End Of The Magic Era Chapter 834

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When Lin Yun saw the records in the decaying library, he wanted to see that miracle stretching for thousands of kilometers, but it had already disappeared.

Only a Heaven Rank powerhouse could do such things, the strongest kind of Heaven Rank powerhouse.

If the Sand Son hadnt disappeared into some unknown plane, perhaps into the endless void, the Quicksand Tower would have been fully deserving of being Odin Kingdoms strongest force.

The Sky City was the most mysterious of the three. They didnt have a fixed territory, or perhaps it was better to say that their territory was within the Odin Kingdoms southern Cloud Mountains.

And that was only the most basic territory of the Sky City. Their true headquarters were at the Sky City from the 3rd Dynasty.

That huge city floating in the sky was always hidden in the Cloud Mountains, and apart from the Sky Citys people, no one knew any details about its location, and very few people could climb onto the Sky City.

Those who were fortunate enough to see it had expressed their speechlessness in front of that magnificent sight.

The Sky Citys strength was also at the forefront of the Odin Kingdom, and it had been overseen by a Heaven Rank powerhouse for a long time.

Lin Yun also knew that during the Planar Colonization Era, the Sky City had been in the limelight. That huge floating city could be regarded as a huge war fortress, and they conquered many planes.

But after several thousand years, that floating city fell to the ground, and the Sky City would fall soon after.

Now, although the Sky City hadnt developed to that point yet, it was still one of the formidable forces of the Odin Kingdom.

Information about these three forces instantly flashed through Lin Yuns mind, and he also understood why Jouyi and Harren looked for him.

It was because these three forces were likely the strongest forces of the Odin Kingdom in the Raging Flame Plane. Their leaders shouldnt be Heaven Rank powerhouses, but they should be comparable to Jouyi and Harren.

At such a time, someone qualified to cooperate with Jouyi and Harren would be facing these three forces with them while the remaining small forces would be handled by the rest of Andlusas forces.

The ones with the greatest potential to influence the outcome of this war would still be the strongest forces.

In other words, whether this huge bet would be a victory or a defeat would depend on the contest between the strongest forces of each side.

"Sir Mafa, I believe you understand the current circumstances. We have to be united. Sir Jouyi and I arent very optimistic about the others, but we both think highly of you. We hope you could help us defeat the Odin Kingdom."

Harren said those words with sincerity. He didnt speak about benefits, but with the point system, it was already a matter of fact that once victory was reached, the greatest winners would inevitably be the three major forces.

Lin Yun remained silent for a bit before nodding.

"Okay, if there is any problem, let me handle the Sky City."

Hearing Lin Yuns agreement, Harren and Jouyi both inwardly sighed in relief. Although the Azurewave Sword Saint was publicly in charge, the main actors behind the scenes were the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower.

The war decisions were ultimately made between these two forces.

After the issue of cooperation was settled, Harren glanced at Jouyi and remained silent.

Jouyi smiled with a calm expression as if he was expecting this.

"Alright, lets end it here. Sir Harren and I feel reassured since Sir Mafa agreed. There is just one more matter we would like Sir Mafas opinion for."

Lin Yun slightly froze.

"There is something else?"

Jouyi waved his arm.

"This matter isnt urgent After the conquest of the Raging Flame Plane is settled and we return to Noscent, there will be a grand meeting in the Odin Kingdom that will include all the Kingdoms of Noscent. I hope Sir Mafa can participate in this meeting with us.

"But it is still early for this matter. We can discuss this after we settle the matters of the Raging Flame Plane."

Lin Yun nodded and stood up to leave.

"Well, in that case Sir Jouyi, Sir Harren, Ill start my preparations."

After leaving the meeting room, Lin Yun was pondering on how best to increase his subordinates power.

The materials collected from the Ancient Poison Dragon were almost fully treated, and they only needed to be transformed into tangible strength.

After reaching the camp, he directly went to Reina.

Reina had already fused with the Ancient Poison Dragons empty Dragon Crystal, and her transformation was very clear.

When she walked, her body would continuously emit ice crystals that would shatter into smaller glittering fragments of ice before disappearing.

No matter where she walked, the surrounding temperature would quickly drop, and a large amount of ice would condense under her feet whenever she took a step. She wouldnt even touch the ground directly.

Even within ten meters, the ground would slowly be covered in a layer of frost.

Although her aura hadnt increased by much, her life essence had been refined, and it would show during battle. Her fighting power had gone through a qualitative improvement.

Once the fusion with the Ancient Poison Dragons Crystal was completed, Reina would definitely advance to the Heaven Rank!

Because every Ancient Poison Dragon was at the Heaven Rank.

Even if it was just an empty shell, the fusion with that Dragon Crystal would make Reinas life essence undergo a shocking transformation.

As Reina stood out, not a single person would dare to approach within ten meters, unless they were asking for trouble.

Aside from Xiuban

Xiubans skin was red like a prawn and was continuously emitting steam. His eyes were completely red, and it felt as if he was breathing out fire.

Even with his constitution, fusing with a drop of the hearts blood was already unbearable. His body seemed to be always burning, and if he hadnt fused with a drop of Three-Headed Golden Dragon Blood before, he would have already exploded.

At this time, Xiuban was closely following behind Reina with red eyes. Wherever Reina went, he would follow. Reinas body was emitting a terrifying chill, but it didnt bother Xiuban.

Each time Xiuban couldnt help approaching within three meters of Reina, those continuously converging and shattering ice fragments would take the initiative to attack him. When they fell on Xiubans body, they would freeze a large swathe of his skin before instantly turning into steam. It would quickly make his body temperature plummet, freezing his body, and Xiuban would stop moving.

But when Reina moved a bit further away, Xiuban would once again break out of the ice and shamelessly chase after her.

A cold expression could be seen on Reinas face, and it felt like she wanted to choke Xiuban but was forcing herself to resist the urge. She could only keep walking away while Xiuban kept repeating the process of being frozen, breaking out of the ice, and chasing after her.

When he noticed that Lin Yun was back, Xiuban pounced over with a miserable howl. "Sir Merlin! Help I feel as if Im about to explode! Im dying, Im almost dead, please help me, Sir Merlin, I am your most loyal servant, I dont want to die! Where could you find anyone as loyal as me if I died! Please give me a dozen Health Potions"

Lin Yun ignored Xiuban and casually cast three Freeze spells at him, turning Xiuban into a block of ice cube before walking towards the camp.

This greedy and lazy Draconic Beastman would never miss an opportunity to beg for more things that could help him.

An oppressive mana fluctuation filled the depths of the camp, and for a moment, it felt as if the mana fluctuations were trapped there.

There was a huge, open cauldron in the middle, and on a table next to it was a three-meter-long piece of meat that seemed to have just been cut up. That was the flesh of the Ancient Poison Dragon.

A rich medicinal smell came from the cauldron. The alchemy puppet was holding a sharp knife and was tirelessly slicing pieces of the Dragons flesh and putting it into the cauldron.

This was Lin Yuns medicinal setup. It was used to neutralize the Ancient Poison Dragons toxicity, but it could bring out the useful effects of the toxins.

Moreover, the flesh of the Ancient Poison Dragon contained a large amount of energy, and this wasnt ordinary energy. It was a kind that could change the innate characteristics of the human body and allow their life essence to evolve.

After all, Ancient Poison Dragons were living during the Era of Gods and were innate Heaven Rank lifeforms. They were terrifying, tyrannical existences back then.

Their lifeforce was naturally at the Heaven Rank and even surpassed it Therefore, their flesh was a huge tonic to mankind, a tonic that boosted ones life.

From the Era of Gods until the current era, skipping across the Nesser Dynasty and the 3rd Dynasty

Time and time again, the overall power of Noscent seemed to lower. The lifeforms and the levels of life essences were far inferior to the previous era.

Ancient Poison Dragons were innately toxic and were likely the most poisonous existences under the heavens. As long as the toxins werent removed, nothing could rot their flesh.

This Ancient Poison Dragon seemed to have experienced a bitter battle before ultimately being killed, its heart smashed to pieces. Its mana had also faded away over the years, but it was innately very toxic, which later on created the entire Poison Mist Valley.

Thus, time couldnt make this Ancient Poison Dragons corpse rot. After the toxins were removed, Lin Yun kept making his subordinates eat this medicine. Even those three cousins of the Merlin Family were brought over by Lin Yun to taste the Ancient Poison Dragons flesh.