End Of The Magic Era Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Count Yourself Lucky


Haste, Sharp Mind, Giant Strength, Rock Armor

He cast a series of buffs to strengthen himself. Then, the Lightning Spear in his hand became illusory and slowly disappeared. In the end, it looked as if there was only lightning flickering in his hands.

An afterimage flashed, and Kempes disappeared once again.

Lin Yun frowned and once again used Flame Flash to disappear from his spot. The next moment, Kempes appeared there holding a bolt of lightning that seemed to have doubled or tripled in length and made a hole where Lin Yun had just been.

A loud explosion thundered out as a large hole that was ten meters in diameter appeared.

Kempes chased after Lin Yun five times in a row without stopping, but Lin Yun knew that with that guys physical strength, nothing would change even if he fought for an hour.

This kind of speed was the reason that Gaugass Battlemages were so terrifying. The former Gaugass King, Jason Wagrein, was also such a speed-type Battlemage. Jason Wagrein could move several kilometers in an instant and impale the head of a Heaven Rank Mage.

He would waste no time tearing through the other sides defenses. Such a terrifying enemy was the nightmare of all mages.

"Damn b*stard, dont tell me you only know how to jump around! Do you have no pride? Where is your pride as a mage? Fight me!" Kempes angrily shouted.

He was fast and strong, but none of his attacks could land on Lin Yun.

After dodging for a while, Lin Yun had determined that Kempes had learnt Jason Wagreins fighting style and was continuously strengthening his speed to tear through his opponents defenses. This was a very powerful style, but it wasnt unbeatable.

"As you wish"

Lin Yun stopped, and a huge wheel shadow appeared behind him. Boundless runes flowed out from it while a glaring light shone at the tip of the Draconic Staff.

He formed a huge column of dark red flames, and Kempes figure suddenly appeared within that fire. The tip of his Lightning Spear blossomed with glaring lightning as it tore a hole through the flames, his spear still firmly stabbing towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun remained motionless as if he really didnt plan to dodge. This made Kempes feel overjoyed, and he instantly poured his mana into the Lightning Spear; all the mana defending his body was poured in.

In an instant, the lightning bolt in Kempes hand suddenly grew to eight meters in length as it ruthlessly stabbed towards Lin Yuns defenses.

The Lava Shield in front of Lin Yun was instantly torn apart, but behind it was an incorporeal yet tangible Runic Shield on which countless runes were flowing. The boundless runes were crazily rotating and charging towards the center of the Runic Shield, where there was a mysterious rune blossoming with glaring light.

The lightning kept distorting while madly colliding with Lin Yuns Runic Shield. It was as if there were countless blacksmiths forging with their hammers at the same time.

A deafening sound echoed as the surrounding land kept shaking.

After more than a second, the strength of the lightning attack started rapidly declining and the lightning bolt also shrank.

Kempes was shocked as he shouted in alarm, "How is that possible!? How could my Piercing Lightning be blocked?"

Piercing Lightning was the most powerful ability of Gaugass Battlemages when fighting against mages. It was rumored that when Jason Wagrein used this ability, he could tear a long crack through space, and no one could defend against that power.

Lin Yun sneered, "You are really naive! You really thought that I cant block just because Im dodging? Gaugass Battlemages might be powerful, but they arent unequalled in power. Could it be that you dont know about Runic Shields?"

The defensive effect of Runic Shields had nothing to do with rank. All that mattered was how many runes the user had amassed.

Lin Yun already had several hundred thousand of them when he was at the Great Mage realm. This was dozens of times to a hundred times more than those at the same realm. After advancing to the Archmage realm, the number of runes he possessed was already counted in millions. Such a terrifying number, coupled with the huge increase in ability after breaking through, immediately made his Runic Shields defensive ability reach terrifying heights.

In the Archmage realm, almost no one could tear through Lin Yuns Runic Shield. Aside from those Peak 9th Rank Archmages, Lin Yun didnt have to worry about his Runic Shield breaking from their attacks.

The method that Gaugass Battlemages used to tear through shields was to rely on the combination of their formidable strength and the instant burst of their mana to create an almost unequalled power.

If they couldnt instantly tear through the shields, then it could be said that the shield was basically unbreakable.

Kempes clenched his teeth. He didnt dare to believe the scene in front of his eyes. That Runic Shield wasnt an ordinary Runic Shield It was entirely made up of runes!

With swaying steps, Kempes swung his Lightning Spear at Lin Yun.

The lightning bolt in his hand instantly rose and struck Lin Yuns shield. The moment it hit the Runic Shield, the lightning bolt coiled around Lin Yun and a black spear suddenly appeared behind him. It followed the movement of the lightning bolt and attacked Lin Yun from behind.

The power of the Runic Shield was already focused on the front, so when the spear attacked Lin Yuns back, it instantly crushed the Lava Shield that he had set up behind him, and then continued piercing towards his body.

But suddenly, Lin Yuns body distorted and transformed into a mirage that slowly dissipated.

Kempes was startled and unhesitantly wanted to escape. His Lightning Spear was linked to the lightning and returned to his hand.

"You want to leave?"

Kempes suddenly noticed Lin Yuns silhouette ten meters away, coldly looking at him. Kempes was already sweating, but there was no fear in his expression.

When did that damned guy appear there? Why didnt I sense him? Sh*t, dont tell me Ive only been fighting a mirror image all along?

This guy is a lot stronger than I imagined, and he is far quicker than I am. I might not be able to kill him today. He should count himself lucky. But since he has detoxifying poison, hell definitely come back here.

Damn b*stard, just wait for me! I wont be so careless next time, and youll definitely die. This has dragged out for too long If it continues, the toxins will start to affect me

"B*stard, count yourself lucky! You wont have such good luck next time"

After saying that, Kempes stomped his foot, ready to make his escape.

But just as he put power into his legs, Kempes staggered. The ground beneath him had turned into a quagmire without him noticing, and his legs instantly sank into it.

The power he put into his legs only created a wave in the swamp, and the jump he had been expecting didnt come. There was even a huge suction force coming from below, as if it was the mouth of a huge magic beast trying to swallow him.

The surrounding earth seemed to be collapsing and continuously fusing with this swamp. Shock appeared on Kempes face as he completely couldnt understand how he could be trapped in that swamp.

Lin Yun sneered. This wasnt an ordinary spell but rather a 7th Tier Spell written in the Book of Mantras, Engulfing Quagmire. Even a Dragon couldnt casually come out once trapped, let alone a Gaugass Battlemage.

That guy was extremely fast, but his speed was simply based on strength. This was completely different from Jason Wagrein, who had true speed, not strength-based speed.

This kind of strength-based speed was only suitable for charging. It wasnt flexible at all and had many more weaknesses.

Just like Lin Yun was taking advantage of it now. Although Kempes was powerful, he ended up sinking into the Engulfing Quagmire up to his thighs because he hadnt detected it, and he no longer had the option to escape.

If only his feet had sunk, he could have used his strength to pull himself out, but his initial burst of strength harmed him instead. He was accustomed to using both legs to step on the ground and accelerate.

This time, he hadnt stepped on the earth, but rather, an Engulfing Quagmire

In order to effectively use that Engulfing Quagmire, Lin Yun had cast a mirror image and even used his Runic Shield.

The few seconds of negligence created by his distraction allowed Lin Yun to silently cast this Engulfing Quagmire.

Soon, half of Kempes body already sank into that Engulfing Quagmire. As he struggled, waves rose within the quagmire, but no matter how much power he put into his legs, it was being evenly spread into the area around.

The wheel shadow behind Lin Yun slowly rotated, and a blue flame swiftly fell down from the sky and loudly exploded on Kempes head.

"Boom, boom"

Two loud explosions echoed as some more burnt marks appeared on Kempes body, but it looked as if he didnt even get injured.

However, Lin Yun wasnt using the Bursting Flames to cause direct damage Instead, he was using its explosion to make Kempes sink down a bit more.

What made Kempes despair even more was that there were still three Bursting Flames falling from the sky.

"Boom, boom"

Another two explosions echoed, making Kempes sink up to his chest, and there were still two more Bursting Flames following right after. Moreover, he also saw that behind those two Bursting Flames were five new Bursting Flames

Kempes was terrified. He completely hadnt imagined that he, an 8th Rank Arch-Battlemage, publicly acknowledged as the future Gaugass King, would actually die in a swamp.