End Of The Magic Era Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Preparations


For the past few days, Xiuban had been fusing with the blood drop of the Ancient Poison Dragons heart, while the fifty High Mages kept devouring its flesh.

Their magical talent had greatly changed from when they absorbed some of the aura emitted by the God Soul Fragment, but their bodies innate essence hadnt changed too much.

After all, these fifty High Mages had only been Mages when they were discarded by the Merlin Family. They were poor souls with no hope of advancing to the Great Mage realm.

They were flawed both in mind and body. Now that they were devouring the flesh of the Ancient Poison Dragon, the fifty High Mages were like painfully built Swordsmen.

All their bodies were in some sort of reddened state as if there was a furnace constantly burning within them.

The flesh processed by Lin Yun, combined with the cauldron of medicine, had turned into some sort of transparent crystal that would immediately turn into scalding hot water after being devoured. They had to keep meditating to cleanse every corner of their bodies.

The surging mana fluctuations transformed into a storm that wreaked havoc through the camp, and the activity of the elements was comparable to a volcano on the verge of eruption.

If Lin Yun hadnt prepared an array early on to bind the mana fluctuations to the depths of the camp, many people within the Storm Fort would have already become aware of the situation.

With the continuous meditation, the ranks of these High Mages rapidly increased. As their life essence was refined, their power would passively increase. After all, their mana accumulation had reached the limits of their current ranks long ago under Lin Yuns boundless supply.

The Natural Demiplanes rich mana had never been restricted to those High Mages.

In that place, there were always High Mages standing up after having recovered from the redness. They wouldnt say a word as they walked right back to the cauldron to swallow another piece of the Dragons flesh. Their mana would then become agitated and their skin would look as if it was dripping blood, and at that time, they would return to continue their meditation.

The Merlin Familys three cousins were meditating like crazy. Each time they devoured pieces of the Ancient Poison Dragons flesh, they would keep eating it until they could no longer handle it, and only then would they start their meditation. Their strength was also rising at a steady pace.

They kept at it for several days, and every day Lin Yun would add a drop of Ancient Poison Dragons blood into that medicine cauldron.

The weakest among that group of High Mages was already at the 8th Rank, while the strongest one was already on the verge of breaking through to the Archmage realm.

Lin Yun walked over when he suddenly felt the originally very active elemental forces crazily converging in one direction.

A peak 9th Rank High Mage had a very red complexion. Sweat was already drenching his clothes, and his mana was emitting clear ripples as it spread in the surroundings.

But the surrounding elements were frantically gathering towards him, forming a whirlpool similar to a flame tornado above his head that spewed flames towards him.

A trace of happiness flashed in Lin Yuns eyes.

"Someone finally advanced to the Archmage realm"

Lin Yun had racked his brain often. Ever since he received those fifty Mages, he had used every single method at his disposal to increase their strength.

Later on, when their talents evolved, Lin Yun made the firm decision to properly nurture them into important followers.

Even later, Lin Yun thought of giving them a Mana Baptism Potion that only he could compound, but because of the scarcity of the materials, he had no choice but to give up on that.

Later, their power kept increasing, from the Great Mage realm until the High Mage realm, where the Mana Baptism potion would already be ineffective.

At that time, they were only hoping to reach the Archmage realm, but not all of them had high hopes, and either way, they would need to spend a long time.

But it was different now They saw one of them reaching the Archmage realm, and even Lin Yun couldnt help being moved.

After all, these fifty were very important followers.

Lin Yun was very powerful. His Magic Conducting Rune was the Magic Array, the strongest Magic Conducting Rune, and he had three Core Meditation Law Sets. This was definitely the strongest setup in the future Noscent that he had come from.

But he was only one person in the end. The power of one person could represent a force, but looking at the thousands upon thousands of years in the future, all those who could do that had gone through countless hardships and could only be counted on one hand.

If there was a war, it would be a lot easier with followers. Moreover, many things could be easily dealt with by followers.

After fusing with the empty Dragon Crystal, if all went as expected, Reina would definitely advance to the Heaven Rank and become an Extraordinary powerhouse. But Reina was following him in order to revive her father. No one knew what she would do afterwards.

The greedy and foolish Xiuban was actually a surprisingly talented Draconic Beastman, and he had first fused with a drop of Three-Headed Golden Dragon Blood, bathed in Ancient God Blood, and was now fusing with a drop of blood from an Ancient Poison Dragons heart. His body had already transformed in a monstrous way, and his power was already stronger than a Dragon in its Human Shape.

This fool with an underused brain could be used as a hired thug and a meat shield, but he couldnt be relied on for anything needing a bit of thinking.

Seeing the first Archmage he had personally nurtured finish the fusion with his Magic Conducting Rune, Lin Yuns mood was a lot better.

After a few minutes, that Archmage finally stepped out of the flames he had been shrouded in, and the crimson flames automatically parted. Like self-conscious fairies, they revolved around his body, acting like a flaming storm.

And the appearance of the first Archmage seemed to have ignited a chain reaction. The next moment, three more people broke through the boundary and started advancing to the Archmage realm.

Lin Yun looked for a moment and noticed that there was no danger and that he didnt have to worry, as their advancement was very smooth.

Unfortunately, they are all mages, they cant form the Poison Resistant Body like Xiuban

As he thought about it, Lin Yun turned and left. He found Xiuban still chasing Reina and casually cast three Freezing Rays at him before taking out a black potion. Lin Yun carefully controlled the black potion with mana and covered every square of Xiubans body with it.

Countless ink-like things kept wriggling on Xiubans body like living animals before they suddenly drilled into his body. Slowly, Xiubans skin turned dark green and runes kept appearing on his skin. After several minutes, Xiubans skin slowly returned to normal.

This was to transform Xiubans body into the Poison Resistant Body, giving him a constitution that could be immune to countless poisons. Apart from poison from Ancient Poison Dragons themselves, no other poison could threaten Xiubans life. He would be slightly affected at most. Ordinary poisons and poison spells would be completely worthless in front of Xiuban.

Unfortunately, that constitution was only suitable for swordsmen and other non-magical occupations. It would create great mana disturbance after using it, so if a mage tried it, it could cripple half of their strength. The gains wouldnt make up for the losses.

But it was ideal for someone like Xiuban that didnt need to use mana.

Lin Yun left once the potion completely permeated Xiubans body. Behind him, Xiuban melted out of the ice and started frantically rolling on the ground while crazily screaming.

How could one not pay a price when obtaining such great benefits?

Three days passed, and the time of the general attack arrived. During this time, Lin Yuns three cousins all advanced to the 2nd Rank of the Archmage realm. Reina had already completed the initial fusion with the empty Dragon Crystal, and the cold air leaking from her body had diminished.

Xiuban had also successfully fused with the drop of blood, and the Poison Resistant Body had been formed. His strength had directly broken through to the 5th Rank of the Sword Saint realm, but the power was so great that Xiuban couldnt understand it.

Carnage, which weighed several thousand kilograms, felt as light as a feather in his hand.

Lin Yun looked at the group of people gathered in front of him and pondered how to maximize the effects of the things gathered from the Ancient Poison Dragon.

A pile of magic staves flew towards the fifty High Mages.

These magic staves were black and covered with detailed veined patterns that looked just like tiny dragon scales assembled together. At the peak of each staff was a Dragons head with a long snout holding a flaming spirit mana crystal.

"These are the new staves I prepared for you. Get familiar with them as soon as possible. Although they are Low Grade Spiritual Magic Tools, they can compare with the most powerful Spiritual Magic Tools in terms of power."

Lin Yun didnt explain everything. These staves used some of the scales of the Ancient Poison Dragon, as well as other materials.

Although the Ancient Poison Dragons were completely poisonous and used poison spells, once the toxins were removed, these materials could inherently combine with other elements and add some effects.

After embedding a fire spirit mana crystal, the effects towards fire spells would be maximized.

When coordinated with these fifty High Mages Blazing Storm, they would become their enemies nightmare on the battlefield.

Apart from his fifty subordinates, Lin Yun also took out three staves without any mana crystals embedded in them and handed them to the three Merlin cousins.

"Those are the same kinds of staves, but they have no mana crystals embedded within. If you find or already have something that you think is suitable, you can embed it yourselves, Ive already left a good spot."

The three of them were stunned by Lin Yuns words.

Damn, I dont know what that meat was, but eating it directly improved my strength, and even my constitution was altered.

Now, he took out fifty Spiritual Magic Tools at once Even if they are of the lowest grade, they are still Spiritual Magic Tools!

This looks like a wand built out of metal, but it has nearly perfect mana conductivity. It can even converge elemental power automatically, saving half of the users strength when casting.

Not to mention those fifty spirit mana crystals Those are spirit mana crystals!

Where did he find fifty spirit mana crystals? He would have needed to kill fifty magic beasts at or above level 30, and all of them had to be flame magic beasts.

Damn, did Mafa secretly purge a small plane?