End Of The Magic Era Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Yet To Sober Up


After a loud rumble, the poisonous magic beasts body suddenly trembled, and its two hind legs stiffened.

Three seconds later, the magic beasts tail powerlessly fell, and its life aura quickly faded.

Lin Yun landed on the ground and waved his Draconic Staff to create a huge Mana Hand. It grabbed the poisonous magic beast by its tail and pulled it out of the ground.

At this time, everyone could see that this poisonous magic beast that had been able to endure the Elemental Storm and the powerful spellwave without much injury had already become unrecognizable. Its chin had disappeared, and half of its steel-like head, the most resistant part, had disappeared.

The parts around the wound were covered in burnt marks, and the entire upper body had become badly mangled. As the magic beast was pulled out of the hole, a terrifying heatwave spread from the hole as a large amount of lava and flames erupted.

That magic beast had played with its own life. Its head was in the ground when it had partially dug the hole, and Lin Yun had naturally taken advantage of the opportunity to use runes to compound a spell, making elements drill underground and form a hundred Bursting Fireballs in the narrow paths.

Bursting Fireball was a 4th Rank Spell, and Lin Yun didnt have a problem using it as an Ultimate Spell. Even a Golden Behemoth might end up dead in such circumstances.

If a Bursting Fireball exploded on the body of a Dragon, it would at most leave a black burnt mark without inflicting any major injury. But if it exploded in the mouth of a Dragon, the effect would be greatly intensified.

And that was not mentioning that a hundred Bursting Fireballs had focused into such a narrow space. It would be strange if the poisonous magic beast didnt die.

Lin Yun used a Mana Hand to excavate the mana crystal of the magic beast. At this time, he saw a person wearing heavy armor in the distance. That person was holding a black, lightning-like spear and walking towards them.

Lin Yun threw a Health Potion at Xiuban and frowned as he looked at the man coming over, feeling a bit puzzled.

How come there are Gaugass Battlemages?

As he thought of the black spear hitting Xiuban, Lin Yun suddenly understood. Earlier, hed felt that he had some impression of the attack, but he just couldnt remember.

But he now remembered. That was a Gaugass Battlemages long-distance attack that relied on rotational power. It was very powerful when used to ambush a Swordsman. The attack could only be dodged, because if one tried to block it, the spears center of gravity would pivot around and swing in for another strike.

By relying on the opponents momentum and blocking force, the spear could display as much as twice its initial power. In those days, countless Swordsmen died to that sneak attack.

But how come there were Gaugass Battlemages here ambushing them?

After the death of the Gaugass King, Jason Wagrein, the Gaugass Battlemages declined. Because of that, as well as the internal strife of the Kingdom, the Gaugass Battlemages were forced back to the Gaugass Highland.

The Gaugass Battlemages hated many of the mage forces of Okland, and they had warred with them for a long time. For example, they had an unforgettable grudge against the Black Tower, and as long as they saw one of them in their territory, they would unhesitantly kill them without even giving it a second thought.

The forces that didnt declare war on the Gaugass Battlemages still had no favorable opinion of those barbarians.

These years, the Gaugass Battlemages remained low-key and seemed to hardly leave the Gaugass Highland. They didnt seem to have any contact with other mage forces, even though the Gaugass Battlemages had come to the Raging Flame Plane.

The domain they occupied was also the most remote area of the Raging Flame Plane, and there was not a single force within several dozen kilometers of them.

Thus, how could Lin Yun not be amazed when seeing a Gaugass Battlemage there?

Have they come to participate in the Raging Flame Planes general attack?

The Gaugass Battlemages were known to be mages nemeses. They were very troublesome, but Lin Yun didnt care much about that. Apart from Jason Wagrein, who was praised as the greatest Gaugass Battlemage King, no one especially outstanding appeared among them, and none of them reached the Heaven Rank

The dual mastery of the martial and magic paths was very troublesome, but the higher the rank, the stronger the limitations. The first breakthrough was very hard, so advancing to the Heaven Rank seemed highly unlikely This was the conclusion reached during Noscents peak era.

Aside from the former Gaugass King, not a single Heaven Rank had appeared. Jason Wagrein was a heaven-defying genius. A second one wouldnt appear within a few dozen millennia, and even then, Jason Wagrein was able to become the Gaugass King because of the existence of the Equilibrium Law.

It didnt matter to Lin Yun who they were. He only wanted to know why these barbarians had ambushed them.

If it was a small problem, then he could just teach them a lesson. After all, he had obtained Jason Wagreins inheritance, so whether or not he wanted to acknowledge it, he could be considered half a disciple of Jason Wagrein. Therefore, he was willing to make some concessions towards Jason Wagreins people as a show of respect for the Gaugass King.

As the armored Battlemages holding lightning-like spears walked over with large strides, Lin Yun slightly frowned and asked, "Why have you ambushed one of my people?"

Kempes was in the lead and smiled disdainfully at Lin Yun.

"Hand over your detoxifying method, and I, Kempes, the future Gaugass King, can spare you."

A greedy and heated expression shone on Kempes face. For so many years, the Gaugass Battlemages had been the only ones able to explore this Poison Mist Valley, so no one in the entire Raging Flame Plane knew more than them about this place, but their progress had been very slow.

Yet, this group didnt seem to be affected in the slightest by the poisonmist. They must have found some way to resist the poisonmist! Kempes thought.

Yes, if we can obtain that method, we can thoroughly explore this Poison Mist Valley. Letting these guys keep their lives is fine, as long as they cripple their power.

Its okay if I let them leave as long as I kill them next time. With control of this Poison Mist Valley, we will be able to establish a fort here and firmly take root beside the Storm Fort. Would those idiots from the Black Tower dare to come and attack?

If they ever slightly relax their vigilance, well be able to execute our bloody revenge. And if they attack, we will be able to hide in this valley and kill all the attackers.

If that happens, the Storm Fort will be crippled. As long as we use this springboard in the Poison Mist Valley well, we will be able to get more and more benefits, and a big part of the harvest of the Raging Flame Plane will belong to us, the Gaugass Battmages.

And by killing these people afterwards, we will obtain the coordinates of the Golden Pearl Plane. Haha, we can obtain benefits from two planes so easily!

With such contributions, who would dare to say that Im just a talented but meritless Battlemage?

Kempes eyes were a bit red as he thought of this. He had been researching for many years, but had yet to find a good method to resist the poisonmist.

They had only been relying on their fierce bodies and mana, as well as their characteristic heavy armor, to persevere longer than others.

But at the same time, they couldnt explore the entire Poison Mist Valley. The deeper they went, the more terrifying the corrosion was. If they stayed too long before turning back, they would be incapable of leaving the Poison Mist Valley.

Just by relying on their understanding of this place, they discovered from afar that these people were actually immune to the poisonmist!

How could he endure this? Even if they didnt kill the target, as long as they obtained the detoxifying method, they would greatly profit.

Comparing the Golden Pearl Plane that they had no foundation in with a place that they had studied for many years, clearly, they would get more benefits from the latter.

Kempes gave an order, and the Gaugass Battlemages he brought with him tightened their grips on their spears and organized themselves in a formation. It seemed that if Lin Yun refused, they would immediately attack.

Just a few people would be facing more than twenty Gaugass Battlemages, as well as a powerhouse comparable to the 38th level. This would absolutely be one-sided.

In the eyes of the Gaugass Battlemages, ordinary mages were just chickens raised for slaughter. They might kill or spare those weaklings on a whim.

"What? You need me to repeat myself? Hand over your detoxifying method and Ill let you leave, at the expense of your mana. Standing in front of you is Sir Kempes, the most talented Battlemage and, if things go as planned, the future Gaugass King. My words can represent the Gaugass Battlemages! You dont have to worry, Im not a chicken like your people, I keep my word!"

An expression of amazement flashed on Lin Yuns face before he laughed. "Haha, have you yet to sober up?"

These words instantly infuriated Kempes. Ordinary mages almost never drank. Most mages would never touch a cup of alcohol because they felt that drinking would affect their meditation efficiency and make their mental power chaotic. Just telling a mage that they were drunk was an insult.

Gaugass Battlemages naturally didnt abstain from that kind of pleasure and would always eat large chunks of meat and huge sips of alcohol. With their fierce bodies, alcohol was like water, and thus, in the eyes of the ordinary mages, Gaugass Battlemages were a group of uncivilized barbarians.

Telling a Gaugass Battlemage that they had yet to sober up was a way of saying that they were a brainless barbarian.

"Get rid of them, kill them all, especially that thin white chicken, tear him to pieces!" Kempes angrily shouted.

Over twenty Gaugass Battlemages unhesitantly rushed over.

Lin Yun didnt move He only sneered.