End Of The Magic Era Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Do As You Please


Managing to keep his life is already extreme luck.

That fool is really hopeless, he cant blame others for seeking out his own death.

Does that old fox, Deloy, really think I dont know his plan? If you were able to harvest the Ancient Poison Dragons corpse, then it wouldnt matter, since it would be your ability.

Noticing Lin Yuns sneer, Deloys thick-skinned face couldnt help reddening. He had naturally noticed Kempes actions, but he hadnt stopped him, tacitly approving, but he hadnt thought that such a serious matter would happen.

Looking at the Ancient Poison Dragon in the large hole and the half-dead Kempes lying in front of him, Deloys face became complicated.

Based on their previous agreement, whoever found something would own it. Mafa Merlin discovered this Ancient Poison Dragon, so it was naturally his harvest.

But this was the corpse of an Ancient Poison Dragon!

Ancient Poison Dragons became extinct in the God Era. They were far older existences than Chromatic Dragons. And now, Chromatic Dragons were already legends No one could ignore the corpse of an Ancient Poison Dragon and let it slip before their eyes.

In theory, if they helped with the harvest and completed some later tasks, Mafa Merlin would share a part with them, so they would at least obtain some leftover scales. And there shouldnt be an issue even if he wanted to monopolize it.

But this was the corpse of an Ancient Poison Dragon, so how could they give up on it?

This was something that would bring huge benefits to the Gaugass Battlemages. Just a few scales would greatly increase the power of the Gaugass Battlemages as a whole. If used for top-notch battle assets, 9th Rank Arch-Battlemages would have no opponents below the Heaven Rank.

No shield would be able to stop their lightning spears. Spears made completely from sharp claws or scales might even break through the defenses of some Heaven Rank powerhouses.

If they got some flesh and blood, it could greatly improve the physique of their entire clan. They wouldnt need poison resistance potions to travel through the Poison Mist Valley anymore.

If they were lucky, they might even obtain a wisp of the Ancient Poison Dragons bloodline, which would give the Gaugass Battlemages an extra trump card from that point on.

This was something the Gaugass Battlemages couldnt pass up. Even if they couldnt monopolize it, they had to get a share.

At worst, they would let Mafa Merlin get a bigger share. As long as he helped with the detoxification, the Gaugass Battlemages would be willing to do everything else. All the processing materials and supplementary materials would be supplied by them.

When the time comes, Ill let Sir Merlin choose first, and itll be fine even if he chooses the best part.

This would already be a great show of sincerity. Without doing anything, he would obtain a lot, so Sir Mafa Merlin shouldnt refuse.

After all, this is an Ancient Poison Dragons corpse. We already know about it, so he cant just take it all himself. He has to take out a part to seal our mouths.

Most of Oklands forces are already gathered in the Storm Fort. If those greedy Okland mages learnt about it, they would desperately try to get a piece of it. At that time, Sir Merlin would be offending all of Oklands forces if he tried to keep everything

He must know this. To keep that information from being leaked, hell have to share with the Gaugass Battlemages. Those are large concessions, he only needs to leave us some part of the harvest. An intelligent person would definitely know what to pick.

There are too many benefits here For the sake of our Clan, I can only let down Sir Mafa a bit

A trace of guilt flashed in Deloys eyes. The benefits of that Ancient Poison Dragons corpse were just that great. For the Gaugasses, he could only mask his conscience to get a share of the profits.

Facing Lin Yuns sneer, Deloy could only thicken his face and act as if he hadnt seen it. He didnt even take care of the seriously injured Kempes and instead stepped up to the edge of the hole. He stood still as if he wouldnt move in.

How could Lin Yun not know what Deloy was thinking?

Hmpf, damned old fox, you made a mistake. Since you want to be here, then have fun

Lin Yun sneered and turned to say, "Prophet Deloy, you guys keep at it. I still have something to deal with, so I will go back first."

After saying that, Lin Yun led his people and left.

Deloy was stunned and foolishly looked at Lin Yuns back, not knowing how to react to those circumstances.

Whats going on? Whys he going back first?

This is an Ancient Poison Dragons corpse. When faced with something so precious that it couldnt even be found during the Nesser Dynasty, you are going back? What the hell are you thinking?

Its fine if you want to go, but settle the matter of the Ancient Poison Dragons poison before you do

Thats an Ancient Poison Dragon! Even if its just a corpse, its body is filled with terrifying poison. Let alone us Gaugass Battlemages, in all of Okland, no, in all of Noscent, no one can detoxify the poison of the Ancient Poison Dragon.

You are the only hope, yet you fucking want to go back? What the hell?

The Poison Mist Valley has taken shape because of the Ancient Poison Dragons corpse. You can make potions to resist the poisonmist Shouldnt you be able to make a potion that can resist the Ancient Poison Dragons poison?

You are the only hope, no one else can do this! Only you can compound this potion, yet you want to go back

Will go back first

Hearing this sentence, Deloy felt as if something was exploding in his mind, and only those words echoed within.

Ancient Poison Dragons went gone extinct during the God Era, who could detoxify their poison?

At the start of the Nesser Dynasty, there might have been some Pureblood Elves and Chromatic Dragons that were able to, but now?

So many years have passed Even if a method was passed down, it would have already been thrown to a corner.

Inferior alchemists simply wouldnt be able to access this kind of thing, and the time of advanced alchemists is very valuable. No advanced alchemist would have used their valuable time on something that had no use since countless millennia ago.

Otherwise, the Poison Mist Valley wouldnt have remained unexplored for so many years.

Oklands mages had researched the poisonmist for so many years but are at a loss against it. Even two Artisans came in person but were helpless

Yet he wants to leave now Is he out of his mind?

He should solve the problem first!

Deloys eyes suddenly shone.

Does Mafa Merlin not know that this is the corpse of an Ancient Poison Dragon?

If you dont know, you should just ask, Id be happy to explain it to you!

Dont walk away without asking, Ill explain the characteristics of Ancient Poison Dragon, Ill let you know all the precious areas, Ill tell you everything!

Oklands stupid mages dont have this kind of information, but our Gaugass Battlemages do!

This Ancient Poison Dragons scales, claws, and flesh are valuable goods, its entire body is a treasured object. If you dont understand, Ill tell you!

Deloy stomped his foot. Lin Yun had already led his group away at a rapid pace. They quickly disappeared, and by the time Deloy reacted, they were already nowhere to be seen.

Deloy couldnt wait to catch up with Lin Yun and drag him back to tell him how precious this Dragons corpse was, how it was something that hadnt appeared in millennia. He wanted to let him know how crazy it was to just leave.

But Deloy had been too shocked, and by the time he finally reacted, there was nothing he could do.

As for Lin Yun, after getting some distance away from the hole, he looked back and sneered.

These greedy guys How could I not know that that old fox is thinking?

But from the start, Lin Yun hadnt planned on sharing that Ancient Poison Dragons corpse with those Battlemages.

Since you want to share, you can just go ahead. Ill go away, just harvest what you can. Itll be your skill and my loss if you can take everything away.

Hmpf, if a Gaugass Battlemage could detoxify the Ancient Poison Dragon, Id just have to admit my loss.

But a person that can detoxify the poison of the Ancient Poison Dragon in this era has yet to be born

Three millennia later, someone would find the first corpse of an Ancient Poison Dragon in this era Well, it was a decaying body.

But most of the toxins had already dissipated. All that was left was what the remaining part of the decaying body could make. But just this bit of it could make the people of that era wait anxiously for a millennium to harvest it.

They could only wait for the poison to almost completely disappear before they could harvest it, but once the poison disappeared, that corpses value steeply fell.

Because of that corpse, more than a dozen large forces of mages went to war and had countless casualties. In the end, the Black Tower won and discovered that the flesh was poisonous and couldnt be used.

They were made fun of for millennia as they waited for the poison to disappear on its own.

After another eight millennia, the world of Noscent would reach its apex, and at that time, they found the corpse of an Ancient Poison Dragon in a highly toxic plane. A Peak Saint Alchemist spent a dozen years before finding a method that worked against the poison.

Although the corpse in the Poison Mist Valley couldnt compare with that one, it was a lot more troublesome than the previous partial corpse that had been found.

Apart from him, no one in this era could deal with the poison of an Ancient Poison Dragon.

If you want to go, then go ahead. Do as you please, but dont blame others if you die