End Of The Magic Era Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Mysterious Baby


"Sir Mafa, you know that everything relating to Sir Wagrein is precious to us. We just learnt about a place that His Majesty Jason Wagrein had been living at, so no matter the cost, we have to learn where it is. In this general attack on the Raging Flame Plane, our Gaugass Battlemages can coordinate with you, and anything we obtain, any benefit, will be given to you.

"There are so many forces attacking the Raging Flame Plane. Two Kingdoms are even joining hands for this. If nothing goes unexpectedly, this will be the final opportunity to divide up land in the Raging Flame Plane, because every area controlled by a force will be finalized this time.

"Taking areas controlled by the Beastmen is relatively easy, but trying to control more land and resources beyond that would mean warring against another force, and it might not end up worth the effort.

"Thus, the benefits obtained this time can determine the spheres of influence of all the forces in the future, and they might be more important than what the forces had accumulated over dozens or hundreds of years.

"I only hope that you can tell me where the ruins are in exchange for all the benefits obtained by the Gaugass Battlemages!"

Lin Yun was quite startled by Deloys heavy gamble. That guy was making a huge bet.

But it was just as Deloy said. They were currently at war with the Raging Flame Beastmen, and apart from the territory around their forts, the rest was still up for grabs. Once they got rid of the Raging Flame Beastmen, there might not be any more changes to the territories.

This general attack had brought together an unprecedented force. The Raging Flame Beastmen were likely to lose this war, and the post-war benefits were likely to surpass what they had gained in the past dozens of years.

With the power of the Gaugass Battlemages, they could absolutely resist a major force. By joining the general attack, they would certainly obtain astronomical benefits.

Giving all those benefits to him and having them work for him wasnt something anyone could think about.

But compared to the benefits of the Raging Flame Plane, Lin Yun cared more about the core of the Tulan Mountain Ranges benefits. There were numerous forces in the Raging Flame Plane, and the resources there belonged to the Merlin Family, so he wasnt including it among his assets.

As for the Tulan Mountains, there were still many unknowns and it had yet to be excavated. There were countless benefits there with endless potential, all of which were left by peak powerhouses or were related to Emperor Zhantui.

This place was only a piece of land where the main benefits were natural resources, so the two places simply couldnt be compared.

To a Family or a large-scale force, resources might be more important, but the Tulan Mountain Range was more important to Lin Yun.

He absolutely couldnt give that place to others.

"Sir Deloy, your request is a bit too forceful."

Hearing Lin Yun unhesitantly refusing and not caring about the benefits, Deloy bitterly pleaded, "Sir Mafa, I think you misunderstand! I, and all of the Gaugasses We are not in it for the benefits, we only hope to find some relics of Sir Wagrein, to find Sir Wagreins traces! This is only to commemorate him.

"I believe you know what Sir Wagrein means to me, and to all of us Gaugass Battlemages. For so many years, we kept looking for Sir Wagreins footprints without any success. Even a book personally written by Sir Wagrein was destroyed years ago by an unexpected lightning bolt.

"Without any support, losing all of Sir Wagreins relics is a disaster for the Gaugass Battlemages.

"I only want to find Sir Wagreins relics and make all Gaugass Battlemages know that Sir Wagrein has always been with us. Apart from this, I swear on Sir Wagreins name that if we find anything else, we absolutely wont take a single piece."

Lin Yun sighed.

"Sir Deloy, why do you think Im forcibly keeping this hidden? There is no point even if I tell you the location, and even if I did, unless you had the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse, you would still have to battle against the power of two Heaven Rank powerhouses, or you wouldnt have a way to look for the relics of the Gaugass King there."

Deloy let out a startled cry. "What? This How could this be possible"

Lin Yun smiled bitterly, "Why is it impossible? Why do you think I only took the Meditation Law Set and the Element Chapter? It was because I was running out of time, I was running for my life. Just a bit slower and I would have died there.

"You ought to know who Baiers is, right? Baiers soul is there, and its a true Heaven Rank being.

"There is also Jalaxs Incarnation. Do you know who Jalax is? Hes the Desolate Overlord of the 17th Floor of the Abyss.

"I almost died at his hand. A level 38 magic beast was grazed by the withering flames of the Desolate Overlord and instantly burnt to death like an ant. If not for the fact that his attention wasnt on me, I wouldnt be standing here speaking to you.

"In the end, its not that Im not telling you, but rather that without the power of the Heaven Rank, you simply cant approach that place, let alone speak of exploring the ruins."

Deloys mouth was wide open as he was dumbstruck for a long time before smiling bitterly and bidding goodbye to Lin Yun.

Deloy still was able to make logical judgements. He could tell that Lin Yun wasnt lying and that they really didnt have the ability to explore that place.

How could he not know Baiers? The famous son of His Highness Zhantui in the 3rd Dynasty, an exceptional genius not inferior to his father.

His Highness Zhantui was equally as famous as Jason Wagrein. The two of them had been close friends for decades and were comparable in terms of power, but the rumors said that His Majesty Wagrein fought against His Highness Zhantui and that the victor had been the latter.

Baiers had been described as a genius not inferior to His Highness Zhantui, and even if only his soul remained, even those who had recently reached the Heaven Rank wouldnt be his match.

Moreover, there was that Desolate Overlord, the Overlord of the 17th Floor of the Abyss. This name alone was enough to explain everything. Even if it was just an Incarnation, the weakest Incarnation wasnt something the average person could handle.

Deloy returned to the Gaugass Battlemages camp, feeling dispirited, and entered an isolated tent in its depths. He then hesitated and took out a crystal and put it on a table.

This matter was too important He had to let the king know. Moreover, the danger of that place wasnt something they could influence, so he could only report to the king first.

Ever since His Majesty Wagrein, no one among the Gaugass Battlemages truly became the Gaugass King.

Because that title only belonged to Wagrein. His successors only became kings. This was a tribute from the kings to the King of Gaugass.

Deloy couldnt help frowning when thinking of the king.

Because this king was really too mysterious.

Back then, a group of miners picked up a baby while going down from a Thunderbolt Mountain on a snowy night. The baby had nothing on him and was only wrapped in a bundle.

These miners had poor talent and couldnt become genuine Gaugass Battlemages, but they still had formidable bodies and could become important miners.

Naturally, no one turned a blind eye to a baby appearing on a snowy night, so they brought him back.

But the next day, the dozen miners were unexpectedly turned into coal by a thunderbolt while excavating, and the things covering the baby had disappeared, replaced by some shabby hide.

Those wanting to investigate the babys origins naturally couldnt find anything. They even searched the households that recently gave birth, but no family had lost a child.

This matter was left unsettled. No one thought that this abandoned baby had something to do with the miners deaths, so the Gaugass wouldnt be stingy enough not to feed that baby.

As time passed, the baby showed formidable talents and could fluently communicate at the age of 3. At 4, he understood all common words and he could lift fifty kilograms when he was 5.

He was at least ten times more talented than the most talented Gaugass child, and his physical talent had broken Gaugass millennia-old records.

Deloy started teaching him magic when he was 5.

But after barely teaching basic knowledge to the child for a year and showing him how to meditate, this young talent went missing.

A few months later, he once again returned and was already a 1st Rank Mage and thoroughly blasted a 7th Rank Mage to dust, creating a stir.

Later, he no longer asked Deloy for guidance and only meditated by himself. Each year, he would meditate by himself and disappear for a few months.

Later, he would disappear for a few months every few years and reappear with a huge increase in strength.

He ended up advancing to the Archmage realm at 29.

In the end, at 35, no one could see how strong he was. When he was 36, the previous king died, and during the battle over the kings position, there was no real performance. The inconspicuous future king easily defeated his competition and legitimately sat on the throne.

After becoming king, he still remained very low-key, seemingly always hiding in the dark, rarely saying anything, but extremely ruthless every time he made a decision.