End Of The Magic Era Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Gap


"Now, both our Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom are preparing for this final battle. This is no longer just about the royal family, but about all the forces of the Andlusa Kingdom.

"There can only be one winner between the Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom. The loser will have to completely withdraw from the Raging Flame Plane, regardless of the territories, resources, and forts they control.

"The winner takes all, and the loser is left with nothing.

"Thus, I hope you can understand how important this bet is. If we win, everyone will get more, far more than what you currently possess. If we lose, everyone will have to abandon the Raging Flame Plane, losing everything."

As soon as the Azure Wave Sword Saint finished his words, the leader of a small force sitting at another table stood up.

"No, we definitely wont agree! Why has the Kingdom agreed to this bet on our behalf? Of course your great family would carelessly make such a bet! If you win, youll get the most benefits, and if you lose, youll only lose the benefits of the Raging Flame Plane.

"But if we lose, well lose everything! This is all we have! Moreover, everyone knows how strong the Odin Kingdom is. Who would be willing to agree to this bet that we know we cant win? In any case, I absolutely dont agree to it. You bet yourself, it has nothing to do with us!"

After that man was done, the Azure Wave Sword Saint sneered.

And the others also werent expecting other forces to flock over in support. In fact, there were only a few small forces that shouted in agreement, while the others were looking at them as if they were fools.

Even Star Sage Jouyi, at the large round table, only glanced at them with pity, as if he didnt have the heart to harm those idiots.

The group of people looked over in amazement.

Saying such words at such a time Is that guys intelligence on par with a slimes?

The Odin Kingdom is already united, yet you dare to say such things? Do you really think that the other side would leave you alone if they won?

At such a time, the only choice was to unite and win against the Odin Kingdom in this war. Those left on their own would be devoured whole until nothing was left.

Indeed, the Odin Kingdom was a lot stronger than the Andlusa Kingdom.

Whether one looked at the entire nation, or the number and the ranks of powerhouses, they suppressed the Andlusa Kingdom in all regards.

The Odin Kingdom had several publicly known Heaven Rank powerhouses, and a few of them had yet to appear. Moreover, they had far more Archmages than the Andlusa Kingdom.

In the Odin Kingdom, a force wouldnt be considered a first-rate force without a Heaven Rank powerhouse overseeing it. But on the Andlusa Kingdoms side, the strongest two major forces were led by Jouyi and Harren, two 9th Rank Archmages with half a step into the Heaven Rank.

This was the gap!

After all, not only was the Odin Kingdom known as the number one Kingdom in Noscent, but it was publicly known as the strongest force. The Odin Kingdoms power wasnt something the other Kingdoms could compare to.

The Odin Kingdom called themselves the descendants of the 3rd Dynasty. But many people were doubtful and felt that it was just the Odin Kingdom boasting.

But no one would deny the fact that the Odin Kingdoms current capital had been the royal court of the 3rd Dynasty!

Much had been destroyed following the destruction of the 3rd Dynasty, but there were still many things left behind, and as the royal court of the 3rd Dynasty, no one knew how many of the inheritances and various rare treasures managed to survive the destruction and were now controlled by the Odin Kingdom.

It couldnt be denied that the Odin Kingdom had obtained the 3rd Dynastys biggest legacy, even if the Odin Kingdom itself didnt announce it.

It was because of this that the Odin Kingdom was a lot stronger than the Andlusa Kingdom and every other major Kingdom, and it was because of this that the Odin Kingdom controlled even more planes and resources. The Raging Flame Plane was very important to the Odin Kingdom, but as a plane that had yet to be conquered, and one that the Andlusa Kingdom had stuck its hand in, it was far less important than the planes that had already been conquered.

Most of the Odin Kingdoms forces were held up in other planes, and even the peak forces of the Odin Kingdom couldnt spare a lot of power for the conquest and contest over the Raging Flame Plane.

The forces that could actually participate werent actually considered peak forces of the Odin Kingdom They were far from strong enough to make the Andlusa Kingdom feel despair.

It was because of this that the Andlusa Kingdom had the opportunity to make this large bet, and the decisive Azure Wave Sword Saint saw the future crisis and the current opportunity.

If he waited for the Raging Flame Plane to be conquered completely, then the Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom would jointly own the Raging Flame Plane and there would inevitably be a war over who should control it.

Right now, the power of the Andlusa Kingdom here didnt seem worse than the power of the Odin Kingdom, but that was because much of the power of the Andlusa Kingdom had already been sent to the Raging Flame Plane.

At the same time, most of the power of the Odin Kingdom couldnt be transferred, and the first-rate forces couldnt participate in the Raging Flame Planes general attack.

But that didnt mean that the Odin Kingdoms other forces would remain occupied in the future.

It could be expected that once the Raging Flame Plane was completely conquered and the Raging Flame Beastmen completely swept away, the two Kingdoms would inevitably fight over the plane, and that war would end in the Andlusa Kingdoms defeat.

Going all-in and betting the future of the Raging Flame Plane was the best opportunity the Andlusa Kingdom had.

If they lost Well, the way things were going, they would have been defeated sooner or later, so there wouldnt be much regret. It could be thought of like a brave warrior breaking his wrist to avoid losing his arm.

If they won, it would be a great victory, and the Odin Kingdoms forces would withdraw from the Raging Flame Plane. Everyones harvests would far surpass their expectations and it would be stable for a long time.

This was the most important part: If everything would be snatched by others before they even got their harvest, then why should they painstakingly conquer the Raging Flame Plane?

Although the hopes of winning the large bet werent high, there was still some hope, and it was better than being crushed thoroughly later on.

Apart from the leaders of a few small forces, all the major forces and the overwhelming majority felt that the Azure Wave Sword Saint had made the best possible move.

Everyone with a little bit of insight knew that the circumstances were already unfavorable for the Andlusa Kingdom.

"The Odin Kingdoms forces are already united. If we dont stand together, we are bound to die miserably. Do you still naively think that anyone here will have a place left in this plane if the Odin Kingdom takes the Holy Mountain first? Do you think you could guard the territories under your control?" The leader of a small force stood up and spoke up in support of the Azure Wave Prince.

After that person, others also rose up.

"Indeed, the Odin Kingdom is powerful, everyone knows that. If we dont stand together and win this bet, then our gains so far will go up in smoke."

"Whoever is against this plan only cares about themselves. Dont blame us and just f*ck off from the Raging Flame Plane, dont drag everyone down."

Soon, the overwhelming majority of people firmly supported this gamble. As for those who were still unwilling, they understood that if they fought that decision, they wouldnt even need to wait for the Odin Kingdoms attack. They would directly be taken care of by others and lose everything.

Lin Yun remained silent, calmly listening to everything. He couldnt help glancing at the Azure Wave Sword Saint while feeling some admiration.

With this kind of decision-making ability and intelligence, it was no wonder that he was so trusted by the current King. This large bet was the best choice. The war that had been foreordained was turned into this large bet, and the destined defeat became an opportunity This was truly the best option.

And the Odin Kingdom couldnt refuse this bet because it was very advantageous to them. They were stronger and had higher chances of winning, so the conquest of the Raging Flame Plane would become even smoother.

This was an overt scheme, a scheme that the Odin Kingdom couldnt refuse.

Soon, while arguing fiercely, those that understood and those that hadnt initially understood all knew that this was an opportunity, an opportunity in which the benefits outweighed the risks.

If they lost, everyone would conserve their strength and withdraw from the Raging Flame Plane, but if they didnt bet at all, the Odin Kingdom would slowly encroach upon them, and the foundations each force had built would be snatched away while they lost a large amount of manpower.

If they won, it would bring huge benefits that would far exceed what they could have originally gotten.

Thus, the suggestion of the large bet only took a few minutes before being unanimously approved.

But when discussing the general attack, every force spoke up loudly and turned the meeting into a loud vegetable market. The group of haughty mages acted like haggling customers in front of the selling farmers.

"The northern Raging Flame Beastmen are the strongest, we cant take out our entire strength when participating in the general attack, can we? Who knows if those despicable Raging Flame Beastmen will sneak around and ambush us! We cant let this kind of matter happen."

"Yes, we can dispatch ten High Mages and fifty Great Mages, thats our limit. We cant take out more, or we wont be able to guarantee the safety of our Fort."

"I heard that your Family secretly dispatched thirty High Mages, but you can only take out ten now? What are you planning? Are you hoping that we would sacrifice more troops while you wait in your corner to reap the fruits of victory?"

"Our Family can only send out three hundred Great Mages, no more. Our Family has already dispatched troops to defend various regions, and we have none left"

"Err, our Family has had too many losses recently, and we can only provide twenty High Mages and one Archmage. This is our entire force"