End Of The Magic Era Chapter 798

Chapter 798 You And Your Family


Lin Yun had a good impression of Henry Morgan, as he was very hardworking and honest. While the Merlin Family had been in a difficult situation for the past few months, the Morgan Familys situation also hadnt been good, and they were often subjected to difficulties.

But Henry Morgan would never delay when it came to delivering supplies. He was always on time, which gave Lin Yun a very good impression, especially since Henry Morgan would personally lead his team every time. These days, he would specially deliver fruits that were specific to Noscent. This made Lin Yun, who had forgotten the taste of fruits, feel appreciative.

After all, although the Raging Flame Plane was rich in natural resources, most of them were minerals. The environment wasnt gentle enough, and most of the common cereals, fruits, and vegetables of Noscent couldnt grow in there, so the only way to stock them was through constant resupply.

And the cost of each supply run wasnt small. Cereals necessarily occupied the major part, while vegetables and meat occupied the smaller part. Something like fruit, which wouldnt cause death if they werent eaten, would just be troublesome to carry.

Almost no one in the Flame Demon Fort had seen Noscents sweet fruits.

With his mood buoyed, Lin Yun would occasionally give a few pointers to Henry Morgan. This made him even more respectful, as if he had gained an extremely precious treasure, and he hadnt even given anything particularly precious. So every time he came, he would bring some fruits unique to Noscent for Lin Yun, leaving a good impression on Lin Yuns mind.

After a few words with Henry Morgan, someone else came and greeted Lin Yun.

"Good day, Sir Mafa Merlin"

Henry Morgan very tactfully left, and Lin Yun started chatting with this new visitor.

More and more people joined the self-serve buffet. Many members of small forces grabbed this opportunity to befriend others, discuss possible cooperation, or exchange views on the general attack.

The conference hadnt officially started yet. The main purpose of this buffet was to let everyone get in touch first and resolve anything they had on their minds so that when the conference officially started, it would progress a lot faster.

The atmosphere was actually quite harmonious. Those who had conflicts in the past were restraining themselves. After all, this conference was in everyones interests, so everyone had to remain enthusiastic, or they would be looked down upon.

Halfway through the reception, they suddenly heard a loud noise.

"Damn bastard, I gave you a chance, but you cant tell good from bad and are determined to set yourself against our Charlotte Family!"

Following a burst of mana fluctuations, a scream echoed in the crowd, and in an instant, a large area opened up with everyone coldly watching it.

Lin Yun was discussing something regarding the Poison Mist Valley with Weiss when he suddenly came to a halt and couldnt help frowning as he looked over. He saw Henry Morgan collapsed on the ground and covered in blood with a vine restricting his body.

Next to him was a pale man with a ruthless expression who had condensed a whip in the air and was lashing at Henry Morgan with it.

"Damn b*stard, I gave you a chance to provide supplies for our Charlotte Family, yet dared to refuse and insult me. A trash High Mage actually dares to offend an Archmage? Ill give you another opportunity! Speak!"

Weiss looked displeased. The organizer of todays party was the Black Tower, and all the participants were prestigious characters, yet there was still someone here acting like a barbarian.

Then, Weiss saw Lin Yun frown as if he was unhappy.

"Sir Merlin, do you recognize that idiot?"

Lin Yun thought for a moment and nodded.

"I do have a small impression of him. I forgot the name of the one standing, but the one fallen on the ground is a member of the family that is supplying the Merlin Family"

Lin Yun stood up and walked over to them, and seeing that Kans Charlotte was about to proceed with whipping Henry Morgan, Lin Yun snapped his fingers.

A clear sound echoed as the magic whip instantly dissipated. Kans was slightly startled, and he turned to look at Lin Yun approaching.

"Its you, damned b*stard! You dare to get involved in our Charlotte Familys matters?"

The crowd got out of the way as Lin Yun slowly walked forward. He glanced at Henry on the ground, and the vine restricting his body rapidly withered and turned to ashes.

Henry Morgan looked very grateful as he promptly struggled to stand up from the ground, but he was deathly pale, as if he was about to collapse at any moment.

Lin Yun took out a bottle of Health Potion and handed it to him.


Henry unhesitantly drank the bottle of Health Potion and his injuries rapidly recovered. Scabs fell out, and even his complexion, which had been pale due to blood loss, had returned to normal.

The surroundings turned silent for a moment.

"Heavens, the effect of this Health Potion is very good, healing such a heavy injury almost instantly. It must be the work of a Master Alchemist at the very least"

"No way, I personally drank a Health Potion from Master Alchemist Rais and it didnt have such amazing effects. It could at most heal the injury, but it couldnt replenish the lost blood"

"Master Alchemist Rais? Isnt he a Master Alchemist specialized in potioneering?"

"Heavens, could this be that this youth is already an Artisan?"

Everyone turned silent at the mention of the title of Artisan, and they looked at Kans Charlotte with a strange expression.

An Artisan took the initiative to help that lucky guy out of his predicament. A good show was about to unfold. As long as that young Artisan asked, there would be plenty of people willing to attack that member of the Charlotte Family.

Although the Charlotte Family wasnt weak, they wouldnt react too much just for one of their youths being taken care of.

Kans Charlotte glared at Lin Yun, feeling a bit puzzled. He was vigilantly looking around at the spectators, wondering who had secretly made a move.

Lin Yun ignored Kans Watson as he looked after Henry Morgan.

"How many times did he lash at you? And how long has the Bloodsucking Vine restricted you for?"

Henry Morgan hesitated a bit, thinking that he shouldnt cause trouble for Mafa Merlin but when he saw Mafa start to frown, Henry immediately answered honestly.

"Three times, and Ive been restricted by the Bloodsucking Vine for a minute"

Lin Yun nodded and turned towards Kans Charlotte, who started cursing, "Mafa Merlin, you b*stard! To have the cheek to interrupt a matter of our Charlotte Family, you are done for!"

Not a single movement could be seen from Lin Yun as a black whip as thick as an arm suddenly appeared in front of Kans Charlotte, and without so much as a warning sign, it ruthlessly whipped him from his left side.

Kans Charlotte was shocked and unhesitantly roused a Mana Shield, but his shield was like paper. It was only a symbolic obstruction that was effortlessly shattered.

Kans screamed, but as he was sent flying, another jet-black whip condensed and ruthlessly sent him flying in the other direction.

He had just flown two or three meters before being whipped towards the ground once again.

The scene became quiet for a moment as everyone was stunned.

Kans Charlotte loudly screamed. His left arm was broken, his back carried three bloody whip marks, and even his robe had been flayed apart.

And this wasnt over He didnt even have time to finish his scream yet when a bloody Hell Vine came out of the ground and rapidly constricted around him.

As the barbs entered Kans Charlottes body, they crazily absorbed his blood. The Hell Vine was moving like a snake that was excited at the prospect of drinking blood.

"Aaah B*stard! Someone help me! Hurry" Kans let out a blood-curdling screech. He felt his blood being absorbed at a rapid pace and his vitality continuously weakening.

The onlookers felt a chill.

No wonder he asked that earlier This is too ruthless, too fast. No one would be able to react

Its the same Mana Whip, but the other one was just a half-transparent phantom. Not only was this one twice as thick, but it was tangible and burst open the Mana Shield like a sheet of paper. Just how powerful was it?

Although the Mana Shield took no time to cast and was the weakest defensive shield, how could it be so weak?

Moreover, the Bloodsucking Vine was answered with a Hell Vine. One minute, ah From that guys thin and pale appearance, he might turn into a mummy in one minute

Behind the crowd, two people hastily rushed over and noticed Kans being bound by the Hell Vine.

One of them roared at Lin Yun, "Scoundrel! Immediately let go of Kans! Ill give you three seconds. If you dont comply, youll face the consequences of offending the Charlotte Family!"

Lin Yun ignored that guys loud yelling and silently looked at the magic timer in his hand. Ten seconds had already passed.

"Scoundrel! Are you deaf!? Did you not hear me!? Immediately let go of Kans and Ill give you a chance to end it here by breaking your arm! Otherwise, Ill make you wish you could die!

"You and your Family will suffer the retaliation of our Charlotte Family. If you dont release Kans, dont blame me for not giving you a chance. At that time, it wont be resolved with just a broken arm!"