End Of The Magic Era Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Mercy


Thats right: scrap iron. The joints of the heavy armor were all severed, and its pieces had turned into twisted sheets of metal full of holes

Lin Yun coldly looked at the scrapped heavy armor, the lacerated flesh, and Daryl. He once again raised his Draconic Staff.

He naturally wouldnt tell Daryl that this spell was something he had been meticulously working on.

Drops of water could slowly pierce through hard limestone. The reason behind that wasnt just perseverance.

Each water droplet was hitting the exact same position, and the angle and speed of each droplet was already planned.

Even the power behind a droplet and the distance and frequency between them was completely identical.

Within the infinitesimal power was hidden a profound mystery, and that profound mystery was the true power behind that spell.

Among all Elemental Incarnations, the least appreciated one was the Water Elemental Incarnation. Even among the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, the Water Elements position had long since been replaced by the Ice Element.

As one of the four elements, how could it be so weak? How could it only have some weak healing spells? How could its attack spells be weaker than other elements?

This was impossible.

In the future, there would be a Heaven Rank powerhouse specialized in water magic. Each time he cast a spell, it would seem as if a huge hole opened in the sky, and the waves hitting their targets would tower over a kilometer in height. One attack could destroy the environment in a huge area.

When conquering a plane, he would even have to restrict his casting, because if he went all-out, the entire plane would be destroyed within half a month.

Those terrifying tsunami waves could destroy everything without distinction in a very short time.

But these kinds of spells were at least 8th Tier or higher. There was no such formidable water spell under the Heaven Rank.

However, Lin Yun didnt think so. He had been working on this for a few months whenever he had time, meticulously studying the exhaustive catalogue of spells within the Book of Mantras until he came up with this spell.

Shower Waterline!

Each drop of water contained a terrifying power, and the impact of each one was comparable to a 2nd Tier Spell.

The gap between droplets, the power, the angle, the frequency Everything was the same.

In a second, that Waterlines droplets attacked several hundred times, up to a thousand!

The simplest reason that dripping water could penetrate stone, that wisp of profound mystery behind it and the power it held All of it made Lin Yun become overwhelmed with shock.

Now, Daryl was his first test subject.

He was the solid boulder smashed to pieces by the puny droplets.

Daryl was lifeless. He couldnt understand why he was in this situation. The heavy armor he was so proud of had shattered into pieces, his powerful body had become mutilated, and he was in intense pain. Every time he breathed, he could hear blood rolling in his lungs. It was as if countless flames were crazily attacking his body.

Lin Yun had a cold expression as he raised his Draconic Staff once again.

On the other side, Deloy had already finished reporting to the King when he discovered that Daryl went missing.

Deloy frowned slightly as he quickly left the camp.

"Where is Commander Daryl?" Deloy anxiously asked while impatiently grabbing one of the guards by the collar.

The guards face became white. This was the first time he had seen Deloy looking so worried and seemingly on the verge of rage. How could he not understand that there was a huge problem?

"Commander Went out on his own"

Deloys expression instantly became unsightly, and anger burnt in his eyes.

Damn scoundrel, that Daryl is a complete moron! Does that guy not understand how much Mafa Merlin means to us Gaugass Battlemages?

That guy actually ignored my order, but is Mafa Merlin that easy to kill?

Did that idiot not see what happened in the previous fight? Mafa Merlin definitely has power comparable to a 9th Rank Archmage!

Moreover, based on the tendencies of Oklands mages, he definitely didnt use all his strength last time. His mana is so vast and steady that his rank can no longer be determined by the Archmage standard. There is even a trace of mystery coming from his body.

Only first-rate Archmages could emit this kind of aura, like the Black Towers Harren and the Star Sage of the Cloud Tower. Even if Mafa Merlins power cant compare with these two, he isnt that far off.

And from the way he was fighting, he is far more than just knowledgeable. He has a deep pool of runes a few times bigger than the average Archmages, and it feels as if his mana pool is limitless.

How could he be so easy to defeat? Did that fool, Daryl, already forget the last time he fought Harren? Does he not know that Oklands mages are the best when it comes to evading attacks?

Damn b*stard, how easy could it be to defeat Mafa Merlin? And its even harder to kill him! This time itll be considered offending Mafa Merlin.

If King Christo learnt about this Hed definitely fly into a rage. Does that idiot want to face the anger of King Christo?

The King just instructed me to spare no effort to get the information from Mafa Merlins mouth, yet that stupid idiot did that kind of thing

Did he not understand last time that using threats to get that information out of Mafa Merlin was impossible?

Could it be that he plans to start a war against Okland? Damn moron! Even if you start a war, we might not be able to get anything out of Mafa Merlin!

I barely managed to ease our tense relationship, and thanks to that, he gave me some useful information. If we spent some effort and expressed our goodwill, Mafa Merlin might have told us more.

This is so great All my efforts had been scrapped

Deloy rushed out of the camp with worry and dashed for the Storm Fort. He hoped he could overtake the foolish Daryl and stop him before he did something stupid.

He stopped halfway and suddenly looked at the distant Poison Mist Valley and Storm Fort.

No, even if that guy Daryl is a bit stupid, he still has some brains. Its simply impossible to fight freely in the Storm Fort. If he acted a bit excessive there, those Okland mages absolutely wouldnt stand and watch. They would definitely take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the foolish Daryl.

Only in the Poison Mist Valley would they remain undisturbed. If they fought, it would definitely be in the Poison Mist Valley.

If they arent in the Poison Mist Valley, then they probably arent fighting, so it wont be as urgent. Right, I should check there first.

Deloy frantically rushed into the Poison Mist Valley and immediately sensed a surge of mana fluctuations in the distance. He became quite upset when he felt that. Any Magic Apprentice would know that such flaring mana fluctuations would inevitably appear when two powerhouses fought.

Besides the Gaugass Battlemages, the only other group able to fight in the Poison Mist Valley without being affected by the poisonmist was Mafa Merlins group.

As he thought of this, Deloy couldnt bear it, and a large amount of mana burst out. His entire body was covered in snakelike lightning. He was like an arrow rapidly flying towards the depths of the Poison Mist Valley.

From the distance, Deloy saw the badly mutilated Daryl fallen on the ground, his heavy armor completely shattered. Mafa Merlin was standing not far from him and had raised his Draconic Staff, on which dazzling lights were revolving.

Seeing this scene, Deloy became deathly pale.

How could this be? How much time has passed? And how long has it been since Daryl came out? He was already defeated? And in such a miserable way? His armor is completely shattered

Daryl is a 9th Rank Dust Seeker Arch-Battlemage. Only a handful of people under the Heaven Rank could overpower him, but none of them should be able to kill him

This Mafa Merlin is actually that strong? To wound Daryl that badly, to the point where he cant even escape

"Sir Mafa Merlin, please show mercy!"

Before even arriving, Deloy started shouting in alarm. He could see that the young mage wasnt just trying to scare Daryl; he was really planning to kill Daryl, to kill this 9th Rank Arch-Battlemage Commander of the Gaugass Battlemages.

Lin Yun slightly frowned as he looked at the incoming lightning flying over.

As he paused, Deloy had already appeared beside the injured Daryl.

"Are you planning to stop me, Sir Deloy?"

Lin Yun frowned and looked at Deloy as if he was eyeing another enemy.

Deloy smiled bitterly and looked at the dull Daryl. He naturally knew what had happened. This extremely young mage couldnt be measured by Oklands standards.

Even existences like the Star Sage and Harren couldnt be used to measure this young Commander of the Merlin Family.

Deloy naturally knew how strong Daryl was. When facing Oklands mages, there was not a single mage under the Heaven Rank that could prevent him from fleeing if he needed to. Also, Deloy had never seen anything like those terrible wounds over the years.

As he saw the fragments of armor scattered over the ground, Deloy felt a chill, and cold sweat started dripping down his back.

That was the heavy armor unique to the Gaugass Battlemages. Its magic resistance was terrifyingly high, and Low Tier Spells simply couldnt leave a trace on the armor. Only 4th or 5th Tier Spells could leave some slight traces on it.

But now, the armor that Gaugass Battlemages were so proud of had shattered into fragments.

How could he continue provoking this terrifying young Archmage?

Deloy put away his spear and spread his hands out, even scattering his mana to express that he had no malice and didnt plan on resisting.