End Of The Magic Era Chapter 814

Chapter 814 Trap


With the golden flames, the firmest defense of mages was formed. The Fire Shield spell was very effective against spells, but its defensive abilities were quite lackluster against Swordsmen. On the other hand, the Ice Shield spell had a good physical defense, but it didnt have great resistance against spells, especially fire spells.

The Blaze Shield was made from golden flames taking on a physical form, and not only was its magic resistance greatly increased, but it also had physical resistance comparable to defensive 7th Tier Spells.

The flames under his feet supported Lin Yuns body, and like a wave, he quickly moved to the side.

A flash of lightning suddenly appeared at Lin Yuns previous location, and a terrifying spear could be seen stabbing through there, spreading glaring sparks of lightning over the ground like dozen-meter-long blades.

The lightning blades sharply cut into the ground, shattering everything within a hundred meters, only leaving rocks behind.

The earth shook as the terrifying shockwave spread into the surroundings, causing destruction while also sweeping along the broken fragments. Those arrow-like fragments quickly caught up to Lin Yun. The Blaze Shield frantically revolved around Lin Yun and transformed into a huge golden-red sphere that firmly protected him.

The fragments and the sweeping power of the shockwave fell onto the Blaze Shield and let out sharp sounds. The moment those fragments touched the Blaze Shield, they were completely burnt away.

A thick cloud of smoke quickly formed above Lin Yuns head.

Lin Yun quickly started chanting an incantation, and a large swarm of runes came out of the wheel shadow as the attack showed signs of ending.

His chant finished just as the attack also finished. The surrounding flames sharply flared up and Lin Yun instantly withdrew, leaving behind a mirror image made of flames.

He used Fire Elemental Incarnation and hid himself ten meters away.

Lin Yun didnt stop after that; he let out three sounds, and even more runes came out of the wheel shadow.

A large number of blazing runes were hidden in the flames and travelled along the flames on the ground to gather under the foot of the mirror image, their fluctuations perfectly hidden.

Daryl appeared once again after Lin Yun finished setting up everything. At this moment, his body was like a nocked arrow ready to be unleashed. He was tightly gripping his lightning spear as he suddenly appeared and ruthlessly impaled the mirror image.

The mirror image couldnt withstand that formidable power, and the terrifying impact even made the flames covering the earth dissipate.

But, just as the flames were blown away by the impact, a ten-meter-wide array formed from golden flames appeared.

The blazing runes kept jumping at the key nodes, and when Daryl finished his attack, the array had already been activated.

A terrifying aura spread out, and Daryl could clearly see that everything outside of these ten meters seemed to be distorting. The distant mountain peak seemed to be twisted into a long line, and the ground also seemed to have been kneaded by a naughty child into an abstract shape.

Daryl was startled. He instantly understood that it wasnt the area outside that was distorting, but rather the space around him. The temperature was rising at an unimaginable rate.

And even if he wanted to dodge, it was too late. The array was roused almost at the same time as his own attack. In fact, it was a moment faster.

This was very bad: He couldnt stop the array from activating, and he couldnt dodge.

Daryl sneered. Since he couldnt dodge, he would forcibly destroy that array.

Daryl fiercely thrust his lightning spear at the ground.


A loud sound echoed as a crack that was over a meter wide quickly spread forward, and a small hill that was more than a hundred meters away seemed to suffer from the terrifying blow.

Numerous cracks appeared on the hill, and with a loud explosion, the entire hill was blown apart. Enormous fragments that were three to four meters in size were blown into the sky like dead leaves.

As for the ground at Daryls location, it was like broken porcelain. Everything shattered, and the biggest piece of rock left didnt exceed half a meter in size.

This terrible attack completely destroyed the ground on which the array was set up, and the runes on the array completely collapsed, as well as the golden-red decorative designs.

But Daryl didnt have time to be proud of himself. A ten-meter-thick column of flames suddenly spurted out of the ground. The golden-red flames were like a tornado that revolved rapidly, wrapping Daryl at the center.

The column of flames towered three hundred meters into the sky, and the surrounding poisonmist was dispersed by it in an instant. Within the rotating flame pillar, lightning could still be seen flickering, and the rumbling of thunder could even be heard.

Lin Yun sneered. Daryl was indeed fast, and even Lin Yun himself wouldnt be able to see the trajectory of his attacks if he burst out with all his power.

But there was no need to see the process He only needed to know where Daryl started his attack and where he ended it.

That fool thought it was an alchemy array? Ahah, you were wrong! It was a summoning array, a spell! A Hellfire summoning array.

Strictly speaking, this kind of array didnt need a medium. It was just that with a medium, it would be able to release Hellfire for a longer duration.

But once the summoning array was activated, destroying the array would only have one outcome: The process of summoning the Hellfire would be compressed to one second, and during that second, the power of the entire spell would be consolidated and released at once, turning the channeled spell into a burst spell.

This would increase the power of that spell by an entire Tier.

In this era, very few people could summon Hellfire because the casting time of the spell was too long. Low Rank mages couldnt use it, while High Rank mages had no use for it. It was only in large-scale battlefields that it might make sense to use the spell.

Moreover, when facing this spell, everyone would think of dodging. No one would attack the Hellfire spell before it erupted when it had already activated because there was such a short window of time.

No one knew how powerful a Hellfire was when its power was compressed and released in one second.

No one knew about this casting technique in this era.

Lin Yun had set up a trap, and not betraying his expectations, Daryl had jumped into it, destroying the summoning array before the flames were released.

As Lin Yun watched the frightening inferno revolving in the sky, the flames below his feet and those coiling around him quickly moved. Lin Yun made a quick chant, and boundless blazing runes came out of the wheel shadow.

The Book of Death in his left hand automatically opened, and the four-colored Element Chapter glowed crimson. The elemental spell blessing was supporting his fire spells.

A flaming light also blossomed at the tip of the Draconic Staff.

Deep blue flames floated around the Hellfire, and the terrifying heat seemed to make the surroundings burn.

The flames at Lin Yuns feet supported him, and in one second, Lin Yun made a complete loop around the burning pillar. And in that second, over a hundred dark-blue fireballs condensed around the Hellfire.

Over a hundred Enhanced Bursting Fireballs!

Blue fireballs dragging long blue trails behind them flew towards the flame pillar.

Just as the hundred fireballs were about to hit the Hellfire, the eruption of the Hellfire was completed and it thoroughly dissipated.

A shadow covered in lightning appeared within the flames. Daryl looked extremely angry. His hair had been burnt, and the tip of his lightning spear was glowing red. There was also black smoke coming from his heavy armor, while burns and blisters could be seen on Daryls skin.

Lin Yun was slightly surprised when he saw Daryls appearance. Gaugass Battlemages truly have formidable magic resistance. With the magic resistant armor on top of it, he was able to reduce the effect of a 6th Tier Spell by more than half

He had been hit by the burst of a compressed Hellfire and was only lightly wounded. This was enough to show how powerful Gaugass Battlemages were.

If a mage of Okland had been the target If a 9th Rank Archmage fell into this trap, even if they didnt die, they would be seriously injured.

Lin Yun didnt care, though. He already knew that this spell wouldnt burn Daryl to death, so he had proceeded with his next attack while the Hellfire burst out.

The flames had barely dissipated when Daryl saw over a hundred Enhanced Bursting Fireballs surrounding him.

Daryls eyes widened in surprise. He roared, holding the lightning spear with both hands as he crazily stabbed all around him. The several dozen spear shadows made him look like a hedgehog.

Then, Daryl was flooded by over a hundred Bursting Flames.

"Boom, boom, boom"

The explosions kept echoing as over a hundred Enhanced Bursting Flames exploded within a few meters. The resulting burst power could only be considered frightening.