End Of The Magic Era Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Are You Criticizing Me?


His fighting style was almost a perfect copy of Kempes. He was also powerful and terribly fast.

Crackling power covered the head of his spear, continuously scattering forked lightning from its tip. The glaring white light at the center was the most powerful part, able to tear and rend with terrifying force.

A shadow flashed as Daryl already appeared in front of Lin Yun. Lin Yun used Fire Elemental Incarnation and left behind a mirror image while he dodged to the side.

Daryls body charged through the mirror image like an arrow piercing a sheet of paper. At the same time, he twisted his body and swept the shaft of the lightning spear towards Lin Yuns side.

A dazzling lightning bolt flew out of the spear and turned into a dozen-meter-long lightning whip that immediately lashed out at Lin Yun. The crackling lightning flashed and filled the atmosphere with a burnt spell.

Lin Yuns body suddenly disappeared as the fierce lightning whip suddenly wreaked havoc in his vicinity, turning burnt black.

At the same time, Lin Yun shot out from the ground a few dozen meters away. He had swapped from Fire Elemental Incarnation to Earth Elemental Incarnation and was now covered in rocks.

With one glance at the distant Daryl, Lin Yun knew that he wouldnt be able to trick him the way hed beaten Kempes. Although Daryl was also relying on his strength to fight, the power he controlled far surpassed Kempes, so the Engulfing Quagmire simply couldnt trap this guy.

Thus, he had to rely on strength to fight.

Cracks suddenly appeared on the surface of his Earth Elemental Incarnation, and flames started emerging from these cracks. In an instant, the rocky surface was covered in flames. These flames then immediately weakened, and the surface of the Earth Elemental Incarnation slowly turned into flowing lava.

The combination of the Fire Elemental Incarnation and Earth Elemental Incarnation This wasnt just a double Incarnation, it was something even stronger, a compound Lava Elemental Incarnation.

The power of two was perfectly fused together, allowing their abilities to completely harmonize and become even more powerful.

This was the evolution of the Elemental Incarnations. Lin Yun only mastered this ability after his strength had been upgraded. Studying the Book of Mantras endless incantations greatly sped up this research. If not for the Book of Mantras although Lin Yun had confidence that he could have mastered it before reaching the Heaven Rank, this might not have been the case before he reached the 8th or 9th Rank of the Archmage realm.

In an instant, Lin Yun turned into a five-meter-tall Lava Giant overflowing with lava. The surrounding air started bursting into flames, and the black ground started emitting a red glow as it turned into lava.

This was also one of the abilities of the Lava Incarnation: It could make the environment even more advantageous for itself. If he used it in a volcano or a lava river, he would simply be unbeatable to foes at the same rank. His enemies would only be able to escape.

Lin Yun slightly frowned the first time he used Lava Elemental Incarnation because it was consuming too much mana. Even his mana, which could be said to be infinite when compared to that of ordinary mages, was still being crazily consumed. Just activating it consumed 1% of his mana.

He estimated that he would only be able to fight for half an hour, after which he would have to stop to recover his mana.

But this wasnt a huge flaw for Lin Yun because he had the Natural Demiplane behind him, which made it so that mana consumption wasnt an issue for him.

Daryl looked at Lin Yun with some amazement. A Druid? he thought.

He couldnt understand that Lava Incarnation, but he once again turned into a shadow and disappeared.

A glaring lightning bolt appeared in front of Lin Yun, followed by the lightning spear. The wheel shadow behind Lin Yun slowly rotated, and three layers of Lava Shields appeared in front of him.

Daryls lightning spear easily tore through the first Lava Shield, was slowed down when piercing the second, and was stopped by the third.

Earlier, Kempes was easily able to tear through a Lava Shield as if it was paper.

To Daryl, three Lava Shields should also be no different from paper, but there was some resistance now.

Lin Yun immediately understood. This was the result of Lava Incarnation reinforcing the Lava Shields.

The Lava Shields were upgraded by at least a rank!

Lin Yuns body dissipated into lava, and ten meters away, lava spurted out of the ground as he reappeared.

A light flashed on the Draconic Staff, and in an instant, several dozen spheres of lava fell on Daryls back.

A large amount of lava sputtered over, and a burnt smell could be smelled coming from Daryl.

With a roar, Daryl swung his lightning spear and, like a spinning top, blocked all the lava spurting over.

After two seconds, Daryl had no choice but to fall back. Not only was the lava extremely hot, but it also had terrifying attack power, and it had also made his lightning spear burning hot to the touch.

After rapidly retreating, Daryl kept moving quickly, shaking the spear in his hands like a scorpion tail, continuously attacking at all kinds of crafty angles.

The moment it pierced through a Lava Shield, it would appear in another direction, rapidly stabbing again.

And Lin Yun kept Flame Flashing within the dozen meters of lava. Neither of them could be seen clearly. Daryl had transformed into a stabbing shadow, leaving over a hundred spear afterimages behind. Lin Yuns body was continuously falling apart, and as he kept Flame Flashing, his location in the pond of lava kept changing.

In less than thirty seconds, over a kilometer had been destroyed, leaving it a complete mess with traces of burns and scorching everywhere.

After Flame Flashing once again, Lin Yun took out the Book of Death. Lava Incarnation was very powerful and was the only spell that could injure Daryl, that especially powerful Gaugass Battlemage. But the lava pond under his feet was only a dozen meters wide, which was undoubtedly limiting.

If the lava pond spread over a few hundred meters or as far as a kilometer, Lin Yun wouldnt have needed more than a minute to kill Daryl.

The Gaugass Battlemages had formidable defenses. Not only did they have magic patterns that resisted magic, but they were also protected by heavy armor, and their bodies could compare to those of powerful magic beasts. But that didnt mean that these barbarians could fight in lava.

Lin Yun sighed. He had an opponent he could test Lava Incarnation on, and after trying it out, he found that it was very powerful, but there were just as many flaws. At the moment, the power of Lava Incarnation was halved due to restrictions.

Okay, the test is over, I should finish this

Daryl, who had been jumping all around, looked as if he was able to tear through Lin Yuns defenses every time, but he was just lacking that little bit to land a decisive blow. He felt that he just needed a little more, that as long as he used a bit more power and a bit more speed, he would be able to skewer that damned mage.

But from the start, he didnt know that Lin Yun had only considered him someone who met the standard to be a training partner to test Lava Incarnation on.

The Book of Death automatically opened, flipped itself to the Element Chapter, and four-colored lights appeared, sharply increasing Lin Yuns casting speed and power.

The spheres of lava were originally less than fifty centimeters in diameter, but now, they grew far larger, and several dozen powerful spheres of lava instantly suppressed Daryl.

Moreover, there had only been around forty spheres originally, but there were suddenly more than seventy. This increase in pressure immediately made Daryls attacks come to a halt.

His terrifying speed disappeared the moment he started having to block, and most of his power was used to defend.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuns speed wasnt hindered at all. In fact, because he no longer needed to defend, his speed almost doubled. Daryls surroundings were flooded with flames, which Lin Yun used to keep Flame Flashing around.

Daryl bellowed, and a thunderous sound echoed from his body as his hair stood on end. The lightning spear in his hand was also completely covered in lightning, and his aura became berserk.

Seeing that the battle was about to reach the most chaotic part and that Daryl also started going berserk, the Gaugass Prophet, who had been watching from afar like an outsider, suddenly made a move.

A lightning bolt over suddenly fell from the sky and instantly tore through Lin Yun and Daryls imposing defenses. The surrounding flames, lightning, and lava were completely torn apart.

Thunder echoed as lightning struck the ground between the two of them and created a huge hole, from which cracks spread in a cobweb pattern.

Lin Yun and Daryl tacitly agreed to stop fighting for the moment.

Lin Yun frowned and looked at the incoming Gaugass Prophet.

Daryl angrily shouted, "Sir Deloy, why are you stopping me!? Damnit, I knew your heart was with these damned Okland mages"

Daryl had just gathered all his strength to fight back, but he hadnt expected to be interrupted like that, let alone by Prophet Deloy. Seeing that the lightning was slithering around the big hole like a snake, they both knew how powerful that attack had been.

Facing Daryls angry roar, the dignified expression of the aged Prophet suddenly surfaced.

Deloy faintly glanced at Daryl with a wise and farsighted expression.

"Sir Daryl, are you criticizing me?"