End Of The Magic Era Chapter 796

Chapter 796 : Independent World


Lin Yun was looking around, and while referencing the layout of the Storm Fort, he quickly discovered many flaws of the Flame Demon Fort. In fact, some of those flaws could be exploited by others, and could even be fatal.

Lin Yun was lost in thought when an unpleasant hoarse voice echoed.

"Oh? Isnt that Mafa Merlin of the Merlin Family? What, you have also come to the Storm Fort? Does the Merlin Family have no one else?"

Lin Yun slightly frowned and turned around to see a sneering, pale-skinned man in his thirties.

Lin Yun ignored this man wearing a luxurious robe and went back to observing the Storm Fort.

This immediately angered Kans Charlotte.

Wretched guy, I actually encountered him here! I really didnt think he would have run to the Raging Flame Plane. An abandoned member of the Merlin Family dared to offend our Charlotte Family. I even took the initiative to speak to that damned guy, yet he refuses to acknowledge me!

Kans had a cold expression. He had been travelling before, and when he returned to the Charlotte Family, he heard that the Merlin Family had someone called Mafa Merlin that dared to set himself against the Charlotte Family. They suffered a loss, and some Charlottes seemed to have been killed by Mafa Merlin.

Kans wasnt very clear about the details, though. He only remembered this person and saw a portrait of him before no longer caring. It was only a High Mage, after all. He could easily get rid of that kind of trash if they ever met.

Would the Merlin Family still start a war with the Charlotte Family if there was no evidence? The Merlin Family had shown signs of emergence in the past years, but the Charlotte Family wasnt easily bullied.

As one of the important nurtured members of the Charlotte Family, Kans simply looked down upon Merlins, let alone a High Mage that was only forced to return to his Family because of his wealth.

And now, with such a person ignoring him, Kans simply couldnt endure. Does he think he can ignore me, Kans Charlotte, just because he advanced to the Archmage realm?

"Mafa Merlin, could it be that you feel that you can be proud because you advanced to the Archmage realm? Im talking to you! Hmpf I originally thought of letting you apologize to the Charlotte Family in front of everyone, but it looks like teaching you a lesson is necessary."

Kans raised his head, arrogance visible on his pale face as he acted as if he was giving Lin Yun a chance.

Not far away, Weiss and Zeuss had already noticed the disturbance and were smiling at Kans Charlottes misfortune.

"That kid seems to be from the Charlotte Family"

"Yes, the Charlotte Family has truly declined Could it be that they arent even taught something as basic as distinguishing between those they can offend and those they cant?"

"This guy is actually quite talented. He is in his thirties and is already a 5th Rank Archmage. He could be considered an outstanding person in the Charlotte Family Unfortunately, his brain isnt very good."

"Apparently, Sir Mafa previously had some conflict with the Charlotte Family. I dont know the details, but it seems clear from Kans Charlottes appearance that it shouldnt be anything big. Is that guy trying to escalate the conflict?"

Weiss and Zeuss had mocking expressions as they watched the play with a smile. In any case, the Charlotte Family wasnt close to them. Upsetting Mafa Merlin unhappy for this guys sake wasnt worth it.

Kans Charlotte stood with a few people and looked at Lin Yun with a strange smile.

He is just a dispensable outsider of the Merlin Family. How could he dare to offend our Charlotte Family? With so many people here today, if he dares to contradict me, Ill use that as an excuse. The Merlin Family definitely wouldnt offend us because of him, so theyd make him apologize to our Charlotte Family.

Its best to make it blow up into a big matter so that I can use the Merlin Family causing chaos as an excuse. I heard the Merlin Family recently got some good harvests. Not only did they manage to control a few forts, but they even obtained some of the resources of the Horn of Fertility. Truly wretched! The Merlin Familys forces in the Raging Flame Plane are so weak, yet they were allocated the richest part of the Horn of Fertility.

Kans raised his head, waiting for Lin Yun to apologize in fright. Hed take advantage of that fear to take a big bite and carve himself a part of the cake.

But Lin Yun didnt even look at him as he kept observing the Storm Fort, and the few people next to him also ignored Kans Charlotte.

Disdain could be seen flickering on Xiubans face. He glanced at the Kans Charlottes thin body and pale complexion before looking at Carnage and estimating that he didnt need to use any power to kill that thin guy.


Kans Charlotte ruthlessly glared at Lin Yun, and his expression became more and more unsightly.

How could this guy dare to treat me like this? He actually dares to ignore me? To ignore the Charlotte Family?

No one on Lin Yuns side paid attention to him for a while, and during that time, Lin Yun had more or less observed the forts entire layout.

Lin Yun seemed to remember that there was someone else beside him just as Kans was about to say something.

"Eh, who are you? Do you need something?"

A prideful expression appeared in Kans eyes. So you couldnt help yourself? You will continue pretending in order to try to rile me up?

"I am Kans Charlotte, of the Charlotte Family"

Lin Yun seemed to suddenly recall something.

"Ah, sorry, excuse me I have something I need to do really quick."

After saying that, Lin Yun left Kans Charlotte behind and went towards Weiss.

"Sir Weiss, there is something Id like to ask you, but I dont know if its convenient for you to talk about it."

Weiss cordially smiled.

"Sir Mafa, you are too polite, dont hesitate to ask. As long as its not classified information of the Black Tower, there will be no trouble."

Lin Yun smiled and pointed outside the Storm Fort.

"When coming in, I noticed a strange valley not far from the Storm Fort. It was shrouded in black mist"

Weiss looked as if he suddenly understood and chuckled. "Haha, I knew Sir Mafa would ask about this. A powerful Artisan like Sir Mafa would definitely want to figure this out. This isnt inconvenient. That Valley is called the Poison Mist Valley. No one knows how long that valley has been here for, it was already here when we arrived in the Raging Flame Plane.

"At first, we also probed the Poison Mist Valley and discovered that the black mist was an extremely toxic poisonmist that could corrode all power. An average person simply cant go in, as they would just die.

"At first, we also lost a lot of manpower, but the Storm Forts geographical location was too important and we couldnt casually give up. Thus, the Cloud Tower and our Black Tower joined forces and dispatched two 8th Rank Archmages.

"But these two veteran Archmages were unable to clearly examine the insides. They came up empty-handed and had to give up as they were corroded by poisonmist. They almost died, and since then, no one paid attention to the Poison Mist Valley.

"That Poison Mist Valley didnt change for so many years, and it didnt influence anything, so no one paid attention to it.

"Sir Mafa, could it be that you want to examine the Poison Mist Valley? I strongly urge you not to go in. We examined it before and didnt find anything valuable. Moreover, it is very dangerous. That highly toxic corrosive power is very strong, but it wont be dangerous unless you go in."

Lin Yun nodded but didnt agree to anything in particular.

"Alright, thank you for telling me this, Sir Weiss."

Lin Yun suddenly came to a realization when Weiss talked about the black mist. He clearly understood why it felt so strange now.

It wasnt just because there was such a strange valley next to the Storm Fort It was because the black mist gave a feeling of deja vu.

Lin Yun and Weiss exchanged a few sentences before they took their own people to find a place to settle down.

In the distance, Kans Charlotte was gnashing his teeth as he angrily glared at Lin Yuns back. He wanted to say something, but he couldnt get any words out.

He didnt dare to interrupt the discussion between Mafa Merlin and Weiss, but now, Mafa Merlin had already walked away. Could he still cause trouble for Mafa Merlin under Weiss gaze? This would be disrespecting Weiss.

Damn b*stard, dont think I havent noticed your little trick. You actually looked for Sir Weiss to help you get away! It wont be that easy to escape.

Kans Charlotte furiously walked away.

In the evening, Lin Yun took Xiuban, Reina, and Enderfa and quietly left the Storm Fort to reach the entrance of the Poison Mist Valley.

He looked at the calmly floating poisonmist that seemed to be held back by an invisible barrier. The area on the other side seemed to be a completely different environment.

With the support of a shield, Lin Yun took a step into the Poison Mist Valley, with Xiuban and Reina following behind.

They didnt express any objections after taking a step forward, but Lin Yun faintly frowned. This was clearly abnormal. Even if the poisonmist couldnt drift about, it shouldnt be that one step was all it took to be completely out of the poisonmist.

Clearly, something, or some sort of special environment, transformed this Poison Mist Valley into a small independent world. The surroundings were filled with black fog, but it looked very different from the outside.