End Of The Magic Era Chapter 837

Chapter 837 Drawing Lots


Andlusas original strategy was to work together to push towards the hinterlands in one breath, which would also reduce the losses, but it now looked like a change had to be made.

The Azurewave Sword Saint frowned and said with a heavy voice, "We have to change We thought that since the strongest forces of the Odin Kingdom didnt take part, they wouldnt have that much manpower, so they would choose to do a joint attack like us.

"Now it looks like the Odin Kingdoms forces are powerful enough that they can advance so quickly while dispersed. We will definitely lose if this continues.

"Their offensive is faster than ours, and so is their momentum. The more we lag behind, the faster their point total will pull away from ours, and when the time comes, we wont be able to catch up.

"We must also split our forces!"

After the Azurewave Sword Saint finished, Harren and Jouyi both nodded, and the representatives of the seven forces agreed with those words. Those small and medium forces also understood that if they just continued as theyd originally planned, they would truly lose.

The decision to divide the troops was made in an instant.

At that time, no one was stupid enough to think that they should keep moving as a unit.

The Azurewave Sword Saint took out a Magic Tool, and a huge projection of a map appeared in midair. This was a map of the Raging Flame Plane with the locations of numerous Raging Flame Beastman Forts marked on it.

"Since no one is opposed to this, let us distribute the forts that everyone needs to attack."

Looking at the forts marked on the maps, someone immediately stood up.

"Our Gry Family selects the Pearl Fort."

Someone immediately followed and shouted, "Our Kuba Family also selects the Pearl Fort"

"We choose the Molten Fort"

"The Molten Fort!"

A group of people shouted in chaos, trying to drown each other out in the scramble to choose a fort first.

But after shouting for a while, everyone ended up mostly choosing the same forts, and more than half of them remained unselected.

None of the members of the seven major forces had chosen anything besides these few forts.

No one was foolish; the forts like the Pearl Fort and the Molten Fort were in important locations, and the contribution earned from victory would be relatively huge. Moreover, there werent any formidable powerhouses stationed there.

There was nothing wrong with the arrangement of the Raging Flame Beastmen. Those forts were in crucial positions, blocking the entrance to their hinterland Before the general attack, that is.

There were many forts that were surrounded and covered by other forts, so the probability of being attacked from behind was very small. Therefore, there werent many powerhouses stationed there.

But now, the Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom were both attacking at the same time. It was an all-out attack, and every fort was a target. There wasnt much meaning to those forts covering each other.

At the start of the attack, they were bound to obtain many points from those exposed forts. They were delicious cakes that everyone would want to devour.

Lin Yun chose the Pearl Fort because attacking that fort would cost very little energy and would bring a huge harvest. The danger was also low, so he would need very little time to finish conquering it.

But this soon turned into a noisy quarrel.

"I chose the Molten Fort first! You want to fight over it? What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? You chose the fort you want to attack, and that was your decision. I chose which fort I want to attack, and that was my decision. Could it be that I have to ask for your opinion on my course of action?"

It was naturally impossible for everyone to choose the forts that were easiest to clear out, but everyone wanted benefits. This simple conflict set every force on fire and the meeting almost boiled over right then

Lin Yun had promptly expressed his own choice like everyone else, but he was being glared at by others.

The Gru Familys representative, Liwei Gru, was an 8th Rank Archmage and was now glaring daggers at Lin Yun while pondering.

Damn, the Merlin Family is the weakest of the seven major forces, yet they dare to send such a young Commander And I heard that he only brought about fifty people. With that number of people, does he still plan on getting benefits as one of the seven major forces?

Sir Jouyi and Sir Harren didnt fight over the Pearl Fort with me Youre the only one among the seven major forces that did! Could it be that you think our Gru Family is easy to bully?

Damn Mafa Merlin, if not for you, the Pearl Fort would have been our Gru Familys.

Although our Gru Family cant compare to the major forces, it is the peak force below the seven major forces. You want to compete with me when you have so few people and you only just became an Archmage?

Everyone is quarrelling, but no one is setting themselves against the seven major forces. The Cloud Tower, the Black Tower, the Watson Family, the Charlotte Family

These forces arent easy to push around, and their representatives are famous powerhouses. No one would dare to freely provoke them. But the Commander of the Merlin Family is the youngest and barely looks to be over twenty. Its even said that its been less than a year since he advanced to the Archmage realm. Someone has to rise against him

Liwei stood up and pointed at Lin Yun while feeling indignant.

"Mafa Merlin, are you targeting our Gru Family? Are you trying to bully os? We chose the Pearl Fort and you immediately chose the Pearl Fort, isnt that plain bullying?"

Lin Yun slightly glanced at Liwei.

"I only expressed my opinion, whats the problem? Do you mean that because your Gru Family chose, I have to make way for you? Or that only you can choose but I cant?"

Liwei angrily stomped his foot and pointed at Lin Yun.

"Sh*t, I know your Merlin Family just wants to take advantage of us! This is blatant suppression, you just dont want our Gru Family to accumulate any points!"

Liwei directly claimed that a member of the seven forces was suppressing them. When the seven major forces chose their targets, they all chose different forts, and all of them were easy targets that would give plenty of points.

Its just that Liwei was facing Lin Yun and decided to fight back.

Others paused at Liweis words and couldnt help thinking about this matter. This time, among the major forces participating, the Merlin Familys power seemed to be the weakest.

Lin Yuns fifty subordinates barely made an appearance. Everyone only knew that the Merlin Family had about fifty people there, and everyone knew that the Merlin Familys Commander was extremely young. They were even laughing at the fact that Thorne Merlin seemed to have refused to obey him.

Lin Yun slowly turned his head and took a long look at Liwei before squinting.

"I really hate it when others point their fingers at me."

Jouyis eyelid twitched He knew too well how violent that amiable young mage could become. He might not go as far as killing Liwei on the spot, but he might cripple him without a second thought.

Jouyi blinked at the Azurewave Sword Saint.

Immediately, the silent Azurewave Sword Saint slammed the table, and a loud sound echoed, shutting the mouths of everyone within the meeting room.


The Azurewave Sword Saint was emitting a dangerous aura. It felt like they were stared at by a falcon before it dove down at them.

"Do you see what you are doing? Sh*t, have you forgotten the current situation? Open your eyes and check the points within the crystal ball! Do you see how many points the Odin Kingdom gained while you were arguing like kids on a playground?

"Dont forget that the prerequisite to get any harvest at all is to win against the Odin Kingdom. Your argument is worthless if we lose! Why are you fighting now? Win this bet first if you want to argue!"

The Azurewave Sword Saints burst of anger silenced everyone. No one dared to retort. Feeling the ice-cold killing intent emitted by the Azurewave Sword Saint, they all knew that anyone that dared to hold them back would end up dead.

After the Azurewave Sword Saint finished speaking, Harren casually said, "Since this is causing issues, we might as well draw lots. That is simple and fair. Whatever you get will be up to fate."

After saying that, Harren threw a crystal ball on top of the map, and then, the forts indicated on the map turned into fragments and entered the crystal ball.

"Everyone, come and pour your mana in to draw lots. Everyone knows about Good Luck Crystal Balls, right? What fort each person draws is completely up to fate."

Harren took the lead in pouring mana into the crystal ball, and the names of all the forts began to rapidly flash across it, along with their locations.

These names were flashing in a completely random order. On occasion some forts could flash two or three times in a row, or not show up at all for a while.

After Harrens wisp of mana was consumed, the name appearing within the crystal ball slowly stopped on the name of the Boulder Fort.

That was a troublesome one The Boulder Fort was akin to a boulder that had stood tall for countless years without ever falling. Its defenses were very strong, and there was a 9th Rank Arch-Warlock within. It was like a nail firmly planted in the Raging Flame Beastman territory. Its offensive capabilities werent very good, but its defensive power was at the top three among the Raging Flame Beastman Forts.

Harren casually glanced at it but didnt care.

And the fact thatHarren drew one of the most difficult targets first made the doubts in others minds naturally disappear.