End Of The Magic Era Chapter 809

Chapter 809 I Didnt Mean That


Darryl instantly paled as he thought, What have I done? I actually dared to speak to Prophet Deloy like this. If the King knew, then even if I didnt die, I would have to suffer quite a bit.

Prophet Deloy dedicated his life to Gaugass, and the current Gaugass King was taught by Prophet Deloy during his youth. Most of the peak powerhouses of the Gaugass Battlemages had a master-disciple relationship with him. Although he doesnt have much authority, his status wasnt low.

It looked like he didnt have much influence, but that was only because Prophet Deloy adhered to his own duty and had no craving for authority. In the Gaugass Highland, those who disapproved of Deloys thoughts were very few in number, but everyone knew that everything Deloy did was for the sake of the Gaugass.

The Gaugass King wouldnt even need to speak. Anyone who accused Deloy of being on the side of Oklands mages would be drowned by the sputter of all his supporters.

Although Daryl was arrogant, he also knew that he had just done something stupid. Even Kempes was looking at him with a horrified expression.

"Sir Deloy, I I didnt mean I didnt mean that," Daryl stammered as he tried to explain himself.

He really couldnt understand what had happened.

Deloy waved his hand at Daryl, his expression still calm.

"You dont understand, Sir Daryl, step down."

Daryl didnt dare to respond, so he stood obediently to the side like a kid.

Lin Yun was a bit confused as to what Deloy wanted to do. He had appeared together with Daryl but had only observed from afar like an outsider, yet he suddenly made a move to break up the fight. If someone said that Deloy was partial towards him, Lin Yun wouldnt believe them.

Prophet Deloy had a very good reputation. He endorsed peace and getting along, but he was still a Gaugass Everything was for the interest of the Gaugass. He had appeared silently and allowed Daryl to attack. He wasnt someone benevolent towards all mages.

What the hell is he planning?

While Lin Yun was thinking doubtfully, some excitement appeared on Deloys calm expression.

"Excuse me How come you possess the Kings Chapter?"

Lin Yun was a bit startled when he heard that. He faintly felt that the other side was talking about his Magic Tool, but hed never heard it called that before.

"Kings Chapter? Are you talking about the Element Chapter?"

A page of the Book of Death in Lin Yuns hand shone with four colors, and seeing that, Deloy was unable to control himself.

"Yes, this one, the Kings Chapter! How could you have the Kings Chapter? Only the greatest Gaugass King, His Majesty Jason Wagreins inheritor could obtain this You How could you have it? Are you His Majestys inheritor?"

Hearing this, understanding flashed in Lin Yuns eyes.

No wonder I also found the Element Chapter in Jason Wagreins ruins! Turns out it was in his possession to begin with.

The dispute between the Gaugass King and His Highness Zhantui had remained unclear. Even in the future era of grave digging, no one would find out what had happened.

Back then, that floating palace clearly had the style of the 3rd Dynasty, and it was clear that Emperor Zhantui spent a lot of effort and manpower on it, but it was the inheritance of the Gaugass King.

Some said they were best friends, while other rumors claimed that they fought to the death in the Tulan Mountain Range and the Gaugass King was defeated while Emperor Zhantui lived.

Lin Yun also felt that the Element Chapter had been hidden by Emperor Zhantui, but he hadnt expected it to belong to the Gaugass King or that it was called the Kings Chapter in Gaugass.

A series of thoughts instantly flashed through Lin Yuns mind.

"This is something I obtained from some ruins" Lin Yun answered.

Deloys attentive expression and excitement didnt look like the ordinary calm and farsighted Gaugass Prophet.

"Can Can you let me take a look at the Kings Chapter? Please rest assured, I definitely dont have any other designs on it. I swear an oath under the name of His Majesty, Jason Wargrein. I only want to see it with my own two eyes and touch the Kings Chapter with my own hand, this is something Ive desired for so many years"

Lin Yun hesitated. Deloy had a very trustworthy reputation. As a Gaugass Prophet, he certainly wouldnt rely on this kind of trick to seize the Element Chapter.

Furthermore, the Element Chapter had already fused with the Book of Death, so they couldnt be distinguished from one another. Regardless of where it was, as long as Lin Yun thought about it, he could summon the Element Chapter back, unless the other person was powerful enough to thoroughly suppress the Book of Death.

There wouldnt be an issue with just letting him look, Lin Yun thought.

Lin Yun made the Element Chapter manifest itself, and four lights slowly blossomed out of the Book of Death. He dragged the Element Chapter with mana and presented it to Deloy. Deloy kneeled and raised both hands above his head, tearfully crying like a pious believer as he welcomed the Element Chapter.

Deloy grasped the Element Chapter and bitterly wept tears of sadness as he reminisced. After a few seconds, Deloy could no longer bear the grief, and the noiseless sobbing turned into loud wails.

This respected Prophet of the Gaugass Clan wasnt emanating the slightest bit of wisdom. He currently looked like someone who had been living far from home for a long time and finally met his relatives again. He was kneeling on the ground and very carefully holding the Element Chapter, weeping like a child.

Lin Yun stared awkwardly at this scene. He could see that these emotions were real and felt that there had to be a story behind this, so he could only remain silent and watch.

After a while, Deloy held up the Element Chapter with both hands and reluctantly returned it to Lin Yun.

Seeing the Element Chapter re-enter the Book of Death, Deloy lamented as he reminisced, "My ancestor once followed His Majesty Wagrein. Two distinct things have passed on throughout the generations. Aside from the lightning spear he used, there is only a painting left.

"In those days, my ancestor was still a young child and entered the territory of a level 35 magic beast after getting lost. He was terrified, but His Majesty Wagrein suddenly appeared, flashing through flames, and instantly killed that magic beast. Back then, my ancestor was only a young child with the strength of a Magic Apprentice. How could he survive a level 35 magic beast on his own?

"His Majesty Wagrein suddenly appeared with a crystal shining with four colors of light around him. This scene was later drawn by my ancestor and passed on from generation to generation.

"When I was young, apart from training, I spent most of my time with my grandfather, looking at that painting while hearing him tell me stories of His Majesty Wagrein. When I soiled the painting by mistake, my grandfather angrily broke my leg as a heavy punishment.

"Our wish, passed down from generation to generation, is to see the Kings Chapter with our own eyes and personally touch it, because we owe our lives to His Majesty Wagrein and the Magic Tool he used at that time, this Element Chapter."

Deloys face was filled with nostalgia as he lamented. Those who hadnt experienced it wouldnt be able to understand. Since he started learning how to read, he would hear stories related to Jason Wagrein every day, and the glory passed on from generation to generation.

"You may laugh about it, but I really cant help it. After the disappearance of His Majesty Wagrein, my ancestors wished for this for so many years, but they werent able to achieve this. Now it finally became reality. It could be said that I have completed my ancestors final wishes"

Lin Yun nodded and remained silent. With the current situation, he definitely couldnt continue the battle. Daryl was foolishly standing on the side like a dejected kid not daring to move. Kempes was even lowering his head, not daring to look up.

Deloy had a respectful expression on his face as he half-bowed towards Lin Yun.

"Sir, could you tell me any other thing you saw when you obtained the Kings Chapter? I know this is very presumptuous, but this is really important for me."

The corner of Lin Yuns mouth twitched. What Ive seen? How could I tell you? Letting you see the Element Chapter was already being extremely benevolent, I cant tell you about the ruins I saw.

Lin Yun didnt say anything, and Deloy understood Lin Yuns attitude.

Deloy didnt say anything else and didnt question him further. He naturally knew that the conflict had already made Lin Yun feel quite uncomfortable. Gaugass Battlemages had tried to rob him while also acting like they would kill him afterwards. Under such circumstances, overlooking this and not retaliating on the spot was already being very amiable.

Wanting to get this kind of secret from him at such a time was naturally impossible.

Deloy also knew this and thus didnt pursue the matter. He instantly turned towards Kempes and shouted, "Kempes, Ill punish you to stand at the biggest Thunderbolt Mountain and excavate Lightning ore for half a year. Do you have any objections?"

Kempes paled. The biggest Thunderbolt Mountain!? Half a year!?

This was terrifying. The bigger a Thunderbolt Mountain was, the higher the quality of ore found, and the biggest Thunderbolt Mountain was the only one that could give birth to the highest grade of Lightning Ore. The peak of the mountain pierced into the clouds, and the peak was already sitting in a thundercloud.

That mountain peak was covered in a thundercloud all year round, and lightning continuously struck it. Even if he was an 8th Rank Arch-Battlemage, he wouldnt last three days in that place without being seriously injured by lightning.