End Of The Magic Era Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Storm Fort


From the outside, they couldnt see anything inside, but after entering, the black mist seemed to have become a lot more transparent, allowing them to see several hundred meters away.

The valley was desolate and silent, with no vitality. Only some sparse and withered grass grew inside. The rest was all stones.

As he walked for a bit, Lin Yun had yet to find anything valuable, but his expression wasnt good.

The further he walked in, the greater the power of the poisonmist, and the greater its toxicity. He could only barely resist, but there was clearly a reaction on his shield. The poisonmist was like a swarm of bloodthirsty ants crazily trying to infiltrate his shield.

Xiubans skin was already red like a cooked prawn, and his body was continuously emitting heat as it was resisting the formidable toxins.

Lin Yun was shocked by the incredible display of strength from Xiuban.

As for Reina, there was already a faint black thread on her arm, a sign of her body already becoming corroded.

"Go! Lets leave first!"

When he made his decision, Lin Yun immediately ordered them to return. Reina was a Frost Dragon and had recently advanced to level 39, yet she was still unable to resist the toxins in the poisonmist. Walking inside would go slower, and they would be unable to resist.

Everyone rapidly withdrew from the Poison Mist Valley, and they still didnt meet any obstructions as they left, as if it was just an ordinary valley.

After leaving, Lin Yun had a deep frown. He promptly took out a bottle of a detoxifying potion and handed it to Reina. Reina downed the potion, and the faint black thread seemed to come alive. It struggled for a bit before transforming into black mist that rushed out of her arm.

Ordinary antidotes would be ineffective against this kind of toxicity. With Reinas poison resistance, she was surprisingly only able to force the poison out of her body after drinking the antidote. She couldnt completely dissolve the toxins. If someone else had been poisoned, it might have been too much even for Mafa Merlin.

As he thought about it, Lin Yun shook his head, turned around, and took two steps before stopping. His gaze was locked onto some weeds growing next to the Poison Mist Valley.

An idea flashed in his mind. As a Frost Dragon, Reina was unexpectedly unable to resist that extreme toxin, yet they were able to see some dry, withered grass within the Poison Fog Valley.

Although they were withered, they hadnt turned to ashes

The Poison Fog Valley didnt even have wind. Anything entering would be rapidly corroded, causing it to rot from the extreme toxins. The poisonmist was like an endless swarm of hungry and bloodthirsty ants that wouldnt let off anything that could be corroded.

The grass unexpectedly didnt turn into ashes, and it looked like they had been withered for a very long time. He assessed that within a few years, that withered grass would definitely grow in the Poison Fog Valley, even on the outer areas!

Thus, he came to the conclusion that this grass could resist the strange poisonmist, at least to a certain degree!

Lin Yun then looked at the weeds outside the Poison Fog Valley and noticed a few strands hiding in some underbrush no different from the ones he had seen before; they were exactly the same!

He walked towards the underbrush and controlled four Mana Hands to excavate two medicinal ingredients from the pile of weeds in front of him, including their roots.

The two medicinal ingredients werent injured in the slightest, and after digging them out, they were immediately put into glass bottles, and even the environment, temperature, and air were kept the same.

Many medicinal ingredients that grew in special environments would immediately wither and die after leaving said special environment, just like the Red Flame Golden Lotus growing beside lava rivers. As long as the temperature was reduced too much, they would spontaneously combust and turn to ashes, no longer harvestable.

All medicinal ingredients had to be conserved through special methods. If it was unclear, they would have to transplant the ingredient into an environment similar to the one it had been in to guarantee its survival.

And this ingredient very similar to dry grass was something Lin Yun had never seen! This was why Lin Yun was so careful.

If it spread that an Artisan couldnt recognize a strand of grass, everyone would definitely think it was a joke.

This medicinal ingredient was a little bit different than the rest of the weeds, and only an Artisan like Lin Yun could sharply discover the difference.

Otherwise, the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower wouldnt have missed it for so many years.

In fact, the two forces were both still trying to find someone to take a look, but unfortunately, even a Master Alchemist proficient in potioneering hadnt noticed the different kind of grass among the large underbrush.

Lin Yun looked at the two herbs in his hands and suddenly remembered a saying.

There is always a detoxifying herb next to a vipers nest!

This wasnt unreasonable Some vipers would spray venom in their surroundings to warn away other predators, and as time passed, some plants would absorb the venom and undergo mutations that allowed them to detoxify it.

The weeds growing here looked like the type whose seeds were carried by wind. Some random weeds might have ended up growing on the edge of the Poison Mist Valley, and even if the probability was extremely low, it could eventually result in a mutation over the years.

The dry grass in the areas filled with poisonmist was the best proof. Although these kinds of grass were medicinal ingredients, there were very few of them, but nothing was definite yet. These medicinal ingredients might have the ability to resist poison, but they could also absorb poison and be highly toxic.

Back at the Storm Fort, Lin Yun immediately took out some simple alchemy equipment and started inspecting the two medicinal ingredients.

He soon got the results. These never-before-seen medicinal ingredients werent holding toxins. In fact, they had very powerful poison resistance, and as medicinal ingredients, they had detoxifying effects.

He couldnt research the details for the moment Being able to use a kind of never-before-seen medicinal ingredient wasnt that easy.

The next day.

The sky was bright, and the Storm Fort was bustling with liveliness. More and more forces arrived at the Storm Fort, large and small. It didnt take long for ten different groups to appear.

Yesterdays lively street was now crowded, and numerous people could be seen on the horizon.

Horses, carts, and other such things could no longer appear on the main street. Both sides of the streets were crowded with people selling goods.

No one knew if the low-key mage vendor next to them might, in fact, be a High Mage.

Those gray stones that looked broken might be high-level materials that could only appear in Noscents world auctions.

A random passerby on the street might be a Great Swordsman, and that mage with a dirty robe and messy hair could be an Archmage.

The Storm Fort suddenly had the most prosperous period in history. All kinds of deals were underway, and there wasnt a single ordinary person. There were even a dozen Archmages on the street.

There were a lot more Great Swordsmen and High Mages.

Most of the tables and chairs in the huge conference room had already been taken away, and there were only two tables left, filled with all kinds of fruits and beverages.

Large and small forces representatives were now gathered there, joking together as they kept greeting familiar people.

Lin Yun was holding a glass of light wine suitable for a mage to drink, and he smiled as he replied to others greetings.

"Good day, Sir Mafa Merlin.."

"Good day, Sir Zeuss"

"Good day, Sir Mafa, did you rest well last night? If there is anything unsatisfactory, please tell me. After all, you are our Black Towers guest"

"You are too polite, Sir Weiss, this is pretty good"

As long as they had met him before, they would greet Lin Yun. After all, the Merlin Family had shown signs of flourishing recently. Those who had spent some time in the Raging Flame Plane were a bit more flexible and knew that even the Black Tower was walking on tightrope with the Merlin Family, so others naturally wouldnt offend them.

"Sir Mafa, ah! Its good to see you. Ive been wondering if Sir Mafa would come, but I truly didnt expect to see you"

Lin Yun turned around and saw a thin youth walking over with a glass of wine. The youth slightly bowed as he enthusiastically talked.

Lin Yun smiled. "Oh, turns out to be High Mage Henry Morgan! Its been a very long time, are you here on behalf of your Morgan Family?"

Morgan hurriedly nodded and promptly explained.

"Sir Mafa, I went to the Flame Demon Fort before and wanted to come together with the Merlin Family, but you had already left when I arrived, and I only arrived today."

Lin Yun nodded. The Morgan Family was considered a subordinate of the Merlin Family. The Flame Demon Forts supplies were taken care of by them.

The Merlin Family was short on personnel, and it was impossible to dispatch a lot of manpower to the Raging Flame Plane to supply the necessities. A huge portion of that mission fell onto the Morgan Family.

Henry Morgan was moved at the prospect of being able to talk to Lin Yun.

He had been the one to deliver the supplies to the Flame Demon Fort this time, and he had learnt a lot about many things. The outstanding changes of the Merlin Family this month had all been due to Mafa Merlin, and even Commander Thorne would lower his head in front of him. How could Henry not try to establish a good relationship?