End Of The Magic Era Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Dragged In


Lin Yun couldnt help smiling when the roughly five-meter-long liver was harvested. More than half could be used as materials, and it was enough to guarantee that he wouldnt have to worry about poison in the future, and that was after refining the Poison Resistant Body medicine for Xiuban.

That Draconic Beastman with an extremely frightening body wouldnt have to worry about any modern Dragons.

As for the mana disturbance, that wasnt a problem. The foolish Xiuban completely wasted the inherent casting talent of Draconic Beastmen. He simply couldnt cast spells and could only strengthen his body, so that Poison Resistant Body would only make him even stronger.

After digging out the liver, Lin Yun moved on to the heart. Unfortunately, this Ancient Poison Dragons heart had already been destroyed, and only a drop of heart blood could be found, which he gave to Xiuban so that it might give him a bit of the Ancient Poison Dragons power.

At worst, it would make his body become even stronger and increase his strength. If he luckily obtained the formidable power of the Ancient Poison Dragons poison, even if it was only to a slight degree, it would be very frightening.

Toxins could never be judged based on ranking. Even an ordinary person could use poison to kill warriors and mages.

At last, Lin Yun dug out a two-meter-long bone in the Ancient Poison Dragons jaw. This was the strongest bone in the Ancient Poison Dragons body. It was under the reverse scale and weighed more than five thousand kilograms. The most suitable use for it would be for Xiubans new weapon.

The most valuable things had already been gathered, now, so all that remained was to collect some of the most precious fleshy parts of Ancient Poison Dragon.

The flesh and muscles in those sections only accounted for a small part of the Ancient Poison Dragon, but its body was over several hundred meters in length, so even a relatively small part could weigh tons.

The flesh could be slowly used by the fifty High Mages after being processed. It would help slowly strengthen their talents and bodies. Even their mana would become purer.

These things had no effect on Lin Yun because the Mana Baptism Potion had already made his talent reach the apex, but those things were great for the High Mages.

Continuously eating such things would make up for their deficiencies and make their foundation even stronger. Eating the Ancient Poison Dragons flesh and muscles would help them all reach the Archmage realm in the future.

Fifty Archmages

Fifty Archmages with the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Rune would be the nightmares of any enemy on the battlefield.

Even one of Oklands peak mage forces like the Cloud Tower wouldnt be able to field fifty Archmages in battle.

After all, this wasnt Noscent at its peak, when Archmages were as numerous as dogs.

No matter how influential a force was, Archmages were their most powerful assets.

If he had fifty subordinate Archmages, he could walk anywhere he wanted in Okland without being disturbed. Who would dare to provoke him?

Lin Yun led the puppet and Xiuban, and they quickly rummaged through the Ancient Poison Dragons body like locusts. As long as it was something useful, it would be collected and taken away.

Most of the night had passed by the time Lin Yun left the Ancient Poison Dragons corpse, and nothing of value was left behind.

If the Ancient Poison Dragons corpse hadnt been so old, its scales and hide wouldnt have lost so much power and appeal, and Lin Yun wouldnt have given up on gathering those things.

The main thing was that in their current state, those parts were of little value and werent easy to collect, and moreover, he couldnt collect too many.

After all, the Gaugass Battlemages also knew about this place.

No matter how much of the insides he gathered, the Gaugass Battlemages wouldnt be able to find out, but if there were too many changes to the outside, everyone would know that the body of the Ancient Poison Dragon had already been harvested.

That old fox, Deloy, would certainly understand that Lin Yun had a great harvest if he saw that.

Risking it for almost worthless materials wasnt worth it.

After Lin Yun came out, he cautiously set the mouth of the Ancient Poison Dragon back to its original position, and it looked as if there had been no change.

No one would notice a little change After all, this Ancient Poison Dragons corpse had been there for so long that even the scales showed signs of erosion. There was no change on the surface, but the insides of the Ancient Poison Dragon had already been hollowed out.

And on the other hand, the Gaugass Battlemages had already given up on the exploration of the Poison Mist Valley. They may have found some valuable things, but they couldnt harvest them after all.

Without the Poison Resistant Potion, they couldnt even reach the Ancient Poison Dragons corpse.

After returning to the camp, Deloy felt more and more suffocated. He faintly felt some regret as he recalled the mission that the King had assigned. He felt that it would be very hard to accomplish it.

Was it worth offending Mafa Merlin over a corpse they might not be able to harvest?

He had heard that Mafa Merlin was a formidable Artisan and had managed to deal with the toxic poisonmist. This wasnt easy to begin with, and that potion was only a Poison Resistance Potion, not an antidote.

Wanting to rely on him to take care of the Ancient Poison Dragons poison wasnt too realistic. That was something that had never been conquered since the Era of Gods, and Mafa Merlin didnt even seem to know about the Ancient Poison Dragon. How could he take care of it?

I didnt get anything and still managed to offend Mafa Merlin. The gains didnt make up for the losses

Right, I have yet to ask Kempes how he offended Mafa Merlin

He had been the best talent of the younger generation, and many had expected him to become the next King.

Even though Kempes had yet to be King and was only a member of the younger generation, Deloy couldnt do anything to Kempes due to the Kings orders, so he hadnt actually followed through with the previously promised punishment. In the end, he took Kempes along in the exploration of the Poison Mist Valley.

But now, Kempes was crippled and no one could be blamed He could only blame his own greed.

Yes, I have to figure out what happened before. Kempes has been corroded by the poison of the Ancient Poison Dragon and can no longer recover. Giving up the Kings mission for his sake wasnt worth it for the Gaugasses

Deloy was quickly thinking. He wanted to cut the tail to save the body After all, the whole conflict with Mafa Merlin had started because of Kempes

Deloy frantically rushed to Kempes training room and burst out in anger after his inquiries.

Kempes was already crippled, and nothing could compare to that terrible punishment, but others wouldnt be let off.

"You bunch of fools, you actually offended Mafa Merlin for the coordinates of an already exploited plane?"

The enraged Deloy sent a few of Kempes aides to serve in the mines, but after calming down, Deloy started pondering once again.

That idiot, Kempes! He didnt know the other sides circumstances, yet he dared to attack them? Is Mafa Merlin that easy to kill? He is no weaker than me! He might even be stronger, and he is an Artisan.

He didnt know about such important information and recklessly acted. If dealing with Mafa was easy, the Charlotte Family would have taken care of him themselves. Its fortunate that Kempes was crippled here. Otherwise, the Gaugass Battlemages would have declined under his rule

That damned Charlotte Family They couldnt kill Mafa Merlin so they tricked us. This matter cant end at this.

The Merlin Family has been developing quite well these years. Although it still cant compare to the Black Tower, its now considered one of Oklands major forces, and they have Mafa Merlin. If nothing unexpected happens, he will become comparable to the existence within the Merlin Family a millennium ago.

No, he is even more frightening than the one that made the Merlin Family suddenly rise at that time. It is said that Mafa Merlin was only a High Mage half a year ago. How long has it been? In such a short time, he reached a point where no one can see his strength. It feels like his mana is not inferior to that of 9th Rank Archmages.

His fighting strength is also comparable to some 9th Rank Archmage powerhouses, and he is a formidable Artisan.

It is time for the Merlin Family to soar, and no one can stop it. The foolish Charlotte Family wants to kill Mafa Merlin? They are too naive.

The hateful thing is that they offended Mafa Merlin, and still dragged us in, this matter cant be forgiven.

For making us offend a terrifying powerhouse like Mafa Merlin, we have to make the Charlotte Family pay the price. Right, Kempes said that the fool of the Charlotte Family urgently told him the coordinates of the Golden Pearl Plane.

Deloy thought for a bit. He was angry at the crippled Kempes, but he was even more furious at the Charlotte Family.

In an instant, Deloy made a decision and gave out a series of orders.

On that same night, the Charlotte Family received a very shocking report.

The Golden Pearl Plane had been stormed, and everyone there had tragically died, only managing to send a distress call and pass on the news.

This news made the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family breathless, and he almost fainted.