End Of The Magic Era Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Thieves


Once, a level 39 magic beast migrated and passed through the Gaugass Clan, and although the Gaugass Battlemages repelled it, they knew that it was a very vengeful one that would definitely retaliate.

On that day, someone saw King Christo leave the clan, and the next morning, people discovered the corpse of that magic beast a few kilometers away, but there was no trace of a large battle.

Another time, the conflict between the Gaugass Battlemages and the Black Tower escalated. The other side seemed to be gathering their forces and planning to attack the Gaugass Highland. The Gaugass Battlemages werent able to make up for the difference in numbers. Even if every Gaugass Battlemage was stronger than a normal mage on the same level, they couldnt avoid this fatal flaw.

The Gaugass Highland had too few people when compared to Okland, and there were even fewer people that could become true Gaugass Battlemages.

They had no way to win when faced with mages that outnumbered them by more than ten times.

At this time, King Christo left the clan once again, and he even left the Gaugass Highland. After several days, the Black Tower troops were forced to withdraw

From that point on, the Black Towers people no longer made any moves on the Gaugass Highland, and the Gaugass Battlemages also wouldnt appear in Okland.

Although someone would occasionally still be caught and killed for intruding, no large-scale conflicts broke out.

This allowed the Gaugass to develop during this rare peace.

King Christo rarely appeared, but everyone knew that the Gaugass could live in peace now mostly because of that king.

But very few people noticed how mysterious their king was.

Everyone thought that Christo had been taught by Deloy, but only Deloy knew that he had only taught Christo basic magic knowledge and basic meditation methods, and nothing else.

Although Christo considered himself Deloys disciple, Deloy was in awe of this disciple-in-name.

Mysterious and powerful, he simply couldnt see through his strength.

But seeing how well the Gaugasses had developed day after day, Deloy tacitly approved some matters without voicing his doubts.

Seeing the crystal ball slowly lighting up and a shadow appearing from within, Deloy immediately had a complicated expression.

"Good evening, King"

The shadow in the crystal ball was very silent and didnt answer. Deloy remained calm and slowly recounted what had happened this time. The matter of the Poison Mist Valley, what Lin Yun had just said He didnt hide anything.

"King, the matter is like this, whats to be done?"

This time, a deep voice came from the crystal ball.

"Spare no cost."

After a short sentence, the light in the crystal ball dissipated and it returned to its original appearance.

Deloy contemplated for a bit. He still had to find Lin Yun for this matter.

While Deloy was informing Christo, the chief of the army, Daryl, was becoming more and more sullen. His disciple had almost drowned in that Mafa Merlins quagmire, and just as he was about to go all-out and get rid of the offender, Prophet Deloy came out to stop him.

Mafa Merlin wasnt harmed in the slightest, and instead, they were punished. Kempes and the elites that hed led were punished by being sent to that Thunderbolt Mountain.

Daryl got scolded, and although he wasnt really punished, only forbidden from leaving the camp as a symbolic punishment, everyone could see that it was a warning not to try to retaliate against Mafa Merlin.

Since when have the Gaugass Battlemages become like this? To actually punish their own people after being bullied by an Okland mage?

Damnit, damnit, damnit That damned Okland mage has to die, right, he has to die!

I have to find an opportunity to kill that damned Mafa Merlin. By the time Prophet Deloy finds out, Mafa Merlin would have already died. Would he still punish his fellow people for a dead person?

How could he? That Mafa Merlin might be very valuable to us while alive, but dead Haha, no one would care about a dead person. No one would take a second glance after his death.

A smile appeared on Daryls face, but wanting to get back at Mafa Merlin was a bit troublesome.

After all, the Storm Fort was filled with Oklands mages and their most first-rate forces. If he caused trouble for no reason, these hateful mages would unhesitantly retaliate.

As he deeply thought about it, Daryl waved someone over.

"You, go to the Merlin Family It should be the Merlin Family, right? Anyways, go to Mafa Merlins place and say that someone stole something from the Gaugass Battlemage camp and that you chased him there. Then, search Mafa Merlins entire camp."

The soldiers didnt think much about it. Ever since they came here, they discovered that those repulsive Okland mages were very fearful of them. Even if they acted confrontational, the mages would be patient and accommodating, and no one would clash with them.

What kind of difficulty could they encounter when going to trouble some Family? Apart from the Black Tower and the Cloud Towers camp, the other forces were just weaklings. If they dared to speak, they would make them experience how sharp the lightning spears were.

A few Gaugass Battlemages wearing heavy armor and holding pitch-black lightning spears made their way towards the Merlin Familys camp.

All the mages they met along the way would spontaneously give way, avoiding them. This made them brim with confidence.

Once they reached Lin Yuns camp, one of the Gaugass Battlemages directly kicked open the crude entrance to the area with a loud bang.

"Capture him, I saw him escaping to this camp, dont let him run!"

The Gaugass Battlemage who kicked the door open raised his head and loudly roared. A few people holding lightning spears rush from behind him.

In the camp, the fifty High Mages were in the middle of their meditation, Xiuban was dozing off, Reina was studying meticulously, and Enderfa was smoking.

Lin Yun was holding the Book of Mantras and was frowning while researching a spell.

This sudden noise attracted everyones attention.

A few Gaugass Battlemages, the strongest of which was a 3rd Rank Archmage, swaggered in, unaware of how dangerous their actions were.

Of the fifty High Mages, the strongest was already an 8th Rank High Mage.

A level 39 Frost Dragon, a Heaven Rank Puppet with similar power, a Magic Tool Incarnation that could suppress an entire mage army by himself, as well as a rare 5th Rank Sword Saint Draconic Beastman Not to mention that there was someone even stronger than them whose rank couldnt be seen through, someone strong enough to beat a 9th Rank Archmage.

The five Gaugass Battlemages didnt know any of this as they swaggered in while shouting themselves hoarse.

"I saw him, grab him, dont let him leave! To dare steal things from us Gaugass Battlemages, he must be tired of living!"

"Eh, he disappeared, I saw him getting into that tent."

"No, I saw him going into that other tent."

"Search everything, we will find him!"

The few Gaugass Battlemages echoed each other, and the people in the courtyard looked at that scene, dumbstruck.

The fifty High Mages all forgot to move and were just foolishly staring at these guys playing with fire.

Lin Yun felt rather awkward as he waved at Xiuban.

"Xiuban, you deal with them, you have ten seconds. If I still see one after that, youll have an extra hour, and for each one left, youll get another extra hour!"

Xiuban, who had been smirking at these Gaugass Battlemages, immediately panicked.

His body instantly disappeared, and the Gaugass Battlemage standing at the front felt something suddenly appearing, but he didnt have time to react.

Everything suddenly turned black before him as a huge hammer ruthlessly smashed his body. The heavy armor was deformed by the attack, and the Battlemage was sent flying like a cannonball, disappearing from sight.

The other four Battlemages were greatly shocked. They hadnt even finished talking when the other side unexpectedly launched an attack.

Hell, arent these mages from Okland supposed to be very weak? I thought they wouldnt dare to attack us!

The last small Family they had used this method on had remained silent and watched them loot their entire camp.

They had yet to steal anything, and they even announced themselves as Gaugass Battlemages, yet these guys unexpectedly dared to attack them.

What is happening!?

But that thought only flickered in the minds of the four Gaugass Battlemages as their fighting instincts kicked in and made them focus on the fight.

Four lightning spears instantly stabbed forwards. The four spears were truly like lightning as they flashed with a ray of light and instantly arrived in front of Xiuban.