End Of The Magic Era Chapter 794

Chapter 794 A Large Group


Harren shook his head with a smile as he roughly guessed what had happened. Barok definitely went to cause trouble for Mafa Merlin but wasnt his match, and at the last moment, Weiss appeared and asked Mafa Merlin to be lenient.

With that youths temperament, anyone looking for trouble would meet a bad end

Since there was no need to recall Barok, as it was already too late, Harren hinted for the people that had come him to leave and pondered for a moment before also leaving the Black Towers Council Chamber.

He followed a quiet path and reached the Black Towers Holy Land after half an hour.

The Holy Land was shrouded in darkness and nothing could be seen. Harren went into the darkness, and after a while, a loud roar shaking the heavens came from within.

"Who has the cheek to imprison my disciple!? The Black Tower isnt that easy to bully!"

A short moment later, Harren left the Holy while bitterly shaking his head.

Raging Flame Plane, Flame Demon Fort.

The Merlin Family wasnt at all depressed by the fact that there was no conflict; they were in fact prospering with each passing day.

The three clans under Lin Yun were dispatched, but no one knew where they went.

Mana Crystal Cannons that were over two meters long were now sitting atop the Flame Demon Forts defenses, being quite an effective deterrence. After the cannons were tested a few times, all the spies wandering outside disappeared.

Everything became quiet. Xiuban was embracing his pile of potions every day, eating his fill before lying down atop his home to recover. He was only sleeping, yet his aura was becoming more and more frightening. Sometimes, people would pass by there without noticing him, and they would feel as if a terrifying magic beast was nearby.

Reina was still studying the incantations every day, and when she was free, she would go out to test her spells while continuously increasing her strength. Her mana was also increasing faster than before.

Lin Yuns fifty High Mage subordinates were also progressing at a rapid speed, and the weakest one was already at the 6th Rank, while the strongest one was at the 7th Rank.

Moreover, Lin Yun had already used some of his harvest to customize magic staves for the fifty of them, increasing their fighting strength yet again.

Although these magic staves were Inheritance Magic Tools and none of them reached the Spiritual Magic Tool level, they all had spirit mana crystals of fire magic beasts embedded within. This meant that the original owners of those mana crystals were magic beasts that were at, or above, level 30.

Lin Yu had also carved an array on top of every mana crystal. He had meticulously studied the Heaven Rank Array of the Intrepid, and although he only had a superficial comprehension of it, it was already far beyond his original comprehension of arrays.

And it wasnt just the mana crystals Even the staff itself was made of wood from Red Flame Trees. This kind of precious wood could only grow in places rich in fire elements. Usually, it would only grow in areas near flowing lava.

Stagnant lava would be unable to handle the absorptive power of Red Flame Trees and would solidify within a few years, and hardened lava would lose its heat, causing the Red Flame Trees to wither.

A staff crafted from Red Flame Wood would increase the power of fire spells by 30%, even without a rune or array carved into it!

But now, Lin Yun had covered every corner of these fifty High Mages magic staves with runes and arrays. The combination of the two increased the effect of the Red Flame Tree to the extreme, especially with the matching spirit mana crystals from fire magic beasts.

When casting fire spells, consumption would be reduced by 30%, while the power would be increased by 50%, and the cast time would even be halved! Even the convergence of fire elements would be 50% faster.

Such extreme effects would make the users of the staves produce the same effects as if they had been using Peak Spiritual Magic Tools.

But when using other spells, the effects would be reduced by more than half.

These staves were most suited for the fifty High Mages. They had the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Runes, which was considered the most powerful Magic Conducting Runes for war. When using fire spells, their power would be at least 30% higher.

When all these factors were combined, they could make the power of the fifty High Mages reach a crazy level. The fifty High Mages could last over three minutes against Lin Yun!

Lin Yun was very satisfied with this result. On the battlefield, these fifty High Mages would definitely be able to exert the power of a well-trained mage army, and might even be more powerful!

Because when they were together, they werent meant to fight against a single formidable powerhouse. They were meant to grow in war!

Only on the battlefield could they display the full extent of their power.

Seeing these fifty High Mages growing so quickly, Thorne would come every day with a thick face to bother Lin Yun.

The Merlin Familys losses had been disastrous, leaving them with insufficient strength, so they had many problems they couldnt deal with.

"The Merlin Family wont be able to defend themselves if you are away, so we must rely on the younger generation. Please, you must think of a way to strengthen the younger generation," he pleaded. "These youths talents are not too bad, but their strength is rising too slowly. It would be unfortunate if they died in battle" This was his argument.

Lin Yun threw him an 8-Formula Meditation Law Set and a similarly ranked swordsman Aura Tempering method.

There was no movement from the Watson Family, as Zeuss had completely been won over by Lin Yun, and while the members of the Merlin Family went out, no Watson would dare to be arrogant. Their attitude had taken a complete 180, and no one dared to say anything about the Merlin Family to their face.

The Black Tower was completely silent. They didnt even dispatch someone after Barok had been suppressed in the Ghost Valley. Harrens thoughts were unknown, and he made no overt moves, as if nothing had happened.

In fact, the members of the Black Tower also seemed to have mellowed out, no longer daring to be openly arrogant towards the Merlin Family. The troublemakers were locked in the fort of the Black Tower and couldnt see any Merlins.

As the resources were being exploited, an increased flow of resources was delivered to the Flame Demon Fort, and the Merlin Family was showing signs of flourishing development.

In the end, when the time to go to Storm Fort approached, the Watson Family and the Black Tower even came to consult with Lin Yun, as if the Merlin Family was at the head of the three forces.

As for the people who had been secretly eyeing the Merlin Family, they were also forced to temporarily withdraw. No one came to cause problems for the Merlin Family.

Thus, Lin Yun could improve his strength in peace.

As Lin Yuns strength steadily increased, the day to join forces for the general attack also arrived.

"The Storm Fort is the northern Raging Flame Planes biggest fort. In the past, it was jointly attacked by the two strongest forces of the Kingdom, the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower. Now, the two forces are each occupying half of it, and they do not interfere with each other. Usually, they would only station forces there without any Commanders. This time, for the general attack, most of the kingdoms forces dispatched representatives, and everyone will formally discuss how to organize the general attack"

Lin Yun listened to the explanation of the person next to him. Because Thorne was afraid that Lin Yun wouldnt care about these matters, as he always went into his laboratory every day, he dispatched someone to explain the matters of the Storm Fort on the way.

Who were the forces going to the Storm Fort? Who were the Commanders? These pieces of information were crammed into Lin Yuns brain.

And in reality, Thorne wasnt worried for nothing. Lin Yun really didnt think much about it, and he really didnt expect that the kingdom would be determined to completely capture the Raging Flame Plane.

So many forces, yet they were actually going to the Storm Fort to start discussing how to attack. They didnt even have any basic plan yet This made Lin Yun speechless

Lin Yun brought the fifty High Mages with him, as well as Reina and Xiuban. The Black Tower led the way, while the Watsons and the Merlins followed.

The magic beasts and Raging Flame Beastman scouts they encountered on the way were all taken care of by the Black Tower in the front.

This time, the Merlin Familys manpower was Lin Yuns group. They didnt take along a single swordsman. The Black Tower and the Watson Family had more people, with several hundred mages of varying ranks. Their armies of archers and swordsmen reached up to three thousand people, and they were all elites.

Zeuss and Weiss were shocked when they saw Lin Yun leading these fifty High Mages. After all, the weakest was at the 5th Rank, while the strongest was at the 8th Rank, not to mention that when they stood together, their auras showed signs of fusing together. Anyone with discerning eyes would be able to see how frightening these people were.

Zeuss and Weiss sighed in front of Lin Yuns display. After all, the number of High Mages within the Black Tower and the Watson Familys armies here didnt reach fifty, and it looked like Lin Yuns subordinates were very powerful.

Thus, early on, Zeuss and Weiss ordered the people under them to not provoke a single member of the Merlin Family.

But things werent absolute. Zeuss prestige in the Watson Family was very high, and after Green Watson left, Zeuss was left alone at the helm, so no one would dare to disobey his orders.

On the other hand, it was a lot more complicated for the Black Tower. Not including Barok, there were four people above the 5th Rank of the Archmage realm, and these people werent very convinced by Weiss. They would act properly in front of him, but who knew what they actually thought?

And the plan to suppress the Merlin Family a month ago had come from these people. Moreover, the matter of Barok being suppressed by Lin Yun had been hidden. Besides Weiss, only Harren knew. Weiss was doing his best to keep these days peaceful.

This team was advancing steadily when a 6th Rank Archmage at the back of the Black Towers formation quietly appeared beside Lin Yuns group.

John was wearing a black robe and had a sinister expression as he put on a fake smile as if he was mocking them.