End Of The Magic Era Chapter 827

Chapter 827 Surround


Witsy had a cold expression and his eyes flashed with anger as he rushed into the Merlin Familys camp.

He looked at Lin Yun and roared, "Mafa Merlin, your Merlin Family has to explain itself today!"

Lin Yun frowned and glanced at Witsy before looking at the people gathering outside the camp, not saying a word.

Witsy raised his head and pointed at Lin Yuns nose before bellowing, "Mafa Merlin, you despicable thief, you swindler! You simply threw away the face of your Merlin Family! How could you use such a despicable method to cheat Young Master Kans out of the coordinates of the Golden Pearl Plane? Are you trying to cause public outrage? Your Merlin Family has to explain itself and compensate us today!

"Damn b*stard, do you know how important the Golden Pearl Plane is to the Charlotte Family? Because of your despicable methods, our Charlotte Family suffered a huge loss, and the losses every single day are so astronomical that you cant even begin to imagine. If it was weighed in gold coins, you would drown in it!"

"This is your Merlin Familys plot, you wretched b*stard. You think you can ruin the Charlotte Familys foundation? If you dont satisfy us today, just wait to be torn to pieces!" As Witsy yelled vehemently, the group of High Mages behind him started rousing their mana without a word. The huge amount of mana was like a tide spreading in the surroundings.

Xiuban burst out in laughter first. Even with his intelligence, he could understand that these people were here to threaten them.

"You b*stards are here to threaten us under false pretenses? So your Charlotte Family lost their Planar Coordinates What does that have to do with Sir Merlin? So stupid"

Witsy glowered over at Xiuban, rousing his mana and transforming it into formless flames that revolved around him.

"Mafa Merlin, Ill give your Merlin Family one more chance! We can forget the matter of cheating Young Master Kans out of the Planar Coordinates, but you have to compensate us. If you do so, I can treat this as you jesting with Young Master Kans.

"You ought to know that using devious means to scam a Family out of their Planar Coordinates can lead to public outrage. Our Charlotte Family doesnt want pointless sacrifices and battles. We only want to recoup our losses.

"Thats why I came today, to remind your Merlin Family of basic principles. But if you remain obstinate, youll understand that our Charlotte Family isnt easy to bully!"

Witsy raised his head, looking righteous, and all the onlookers nodded along, seeming to agree with him. They started chattering to each other about the spectacle.

"The Raging Flame Planes general attack is about to begin. We shouldnt have internal strife at such a time The Charlotte Family actually cares about the greater picture."

"Yes, I previously felt that the Charlotte Familys Witsy didnt have a good temper, but I didnt expect him to restrain himself to discuss with the Merlin Family"

Witsy suppressed his anger, but his heart was beating very quickly. He had to hold back a bit in order to look better.

Lin Yun finally understood the entire process. That idiot, Kans Charlotte, must have used the Golden Pearl Planes coordinates to ask that Gaugass Arch-Battlemage to kill him.

They couldnt capture the golden hen, and they had also lost the expensive bait they had prepared.

This was why the Charlotte Family was pressuring them. They needed to make up for their losses.

Witsy insisted that Mafa Merlin used a cheap trick to swindle the coordinates of the Golden Pearl Plane, and the Merlin Familys people would never admit it.

After a while, Lin Yun spoke for the first time, since he understood the issue.

"Wisty, is it? Forget it, it doesnt matter. Let me ask you one question. You said I used a despicable method to swindle the Planar Coordinates of the Golden Pearl Plane from Kans Charlottes hands? Then let me ask you this Who currently possesses the Golden Pearl Plane? Is it the Merlin Family? Is it me?"

Witsy suddenly lost his vigor. He was suddenly taken aback and his expression kept changing.

Damn scoundrel, of course I cant answer! How could I say that the Golden Pearl Plane is in the hands of the Gaugass Battlemages? That those barbarians are too powerful and our Charlotte Family cant go against them, that we can only rush over and suppress the Merlin Family to make them pay for our losses?

I absolutely cant let him speak! We took advantage of the situation to come looking for the Merlin Family. If everyone learnt that our Charlotte Family gave the Golden Pearl Planes Planar Coordinates to hire Gaugass Battlemages as hitmen, and then went on to try to extort the Merlin Family, how would others look at us?

At that time, the reputation of the Charlotte Family would be completely lost, and the forces cooperating with us might not dare to associate with us any longer. Our Charlotte Familys prestige would be thoroughly destroyed.

No good, I cant continue like this Words have no effect, and this will blow up if it continues.

As he thought of this, Witsy clenched his teeth and roused his mana before waving his arm towards the Merlin Familys camp.

"Surround them!"

In an instant, Witsy led that group of High Mages and two Archmages to surround the Merlin Family Camp.

"Mafa Merlin, Ill give you three minutes! If you have not satisfied our Charlotte Family with your compensation by then, you and those Merlins wont see the sunrise!

"I came with utmost sincerity in negotiating, but what kind of attitude is that? If you want to start a war, then the Charlotte Family will start a war with your Merlin Family! At that time, it wont be a matter of a bit of compensation!"

Witsy took the lead in high spirits and took out his Spiritual Wood Staff. He looked at Lin Yun indifferently, and the Charlotte Familys High Mages started crazily rousing their mana. They only needed Witsys order to raze the Merlin Familys camp to the ground.

In an instant, a group from the Merlin Family came out of the camp. Fifty High Mages expressionlessly looked at these people, Reina had an ice sphere continuously floating around her, and Xiuban was carrying Carnage on his back.

"Come, come, come, you trash, Uncle Xiuban promises not to kill you"

The battle looked like it was about to start. The onlookers tacitly moved back a bit, while more people went to report to the Black Tower.

With the Raging Flame Planes general attack starting soon, this kind of conflict was too harmful for morale.

Lin Yun crossed his arms and sneered before shouting towards the outside, "Sir Deloy, are you enjoying the show? Come, come and reason with this blockhead of the Charlotte Family."

An awkward expression appeared on Deloys face as he heard Lin Yuns words.

He originally was standing in the back, hiding in an inconspicuous area. He hadnt even dared to use his mana as he observed through the cracks of the crowd.

Over, its over Mafa Merlin had already found me, and he thought I was just enjoying the show

Those idiots from the Charlotte Family actually want to extort from Mafa Merlin This is simply like going to the Poison Mist Valley to get some fresh air

This was a chance, an opportunity. The foolish Charlotte Family came causing trouble, and it might have been too much for the Merlin Family to handle. Once Mafa Merlin was feeling the pressure, I would have stepped out to help him by dispatching the fools of the Charlotte Family.

I would be expressing my good faith. That Kempes was punished, and the thorn in Mafa Merlins heart would be removed. The original grudges would be trivial at that point.

I would have befriended a talented powerhouse like Mafa Merlin, someone bound to reach the Heaven Rank in the future, and thus, I would have accomplished the Kings mission.

Damnit, how did he find me?

I hid in the back of this crowd and curbed my mana. Moreover, the mana from others should be interfering, so how could he find me? This is truly unfathomable

Deloy was a bit unwilling, but since his name was called out, he could only force himself to come out with an awkward smile.

As the Gaugass Battlemages Prophet, this kind of situation was very embarrassing

In fact, Witsy, who had been ready to turn up the pressure, was now stunned.

What the hell? Didnt that foolish Kans originally hire the Gaugass Battlemages to assassinate Mafa Merlin?

Shouldnt those powerful barbarians have a poor relationship with him? Whats going on?

How could Mafa Merlin call out Prophet Deloy? And how could Prophet Deloy step forward?

Witsy was at a loss, especially when he saw Deloys insincere and somewhat monstrous smile. His heart started beating faster as he became nervous.

Offending Prophet Deloy was no joke

The Gaugass battlemages captured the Golden Pearl Plane overnight, and the Charlotte Family didnt protest at all because they didnt dare to look for trouble with the Gaugass Battlemages.

They took the plane in one night an entire plane!

The troops stationed in the plane were all elites of the Family. After all, that kind of small plane wasnt particularly stable, and some strange spatial lifeforms would frequently appear. Those invaders were comparable to the Great Mage realm at the very least, and when they appeared, they would need to be dealt with by a large group. Only Archmages could deal with them alone