End Of The Magic Era Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Enticing


"Every single one of your moves will be taken into account, and the influence on the campaign will be calculated. The points arent whoever kills more gets more."

After Harren explained, the one that originally raised the question slightly bowed towards Harren and expressed that he had no further concerns.

"Sir Harren, if we dont charge at the forefront, wont we obtain fewer points?"

Harren shook his head.

"This crystal balls ability is unfathomable Even I cant understand it, but it definitely wouldnt make a mistake. It seems that you still dont understand. This crystal ball doesnt score kills, it scores how much of an impact you had on the military campaign.

"For example, if you killed one enemy in the entire military campaign, and that enemy was an ordinary Shaman of the Raging Flame Beastmen, you might still obtain a few hundred thousand points.

"Its because that small action might have brought about a huge effect on the entire military campaign.

"Maybe that ordinary Shaman was the disciple of the strongest Shaman of the Raging Flame Beastmen and carried many medicines to treat injuries, but because of his death, the medicines couldnt be delivered were lost. And the best Shaman in their Tribe might have also received a serious injury and was waiting for the medicine, but that ordinary Shamans death led to the death of that best Shaman.

"And then, the battlefield had reached a critical point and their Tribal Chief might have escaped with serious injuries, but their Tribes best Shaman had died, and no one left could treat the Tribal Chief, leading to his death.

"And this Tribal Chiefs death would lead to the Raging Flame Beastmen completely collapsing, which would then lead to the victory of our military campaign.

"Normally, no one would know about this process, but with this crystal ball, its possible that a small action on your part influencing the military campaign could make you a hero that led us to victory.

"Your contribution would be the greatest. Although you just killed an ordinary Shaman, you directly tipped the scales and created the conditions for victory.

"Thus, its not just kills for points or anything like that. This thing is absolutely fair, it cannot be counterfeited. The butterfly effect you started would never be overlooked."

Harren stopped there. He had clearly explained everything, and everyone now understood how it worked. Every single small force was eager to give it a try.

And with the blood oath, even if they had great losses, they wouldnt need to worry too much about not getting their rewards.

But at this time, Harren splashed cold water onto their faces.

"In this bet, the Odin Kingdom is also using this point system."

Suddenly, all those who had suddenly become excited as the fruits of victory seemed to be just in front of them went pale.

Odin Kingdom.

These two words felt like a huge mountain pressuring everyone. Even Jouyi, Harren, and the Azure Wave Sword Saint didnt look great.

The Odin Kingdom occupied Noscents best piece of land. Most of the terrain was flat and fertile, and it was also rich in resources. Apart from the hinterland, the other directions were completely filled with natural strongholds, which facilitated entering and exiting while also being easily defendable.

The many ruins and the rich heritage made the Odin Kingdoms strength far surpass the other Kingdoms.

They originally thought that this point system would make everyones harvest fairer, and with the oath, no one would cause trouble.

But they had neglected the biggest issue, which was that the gains of this victory werent in their possession yet.

It could even be said that everything they had discussed, the oath, the gains from victory, the conquest of the Raging Flame Plane, everything would have meaning only if they could win against the Odin Kingdom.

If they couldnt defeat the Raging Flame Beastmen and couldnt win against the Odin Kingdom, then their discussion would only be idle chatter.

This battle was very fair. None of the forces could find any faults with that, but now, everyone started feeling a hint of despair.

In an absolutely fair competition, could they still win against the Odin Kingdom?

The enemies this time werent just the Raging Flame Beastmen, who were bound to be defeated There was also the Odin Kingdom.

After all, in the current circumstances, the Beastmens defeat was already a foregone conclusion. But nothing had happened yet, and no one could know for certain what would come next. Maybe those Raging Flame Beastmen still had a trump card they had yet to use.

Who knew if the general attack would go smoothly? They might even be defeated It wasnt an insignificant possibility.

Most importantly, with this point system, the Odin Kingdom felt even more threatening. They were stronger and would inevitably rack up more points.

And although the first-rate forces of the Odin Kingdom hadnt come, there were a few famous powerhouses that were joining the general attack on the Raging Flame Plane.

The Andlusa Kingdom was facing an enemy and a competitor, greatly increasing the pressure.

The atmosphere in the meeting room became somewhat oppressive, and it didnt take long for all the basic matters to be discussed. They were all somewhat eager to leave and prepare for the expedition.

Although Lin Yun hadnt expected that crystal ball to appear, he more or less knew how it would go.

The bait wasnt attractive enough to make those greedy rats act, and there was a lot of danger. How could it work out?

But this crystal balls point system could actually solve many problems, and when the time came, all the benefits would be obtained according to their contributions.

Lin Yun represented the Merlin Family as the commander there and was naturally qualified to sit at the central round table to represent one of the seven major forces.

Now that the meeting was over and everyone hurriedly left, the Star Sage, who had remained silent all along, suddenly moved his lips. A wisp of mana wrapped an aged but gentle voice and transmitted it to Lin Yuns ears.

"Sir Mafa, please wait a moment."

Lin Yuns expression changed, and he even saw Harren nodding with a smile.

Whats going on with the two of them? Could it be that the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower are cooperating?

Lin Yun was puzzled but didnt leave. He instead followed Harren and Jouyi to another small meeting room.

Just as they sat, Jouyi sighed as he looked at Lin Yun.

"Greetings, Sir Mafa. Its been a year since we last met"

Lin Yun nodded with a smile. He was quite respectful towards Jouyi. This was a true mage, a respected scholar. Had it not been for Jouyi spending a large amount of time analyzing a formula, he might have already advanced to the Heaven realm.

Ever since Lin Yun solved the formula, Jouyis aura had been undergoing formidable growth, and if nothing unexpected happened, he should advance to the Heaven realm soon.

"Greetings, Sir Jouyi, long time no see. Your magic has clearly improved a lot, it looks like your breakthrough is just around the corner."

At this time, Jouyi smiled and said to Harren, "Didnt I say that next time we met, we might have to call him Sir Mafa?"

Harren helplessly shrugged and bitterly chuckled.

"Yes, I didnt think it was possible, but who would have thought that Sir Mafa would progress at such speed? Moreover, only you, I, as well as Sir Azure Wave Sword Saint oh, and that old fox, Prophet Deloy, noticed that Mafas strength isnt too far from ours."

Jouyi sighed and glanced at Lin Yun.

"Yes, Im afraid not many people noticed that Harrens table tap was a spell called Intimidation. This is a spell that came from the Chromatic Dragons and was adapted by humans into a relatively neglected spell.

"Very few people understand that the closer one is to the spell, the greater the effect. It rapidly weakens as it spreads. The spell power was at its greatest within five meters.

"At that distance, only those with a very small difference in strength would be completely unaffected. At the round table, besides me and the Azure Wave Sword Saint, only you remained completely unaffected.

"Sir Mafa, you were careless and revealed your strength, haha," Jouyi gleefully explained.

An expression of understanding flashed on Lin Yuns face, but he only smiled and didnt acknowledge it.

There were too many spells in the world, and support spells that didnt affect the battle were too numerous. Although the Magic Array could display the effects of that spell within a split second, Lin Yun didnt research it in-depth, as it wasnt necessary.

Harren let out a sigh.

"Sir Mafa, Ive regretted it quite a bit I should have brought you back to the Black Tower back then.

"You are too talented No, its not just that you are too talented. Ive seen many talented people, but no one could advance at the same speed as you.

"There are no shortcuts in the path of a mage. Mana, runes, and knowledge have to be slowly accumulated and fused with the Magic Conducting Rune. The fastest person I have seen had done this process and advanced to the Archmage realm at 63.

"As for you, you took what, two years? Three years?

"More importantly, I am certain that you didnt take a shortcut, your foundation is stronger than everyones, and it is frighteningly stable like a mountain. This is what I regret the most.

"If I had been decisive back then, I might have been able to tie you to the Black Tower. I should have given anything you wanted as long as you joined the Black Tower.

"Of course, its still okay now. If you come to the Black Tower, the position of Chairman will be yours, and Ill act as your support"