of what defensive method youre using, there are definitely limits to it. Youll be screwed as long as I keep attacking and increase the frequency of the attacks enough.

Stupid rat, you actually dare to offend the prestige of a 9th Rank Archmage, to offend the Black Tower. Youll pay the price with your life today!

In an instant, the formidable flood of fire submerged Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns body was like a leaf floating on a river, making it seem as if Baroks tactics were working.

Unfortunately, the next moment, Lin Yuns body suddenly disappeared and transformed into a ball of fire sailing against the current. After two Flame Flashes, he landed five meters from Barok.

Three blue flames suddenly appeared and sandwiched Barok.

Barok was going completely crazy.

Damnit, how could this be? This is illogical, this is impossible!

As the three Bursting Flames were about to fall, Baroks keen control over fire made him think of something.

Its all because of the Fire Elemental Incarnation!

The thought just appeared, but he didnt have time to think and instantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation himself.

Then, the three blue flames blasted Barok

"Boom, boom, boom"