End Of The Magic Era Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Wretched Scoundrel


In the Void, the most frightening things were Spatial Storms and Elemental Storms. Even a first-rate Heaven Rank Powerhouse might not be able to come out of those awful Elemental Storms.

The Elemental Storm exploded on the poisonous magic beasts body, causing it to shriek painfully. Its body was covered by thick hide, which seemed to be getting eroded, becoming thinner and thinner.

The poisonous magic beast let out a loud roar, and a black, eight-meter ball of liquid flew towards them like a cannonball.

At this time, Reina made a move. She extended one hand, and ice crystals condensed in her palm. She breathed onto the ice crystal, and they turned into icy debris.

The icy debris came into contact with the black ball of liquid, but it surprisingly wasnt destroyed by the poison contained within. Instead, the ball of liquid instantly turned into a block of ice.

Reina had already advanced to level 39, and Lin Yun had given her plenty of precious spells from the Book of Mantras, causing her level of power to crazily increase.

That Instant Freeze was a 7th Tier Spell, and it was rumored that when mastered to its pinnacle, it could even freeze space itself.

Reina was a Frost Dragon, so it didnt take long for her to master that spell to the point where she didnt need the incantation to use it. Moreover, the effects were very powerful. It froze the ball so quickly that the toxins had no time to merge.

That huge ball of venom was frozen into a chunk of ice, and Xiuban immediately grasped Carnage and swung it forward, shattering it into fragments.

The alchemy puppet also started casting towards the magic beast using the same flood of spells, but its power was two to three times greater than before. It was like a river of spells that ruthlessly crashed towards the poisonous magic beast. Spells kept exploding, preventing it from advancing.

The same poisonous magic beast had just torn through the ground as if it was made of paper and casually shattered an enormous boulder with a casual whip of its tail. Its power was far more than just terrifying, but it was suppressed to the point where it couldnt move forward at all.

Reina flew up and waved both hands, sprinkling ice crystals. Just as these ice crystals appeared, the temperature in the sky rapidly lowered, and endless flurries of snowflakes floated down, carried by the wind.

As the snowflakes fell onto the poisonous magic beasts back, they instantly turned into ice that spread out and froze it.

Xiuban was tightly holding Carnage as he jumped to the magic beasts back and slammed his hammer down.

Explosions echoed like rumbling thunder from the impact location.

The frozen part of the poisonous magic beasts back instantly shattered into pieces, and a large amount of frozen flesh fragmented and exploded.

The limbs of the poisonous magic beast bent from the strain as Xiubans obscene power made its body sink a bit.

Cracks appeared on the ground around the limbs of the poisonous magic beast.

The large piece of flesh missing from the back made the magic beast flail around crazily. Enderfas Elemental Storm and the puppets spellwave were somewhat unable to suppress it.

The poisonous magic beasts mouth opened wide as it got ready to shoot out more of the black liquid. At this time, Reina rapidly chanted an incantation, and a head-sized sphere of water shot into the magic beasts mouth.

The water sphere silently shattered, and ice fragments spread everywhere, instantly freezing the black venom within the poisonous magic beasts throat. Even its tongue was frozen solid.

Although Reina was a Frost Dragon, she hadnt had many ice spells before, especially High Tier Spells. She only had a few, and the most powerful one, her Frost Breath, was inherent to her. Moreover, after using a breath, she had to stop for a while to recover enough to breathe again. This gap could determine the outcome of a battle, so she could use at most one Frost Breath.

But now, her rank had increased, allowing her to use a large number of High Tier ice spells, and these spells reached the power of her previous Frost Breath.

The magic beasts mouth was frozen with its toxins stuck in its throat, causing it to become more violent.

The two huge claws lashed out wildly without any particular target. It only wanted to tear apart everything in front of it.

Xiuban, who was standing on the back of the poisonous magic beast, was suddenly sent flying by the beasts convulsion. Enderfa sharply grabbed this opportunity and used spells of the four elements to create a berserk Elemental Storm that attacked the underside of the poisonous magic beast, forcing it to raise its two front paws and stand up.

The puppet also took advantage of the opportunity to launch an all-out attack, taking advantage of the magic beasts situation to attack its back paws with a wave of fire spells.

In an instant, the poisonous magic beast lost its balance and fell to the side. It didnt seem to care that it had collapsed. Rather, it was crazily thrashing its neck.

That huge chunk of ice was blocking its throat, and not a single corner of its throat was left untouched by the ice. The sensation of choking made the poisonous magic beast go insane.

At this time, Xiuban, whose skin had turned very red, was crazily rushing over. His body was steaming and his muscles were throbbing as white smoke was filling the horizon.

A dozen meters away, Xiuban suddenly jumped and swung Carnage, ruthlessly slamming it towards the poisonous magic beasts chin.

Gales flew along Xiubans body as he took off, and when he collided with the collapsed magic beast, Carnages few thousand kilograms smashed its chin.

Suddenly, the hard hide on the poisonous magic beasts chin exploded into fragments, and the left side of the chin was shattered. Fragments of ice, blood, and bone flew everywhere.

A bit more and its entire chin would have been shattered by Xiuban.

As it was, more than half of the beasts chin was shattered. Xiubans impact covered its neck in cuts, and the ice tore through its soft flesh, causing a large amount of blood to spray out.

Just as Xiuban jumped up to prepare to break the poisonous magic beast skull, a black light rushed over at a frightening speed and instantly arrived in front of Xiuban.

Xiuban was alarmed, and he used Carnage to block.

He then noticed that the black gleam was just a strangely shaped spear stabbing towards his stomach. He raised Carnage to block, deflecting the spear, but because of the spears power and flexibility, it swung around and struck Xiubans back by rotating in a half-circle around him.

Xiuban was like a meteor falling from the sky and crashing into the ground.

A loud sound echoed as an eight-meter-wide hole was formed in the ground, with cracks spreading over a dozen meters further. Xiuban propped himself up and spat out some blood, glaring bloody marks on his back.

Lin Yun suddenly frowned, and a cold expression appeared on his face.

That black spear had shot at a terrifying speed. It was truly too fast for anyone to help Xiuban, but no one had thought that Xiuban wouldnt be able to block that black spear.

They all knew about Xiubans monstrous power and formidable body, so no one had expected him to be flung down by the spear, with his own momentum used against him.

When the shaft of the spear swiped, it not only used its own powerful force, but it also borrowed Xiubans momentum to attack him from the back.

Seeing Xiuban crawling up from the hole with a shocking wound on his back, Lin Yun knew that if it had been a few months ago, his spine would have been shattered and his organs would have been shaken, resulting in Xiubans death.

But now, Xiuban was already a 5th Rank Sword Saint with an unimaginably fierce body. After being hit with such a severe blow, there was still only an awful wound on his back. He spat out blood, but that action didnt really affect him. He could still bare his fangs and keep cursing.

"Wretched scoundrel, whichever b*stard ambushed Lord Xiuban, come out! Lord Xiuban wants to cut off your head and use it as a chamber pot!"

That ambush had interrupted Xiubans last blow. Meanwhile, the poisonous magic beast used this opportunity to regain its balance and no longer seemed to even care about its throat being frozen. Its two claws crazily dug into the ground, and in an instant, its head was already under the ground.

Seeing that it was about to escape, Lin Yun coldly snorted and instantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation. A Fire Wall was raised from Lin Yun to the poisonous magic beast, and Lin Yun instantly disappeared.

When Lin Yun appeared above the magic beast, half of its body was already under the ground. A huge wheel shadow appeared behind Lin Yun and boundless runes flowed like fish as a flaming light blossomed at the tip of Lin Yuns staff.

The runes fused with the flame and followed the cracks of the hole that the magic beast was digging in. The floor suddenly shook violently.

It was like a volcano suddenly erupted in the area, as the ground quickly bulged, and the body of the poisonous magic beast also started fiercely shaking.